Finally! I get a proper KvK fic here that's part of some of my ideas. I won't continue this anymore until I make a DP/FOP/KvK x-over. After that, I'll make a revised edition of "Nicktoons UNITE!"with KvK in it. I am here alone while freedom rider 20 uses my muses for a fic of his, and I'm trying to find a muse that hasn't already been taken.

Summary: What if Mr. Burtonburger wasn't Coop and Millie's biological father? Ever wonder about the secret behind Millie's chaotic scream? Are you a phan who's still upset that DP is over? If you got hooked by any one of these questions, then this fic is for you! I hope you like it.

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It was only two days left until Christmas, and 11 year old Coop Burtonburger was searching around the house, trying to find where his dad had hidden his Christmas presents. Unbeknownst to him, his purple cat-like alien foe was watching his every move, waiting.

After checking nearly every little spot in the entire building, he suddenly remembered that there was one place he hadn't checked yet. "Dad must have hid the gifts in the attic," Coop said aloud, unaware of the hairless beast at the doorway listening to every word.

Mr. Kat, for that was his name on this planet, raced to the attic before Coop so that he could give the boy his own little present. He and other alien cats were planning an invasion on the Earth, starting with the little town Agent 27B (for that was the name they knew him by) currently resided in, otherwise known as Bootsville. It was his job to direct where the other aliens could land. But with that meddling boy Coop around, their plans weren't likely to succeed. The only way for them to make it would be for Coop not knowing about the invasion. But ever since the boy discovered their secret, he snooped around Agent 27B, never giving the furless alien a moment's rest. The only way for Coop to stop interfering would be for him not to know, or even be suspicious. So, Kat had built a device that would erase all memories about Mr. Kat being an alien.

Kat sat high on one of the trusses holding up the ceiling, waiting for Coop to find his "present". The boy came and opened the little box, disappointed and confused to find two chalkboard erasers tied to wires. Before he could react much, Kat had pressed a button on its remote control and the chalkboard erasers began rubbing in circles on the sides of Coop's head. While most of the boy's memories were being erased, some old memories were brought back. These memories occurred for when he was up to 4 years old. Most of them included his mother, but none of them had his father. In his place was a different man. This man had silver-grey hair and midnight blue eyes. This man wore formal attire at all times, except when spending time with his family. This man, although he seemed very normal, was hiding a dark secret: he wasn't fully human.

And this man was Coop and Millie's biological father.

It was the middle of June, months after Coop's memories were brought back and a week after Millie stopped his attempt at suicide. He was waiting for Millie to come home from her Greenie Girls scout meeting so that he could finally have that talk with her.

Millie had really changed during the last week. For starters, she stood up for her brother & father when Old Lady Munson yelled at them. She had also called Mrs. Munson by the name they made for her. Millie had also stopped doing as many good deeds as she used to, but she didn't stop completely. She had also gotten into more trouble, but she still only got time-outs. She pretended to still love the cat, but she didn't defend for him as much as before. She worked as a double agent, snooping around Kat's lair and filling Coop in on Kat's latest plans. Everyone was confused at Millie's change in behaviour and personality, but Coop knew why she was acting this way.

When Coop heard his dad's car pull up in the driveway, he knew his little sister was home. He bolted out of the room and down the stairs. He greeted both of them, and then silently led Millie to his room. After double-checking to make sure his room wasn't bugged or anything, Millie finally asked him "Coop, you called me here for a reason. What did you need to tell me?"

It was now or never. Coop took a deep breath, and turned to face his sister. "Millie," he said uneasily, "there's something you should know about our dad."

"Like what?"

"He isn't our real dad."


"Mom got divorced when I was only four and you were only two. Within a year, she got married to Mr. Burtonburger, became ill, and passed away." Coop explained.

"But if heisn't our real dad, then who is?" Millie asked, her eyes filled with wonder & fear.

Coop sighed. "I don't know his name, but I do know one thing," he paused, then continued in a low voice, "He isn't fully human."

"W-what do you mean, he's not fully human?" Millie asked fearfully.

"Well," her brother began, I found out when I was searching our house, back when I was just four years old…"

4-year-old Coop Masters was wandering around his enormous home, exploring every room he found. He came upon one room that had a wall covered with bookshelves, but the things that first caught the boy's attention were the 2 golden footballs on the pillars near the opposite wall. Coop tried to pull one of the footballs off, but it just tilted downwards. Suddenly, the wall opened up to reveal a staircase. Even more curious than before, the little boy climbed down the stairs. As he got lower, he noticed it got darker and creepier. At the bottom, he found a strange room. It looked like a science lab, but it had strange devices lying around everywhere, odd-looking substances on the table, and a swirling green portal on the other side of the room.

"Coop?" said a voice from behind asked.

At the sound of his name, he turned around. When he saw who-or rather what- it really was, he screamed in terror. There was a ghost standing right there in front of him .The creature had pale blue skin and eyes that were completely red. His black hair stood upward, pointed to look somewhat like devil horns. His outfit was a white jumpsuit with a white cape that was red on the inside. But his voice sounded so familiar.

"Daddy?" Coop asked, fearfully looking around for his father. He wanted to run, but something was stopping him. Two black rings appeared around the ghost's waist, and he turned into someone he knew very well.

"Coop, what are you doing here? This lab was supposed to be-"he didn't finish, for at that moment his son ran away, screaming for his mother.

"…Dad started to chase after me, and we eventually ran into Mom. I told her about Dad being a ghost-or half ghost at least-and he explained everything else. Everything changed after that. They kept yelling at each other, and two weeks after, we left him." Coop finished.

Millie was shocked and scared. "But if our dad's half ghost, then what does that make us?"

"I don't know, but we're not 100% human either." Coop answered. "Our powers are already being developed."

"Powers?" Millie asked, tilting her head in confusion.

"I think your scream is one of your powers. Chaos usually happens when you scream like that. And one time, dark clouds started swirling in the sky, and it rained. I JUST WONDER ABOUT Mollie…" Coop trailed off in his thoughts.

Millie shook her head in disbelief. It snapped back up when she asked "But that's only me. What about you and your powers?"

"Remember that time I was learning magic? I think some of it was actually my powers. Well, at least the teleporting. That was the only thing I just did without learning how. It just happened, and I learned to control it." Coop answered. "I can still do it, but it uses up quite a lot of energy."

"I-Is there any way that we could…just be…normal humans?" Millie stammered nervously.

"I don't know how or even IF there is a way. We can just live like how we used to just before this moment, but you know that we can never be normal." Coop replied, sadly.

There was a silence that followed. It was interrupted when their step-dad called for them. They followed obediently, too shaken up too say or do anything else. For they both knew all too well that no matter how normal their lives may seem, they could never be.

Cat or no cat.

See, this is why I had those three as my muses. They are siblings with ghost powers and Vlad is their father. They will meet again, someday...

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