"Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related, for better or worse...and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum."

Rick Riordan. The Sea of Monsters

Spike groaned agitating the already massive headache and the loud alarm clock was not helping things. So he slowly reached his arms from under the thick blankets waving around for the snooze button only to feeling empty air. He opened an eye, so he could turn off the bloody alarm.

He squinted his eyes, seeing the night stand was out of his reach, muttering that somebody moved the bloody stand. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, before swing his legs off the side of the bed. Only to fall off, before he could think he let out a startled cry that sounds more high pitched and well childish.

And surprised-you all read the sarcasm? Good-Angel also heard the surprising sound and interred the other vampire's room, to see a six to seven year old, with peroxide hair and the boy only wore a pair of Spike's red boxers.

"Spike?" Angel asked, unsure if the small and cute child was in fact Spike.

"Who else would it be?" Spike asked obviously the vampire hadn't seen in smaller form. "And why is everything seems so big?"

Angel tried to hide the laugh, but the small boy pouting was just to adorable. Thankfully he didn't have to brake the noise to the de-age vampire.

"Angel-cakes?" Lorne called.

"We heard a scream though we'd check it out." Fred stated, following the empathic demon. "Oh he's so cute." Fred gushed.

"Who's the kid?" Gunn asked.

"What kid?" Spike asked, causing Angel to crack up more.

"I'm guessing he's hasn't seen if reflection."

"No Spike here just things he's a midget." Angel joked.

"Piss off." The small boy grumbled.

"How'd this happen?" Fred asked.

"That's what where going to figure out." Angel stated, "Lorne see if you can find some clothes that will fit spike, Gunn go get Wesley and meet us in the lab." Lorne and Gunn quickly left, leaving Fred who said she was going to set up, leaving Angel to deal with the small boy.

Looking around the small room, Angel ruffled threw the dresser and found a shirt. Walking over to the boy, Angel quickly picked up the small boy carefully to make sure the boxers stayed on, and tried one-handed to put the shirt on the squirming vampire.

Apparently Spike didn't like being held like this; acutely I think it's safe to say he absolutely hated the feeling, of being small and helpless, and the fact that he missed being held close by his Sire.

"William stop it." Angel growled using his I'm-Your-Sire-So-Listen-To-Me voice. Causing Spike to weakly protest that his name wasn't William and allowed Angel to dress him.

- (Insert Batman scene change music) -

About a haft an hour later, Spike sat on the examining table in Fred's lab, dressed in a freshly bought clothes, which were jeans and a batman t-shirt. Said shirt was now discarded so Fred could run some test, and every one noticed the small boy was cold but he refused to say anything about it.

"So?" Lorne asked, once Fred was done, and Spike snapped at Angel that he was capable of putting on his own bloody shirt.

"Well, he's a kid...five years old to be specific and still. I think."

"You think?" Both Angel and Spike snapped.

"Well, he doesn't have a heart beat so yeah I'm guessing he's a vampire." Fred admitted weakly, "I'm just not sure how it happened."

"So I still drink blood?" Spike asked.

"We could test it out." Wesley offered.

"With what happened you didn't eat this morning." Angel added well more like nagged.

"I'll go get the blood." Gunn offered, leaving the awkwardly quiet room and came back to an even more awkwardly quiet room. He was about to hand the blood to Angel but the glare Spike had which was more adorable then scary but decided to save the small vampire's pride and gave it to him.

Trying to ignoring the watching eyes of everyone, and trying to keep the mug out of Angel's reach, Spike managed to drink form the mug without spilling it, but gained a blood mustache, that Wesley toke a picture with on his phone, muttering to Fred that it was blackmail for when he's back to his rightfully age.

But then again...who knows how long that will be.

A few hours later Angel found himself in his office going over his work while Spike was no taking a nap on the couch, and a small blanket draped over him thanks to Angel.

"Well look-ey here." Angel was about to lunch himself at Eve as the woman ran her hand threw Spikes hair-which was starting to lose its white color in favor of his original color "Cute little kid you got here Angel."

Growling Angel walked over to Eve pushing her away from his Childe, looking down Angel noticed Spike had snored and shifted his position but still asleep.

'Looks like something's never change.' Angel thought. "What are you doing here Eve?"

"Heard a rumor that Spike got himself in trouble, wanted to see how much," Eve stated.

"If I find out you had anything-."

"Oh come off it, you like Spike like this. You like being able to control him make him depended on you. You want the same relationship Angelus and William had."

"That is not true." Angel growled.

"Angelus," Spike murmured, kicking at the blanket. "Don't go."

"Seems baby boy, here wants it too." Eve smirked, before leaving.

"Eve, wait." Angel ordered. "Tell the senior partners, that if they try anything with Spike, then there's going to have a big problem."

Eve laughed, "Trust me Angel; the senior partners had nothing to do with this."

Angel waited for Eve to leave before, he turned his attention to Spike, and the little vampire was still asleep clutching a hand full of the blanket like a stuff animal.

'Seems like his adult mind isn't all there,' Angel thought, but was pulled back to reality when Spike started to whimper. "Spike, Spike, wake up." Said Angel as he shock Spikes shoulder.

"Hhmm?" Spike asked, opening his eyes yawning.

"You okay?" Angel asked, not noticing that his hand moved from Spike's shoulder to his head, petting his hair.


Angel was going to point out that Spike was lying but decided to drop it, instead pick the boy up, and walked over to the elevator that went to his private suit. He wasn't sure if Spike was co-operating, because he was tired or if he just didn't care. Angel did know one think, things were going to get allot harder before they get easy.

Okay there are about a thousand (not really) way I can make this story go. I could keep Spike a vampire threw the whole series, or have him slowly becoming human.

And a friend asked why the Batman t-shirt for Spike? Partly I blame a Big Bang Theory marathon me and my friends had. But I'm tempted to make Spike where Super Heroes shirts just for the irony, but he made wear Villain shirts anyway.