Title: If at First You Don't Succeed
Author: LastScorpion
Prompt: The Case of the Experiment Gone Wrong
Iteration: BBC
Warnings: None required
Rating: Okay for any age

Problem: John spends too many evenings out with women. (see: Sarah, Mary, Ivy, Nina, et al)

Adverse Effects: When on a case, I have to do without his assistance. When not on a case, am bored, must do without his attention and amusement value.

Proposed Solution: Denigrate current female interest's intellect, appearance, morals. Interfere with their dates.

Results: John continually and increasingly angry. Spends whole nights out of flat. Threatens physical violence.

Analysis: FAIL

Proposed Solution 2: "Fix up" current female interest (CFI) with other male, less essential to own comfort - Anderson.

Results: Suffered slight injuries from assaults by 1) Sally Donovan 2) Mrs. Anderson 3) CFI

Analysis: FAIL (also OW)

Proposed Solution 2a: as above, but with Lestrade substituted for Anderson

Results: Beaten about the head and neck with umbrella. Refused all cases for a month (reduced to three weeks when that locked-room thing came up)

Analysis: FAIL

Proposed Solution 3: Seduce CFI away from John myself.

Results: Maced by CFI, locked out of flat and severely tutted at by Mrs. Hudson. John stayed with his sister for three days.

Analysis: FAIL

Proposed Solution 4: Seduce John.

Results: Apologized. Claimed jealousy as motive (forced to admit - nearly true). Kissed him.

Analysis: SUCCESS :-D