If Today Was Your Last Day - A oneshot cronicleing the day Josh was knocked out. Ties into Sicker Things/I remain Unknown

"Josh, its all over. They said they were firing more. you gotta get to the underground shelters!" Matt said.

"I have to do one thing Matt, I have to save someone's life . I always wanted to but Matt, just run. I'll be fine. " Josh said, but the pistol accidentally was let off of its trigger, and the government employees surrounding the businesses, ushering people out, from even his bandmates to him, to get them to the shelters, turned on Josh and handcuffed him.

"Josh only carried a gun because he got approached by people he didn't trust before and almost got stabbed. " Matt said, "Let my best friend who is like a bro to me, go now. "

"Just go to the shelters, . is hostile now. " The government employee said.

"Fine, but I'm not leaving Josh behind. " Matt said, but a loud piercing noise rippled through the background of the situation.

Matt ducked deep down into a storm sewer, knowing he had to fight for his life once he reached the surface.

He saw Josh get literally slammed to the ground by the blast, the government employee's weapons dropping out of their hands.

"Come on, mister. You have to get to the vaults. He's still breathing. " The medical team said, and grabbed him by the hand, helping him up and out of the sewer he'd climbed into.

Matt thanked them and ran over to his best friend, and bandmate, and the main writer for their band. "Josh, wake up please."

Josh didn't stir, but his heartbeat was still intact. The soft thumping knew to Matt that Josh was now going to live.

"Doctor, take Josh into the Vault he was not assigned to. Say he's a critical patient. I have other things to deal with right now. I'll make it on my own. " Matt said, grabbing one of the semi-automatics off of one of the government employees.

"Josh is now being taken into Vault 27. He is , acccording to the medical team, will awake sometime within years. We have checked him over, and he is very healthy. " The medical team said.

Matt followed them in, but he was stopped by someone he recognized all too weall, holding a small bundle.

"Please. Matt. I know Josh is injured and harmed and all these things. The person who turned out to be the father of my son was Josh.. if he wakes up, please, just tell him he has a son. I want you to raise him as if you were his uncle. Tell him about me when he's well and ready enough to. He can't know about Josh." Marisa said, handing Matt the small bundle, which was a breathing and healthy little boy. He had light blue eyes like his bandmate and very dark black hair. "His full name is Joshua Keeler Ramsay Jr. I usually call him Ramsay."

"That's fine. He resembles Josh more than you. " Matt said. "I promise I'll do this for you but if they ever find Josh and he wakes up, Ramsay will have to know. Got it? "

"deal. " Marisa said