Wow...almost a month since my last to keep you all tide over, a little fluff fic. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have a real chapter up...that assuming I get any idea's because I am at a blankā€¦and finding a reference to a scary wolf in mythology is much harder then it seems, I want to use someone that not many people use.






Hard Poke.

"Damn it! Spike what are you doing?" Angel asked the young vampire not even noticed that he cursed in front of the child.

"Giggle. You said a bad word. Aunty Fred said you're not suppose to say bad words."

"Spike I'm a grown up." Angel argued weakly not wanting to deal with this, this late at night or should I say early in the morning.

"So? Aunty Fred yelled at Uncle Wes for it." Angel was mad that Wesley would curse in front of his childe but he really had to time or passions for Spike's childish actions.

"Forget it. What do you want?" Angel repilded




"Spike use your words." Angel scolded, and then smiled with the vamps face turned red and scrunched up.

"I said I had a nightmare." He stated clearly.

And the smile instantly left Angel's face, sitting up in his bed Angel cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck giving him a few moments before answering.

"You want to sleep with me?" Angel asked.

"No!" Spike stated. "I'm not tired."

"Then what do you want?" Angel asked.

Twisting his face up Spike thought for a moment then left the room. Angel waited a few minutes before sleep toke him.


"Shit. Spike!" Angel yelled not like being woken up a second time. Jumping out of bed, he grabbed a pair a sweat pants to go over his boxers before leaving his bed room.

Before him sitting on the kitchen counter was Spike his face coated in ice cream, a spoon hanging in his mouth...the only thing missing was the ice cream container.

Walking over, Angel imminently greeted the floor with his back, landing in a mess of spilled and melted cookie dough ice cream. Looking up Spike was leaning over the counter his spoon in hand and a large smile and giggling like the mad hatter.

"I'm going to kill you." Angel grumbled he quickly got up grabbing a mess of paper towels he-not to gently-scrubbed the ice cream from Spike's face.

As soon as the child was clean Angel set him on the ground, careful of the mess on the floor-that was mostly cleaned up by his back. He pointed to Spike's room.

"Bed. Now. No argument, go." Angel ordered,

With his head down like a kick puppy Spike walked slowly to his room, leaving Angel to clean up the mess.

Once Angel was cleaned up and the floor was too. Angel fixed him and Spike a cup of blood, seeing as it was morning and almost time to go to work.

Angel quietly walked into his childe's room, to see Spike asleep clutching his blankets and in his white hands. Instantly concerned, Angel pried the blanks from Spike's fingers and gently woke him up.

"Spike buddy? Wake up sweetie please." Angel said gently, he soon let out a relieved sign, as soon as he saw Spike's bright blue eyes.


"Yeah buddy."

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." Angel then lifted the boy up before brighten the boy's day with a tickle attack.