This story starts with a different group. We had a group of American surivours in the more popular story, now its time for the Canadian side of things.

The esteemed leader was Vancouver, blue-gray eyes, wearing a gray bandana covering most of his head. He hadn't worn it before due to the war, but he began to wear it due to a long nailed zombie scarring the back of his head. He refuses to remove it.

He lit another little white stick. Atleast he had this in this crazy as fuck world. Only him and a handful of people he knew were headed for their hometowns.

"dude, put the cigarettes down. Do you want to attract more of those vile creatures. " One of the two others, Toronto, said. Names were very related to the cities you were headed.

He himself was headed to Vancouver along with friends of his and a few others. All of them formerly prominent musicians.

"Excuse me? I don't think you can really boss me around. " He said snuffing out the smoke with the sole of his now-scuffed converse. He had that comfort too. He had not removed the converse for more than a second.

"Vancouver. Stop acting like a fucking asshole. Come on. " Missauga said. Missasagua's real name was known by Vancouver, and Montreal.

Vancouver narrowed his pale blue eyes. "I can smoke a cig if I want to. Your not the fucking boss of me. "

He heard the familiar footsteps. "Fuck! " He said. "Here we go again. Take Mission inside. "

"Excuse me? Just cause I'm a girl does not mean you can act like a ass to me!" Mission said. She was headed to Mission, BC. Most of them were from where Canada was, including Vancouver. All of them famous musicians looking for others who survived.

"I'm the only one with a car, so you better be nice Vancouver!" West Van said. They were going to the same place but West Van was going to West Vancouver and Vancouver was just going to his hometown.

He sighed and went to the back of the car. "C'mon west. Lets go."

He grabbed a 55. Caliber pistol. "Come on. All you got is a damned pistol?"

"This is actually loaded with shotgun bullets, so you better fucking shut it before one winds up in your head and your dead. " Vancouver gave a cold glare. "It's a bigger barrelled one. Got help from a friend of mine when it first started to create it. "

Kelowna was glaring at Vancouver like he was pissed. "Did you touch any of the music instruments again? "

"No. And hands off my fucking guitar. I just keep in the hope that maybe this world will go back to normal. " Vancouver said. "And I'm not fucking saying my real name. People could hate me if I do. Most of you know who I am and I'd like to leave it at that. Just call me Vancouver. That's what most people do. No real names until I can fucking trust you or I find my bandmates. Got it? "

West Van shot a glare at Vancouver. "You know they could be goners by now. "

"No. We were all ready for this. " Vancouver said. "Most of them got guns. Just for protection in case anyone decides they wanted to shoot any of us. It's a crazy notion but eh it's a good thing."

"Van! Come on stop acting like a fucking idiot " Kelowna said, his dark hair and gray eyes giving Vancouver a sharp glare. "Don't act like a douche!"