Author's Notes: The kind of mood I was in today. Listen to rainymood[dot]com and "Þú ert sólin" by Ólafur Arnalds (found on YouTube) at the same time (trust me) while you read. The title (which honestly I didn't realize until after I wrote this) apparently means "you are the sun." Perfect, right? So combine those two links together for some extra metaphorical goodness. This started out as a drabble and morphed into a poem when I decided to add line breaks. Takes place during New Moon. I realize these author's notes are longer than the poem, shh.

The Girl in the Woods

Could you love the girl in the woods?
The one they found mangled and broken and lost
without scratches upon her skin?
She has empty eyes full of dead moonlight
and the ghosts of dried leaves in her hair.
You can hear her heart beating quick as a bird's,
but her hands will always be cold.

Could you love the girl in the sea?
She will self-destruct before your eyes,
crumbling to the ocean like fragile mossed cliffs.
He will carry her away with his lingering storm
and his teeth sunk deep in her roots.
You can throw yourself after and follow her down,
but the air makes it harder to breathe.

Could you love the girl she's become?
Perhaps you can make her smile again
without sticks and strings to shape her form.
But she isn't the child you used to know,
muddy and sunlit and dreaming.
You can hold her close to hear her heart beat,
but her hands will never be warm.