Written because Rory is a BAMF. Just a little thing I thought of, comparing the Doctor and Rory. Spoilers for "The God Complex"

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, just ridiculous amounts of memorabilia.

Rory finds the Doctor observing the pictures of the people that the creature has devoured. He sidles up to the Time Lord, who seems to be lost in thought. The alien speaks as Rory opens his mouth to say something. "Have you found your room yet?"

"No, no..." Rory pauses and looks at the pictures, then looks back at the Doctor. "Is that good or bad?"

The Doctor pauses in thought. Two thousand years as a plastic man would have its advantages. "Maybe you're not scared of anything."

Rory rolls his eyes. He was afraid of losing Amy. Didn't that count? "Well, after all the time I spent with you in the TARDIS, what was left to be scared of?"

The Doctor pauses again, catching what the human has said. "You said that in the past tense."

Rory thinks a moment, confused. "No I didn't."

The Doctor moves to lean against the banister, arms crossed, contemplating the enigma that is Rory Pond. Rory the nurse, who has such an interesting vivacity for life. Despite the fact that Amy is the reason he travels in the TARDIS, Rory adapts to new situations just as quickly as she does. He is shy and sometimes too cautious, but real conflict, blood and death conflict, does not make him flinch. He will throw himself in danger at a moment's notice, even if the person he's saving isn't Amy. There was proof enough of that with the Gangers.

The fact that Rory doesn't have a room makes him think. He, the Doctor, has a room. But a human, from Leadworth, doesn't. So what does that make Rory?

That probably makes Rory, he thinks, a better man than he is. And in a sense, it's true. Rory does not have his looming darkness. He does not have that thing in the back of his mind telling him to break the rules. And even if he did, Rory would only break the rules for the right reasons. Not for self-gratification, not for the feeling of being free, but to save those that he loves.

The Time Lord briefly lets a thought cross his mind. Rory is the kind of person I wanted to become. But I failed miserably. And the clock ticks for the Valeyard...

Rory places a hand on the wall and leans against it for support. "You know... Howie had been in speech therapy, just got over this massive stammer. What an achievement, I mean, can you imagine?" The Doctor has to fight to keep a stupid grin off his face. "I've forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe."

And the Doctor knows that he is right.