Make me Human too

I do not own Shugo Chara and I never will. I am just the proud owner of this small story that I've twisted to fit my own personal want.

I have been through many a century and many a home. People love cats, and I don't know why… it's not like I'm a huge fan of people, well I was- before I was turned into a cat of course. But running around the towns and watching the world evolve, it's been an experience no other human or cat has had so I guess I should be thankful for my curse when I look at it like that.

I can't die though. Seriously, I was once used as a chew toy for a dog and I didn't die, I've been hit by cars and I've been trampled by a stampede of buffalo a while back. Yet there I was; black fur still attached, light blue color around my neck signaling I belong to someone- though I refused to go 'home' at nights.

Thinking back now it was a good time of my life around the Halloween of 2000, the details still clear in my mind:

I had just scurried across a street, blue collar fastened around my neck and paws almost gliding across the concrete as I headed back to the family that decided to call me theirs for that moment in time.

Superstitious people crossed the sidewalk as small children with smiled on their faces tried to pet me and catch me before their mothers pulled their hands away. "No sweetie, you don't touch dirty kitties."

That just angered me. I was no dirty, there was no way I was dirty, and I had just given myself a bath on the high office building just down the street. Rolling my eyes I hopped up onto a bench and then up onto an awning so I wouldn't be bothered by parents saying I was a nuisance or children pulling my tail.

Getting to a street I had to cross I hopped off the awning and stood at the cross walk with a bunch of people crowded the edge of the street; one mans foot pushing me onto the street as a truck was coming towards the road.

I panicked for a moment, remembering the child that had been standing beside me actually ignoring me as the large truck came barreling down. I didn't want to be hit here, it'd be too hard to get back up and just walk away at night- after being run over repeatedly.

"Hey kitty get off the street you little cutie." before I saw anything or anyone I was lifted into a strong embrace and was moving, a manicured hand rushing me across the street as the girl avoided cars and mini vans with ease.

The girl holding me stopped on the street and I was turned, seeing a beautiful girl with bubblegum pink hair and bright amber eyes looking at me with concern. "Silly kitty, why were you on the road? Don't you know that it's dangerous?"

She must have thought I looked cute because she let out a giggle before she tucked me back under her arm, hand supporting my chest and the rest of her arm supporting the rest of my body properly- what is it with people and holding cats like babies anyways?

"I know… I don't get why they do that, it must be really annoying being coddled." her voice ringing and for a moment I thought she was talking into the Bluetooth I had seen before I realized that she answered my question.

'You can hear me?' my head turning directly up to look at her and she just smiled "Yep. I can hear you. Common, I better take you home before your family gets worried kitty- I mean…" she used her free hand and grabbed the small tag attached to my collar and flipped it back and forth looking for the name. "Alfred? Are you serious?"

'Yeah right, ha! If you can hear me at least know my name is Ikuto. Stupid people gave me the wrong name… again.' I heard her giggle again before her eyes zeroed in on the tag again. "I better take you home; it's only a block from my house after all."

I wanted to protest and I tried, but she just talked me out of it. Said I'd make the girl I lived with upset if I 'ran away' though I couldn't have cared less with how that little spoiled-brat princess treated me.

It irked me that I'd never seen her around before, and the fact that my beautiful- yes I'm considering her mine -pinkette had never been seen with my eyes before. I recognized the uniform she wore- it was for the local high school across town that I had gone to every now and then, some of the kids would pet me and give me food scraps if they thought it was alright… but I learned really quick to stay away from the elementary schools after one kid brought me into the teacher and she called the SPCA… lets just say I made a daring getaway and made it out with barely my life intact.

For the next few days I walked around the neighborhood trying to find out which house my beautiful lovely lived in and came up empty. There was one house where I thought she might live, but it turned out to be an old man and his twenty year old girlfriend… kinda make me wonder if there is a name for a man-cougar.

Finally it happened, I found her walking home from school one day, she must have run out of other ways to come because I finally caught that wonderful head of pink hair walking back down the street, her black uniform making her hair pop out that much more, and I could tell my blue eyes were narrowed as I watched a blonde haired boy walking down the street beside her, reaching to move his arm around her waist.

Unable to contain my distain for him I hopped off the roof I was on and rushed towards them, hopping right up onto the fence beside her head and smirking over at the blonde boy who was glaring at me as she gasped at my sudden appearance, and I realized I'd like doing that to her in the future.

"Ikuto! What are you doing here?" I just smiled trying not to answer her question in my head and she gave me a confused face before stopping, me and the blonde followed suit and she reached out for the collar around my neck, flipping it over and seeing the name.

"Amu… that tag said Alfred… besides, who'd name their cat Ikuto?" I let out a hiss and he yanked Amu away from me making me stop immediately. 'Che, stupid Kiddie-King why can't he go play with his toy knights? I need to talk with you. Now.'

I watched as Amu's face turned serious and she yanked her hand out of the boys "Tadase, I can walk the rest of the way home, I'll see you at school again tomorrow, alright?" the Kiddie-King: Tadase as I was informed, glared at me before giving my Amu a sickeningly sweet smile and leaning forward to kiss her cheek.

I held back my lunch and a hiss watching him press his lips to her blushing red cheek and turned my head away not wanting to watch as she timidly said a goodbye to him and turned back towards her house. "Common Alfred, I'll take you home to your masters… and sorry for calling you Ikuto, I thought you were my other neighbors cat." she walked passed me rubbing just between my ears and I started following her again realizing that I'd have to act like a tame housecat around other people like I had to inside 'my house' with the people who were feeding me.

"So… what do you need to talk about Ikuto? I'll try and help if it's something I can help with." I looked over at her, hopping over a support post and keeping my eyes on her as we traveled towards the park that was close to my house, possibly close to her house.

'I need you to help me get back to normal… I don't want to be a cat anymore.' she stopped and I followed my pinkette's lead and stopped on the next post that was a foot ahead of where she stopped, I sat down and looked at her, deep blue eyes looking into her amber pools of beauty that mesmerized me.

"Ikuto… I'm still in training, I don't know if I could do something that big… if you're still alive period then this was a spell cast by a very powerful witch. And I'm just a beginner." I noticed as she started to fiddle with her fingers and realized that she wasn't cool and spicy anymore but shy and timid.

I looked down her uniform and noticed that the way she had her skirt over a pair of bright red leggings that matched her tie and the long sleeved shirt that hugged her body nicely, all curled up in a timid position with one legs bent in front of the other and her arms coming together to poke her fingers together in front of her chest as she looked down at her joining and disjoining fingers.

Before I could take in all her facial appearance at that moment she had begun walking again as if forgetting me completely. I hopped off the post and crossed the street with her, looking like I was gliding over the cement as I hopped up over the curb onto the other sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, keeping up with her long strides as she moved towards the swings.

'Amu… I didn't mean to upset you if I did… its just- I haven't seen another witch in so many years, and all the others didn't know what I was saying. I'm not going to lie; I'm the equivalent of a vampire for cats- though I promise I don't drink blood. But I've been alive more then three thousand years this way, and I'm just so tired of it. If there is any chance that you could help me, I'd be greatly appreciated if you could try and find a spell for me to carry incase I run into a witch that can help.' she shook her head sitting down on the swing and hiding her face with her hands.

"I-I cant… please, I can't do this Ikuto… I can't get into the book. My mom hasn't let me look at anything that complex, she wants me to learn the beginners' book first… I can't even make a flower into a cup yet!"

I couldn't stand seeing her look so upsetting, so aside form my better judgment and normal behavior I walked up to her and pushed the top of my head against her leg and continued to walk around her, rubbing my side against her legs trying to get her to lift up her arms so I could sit on her lap. 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, please just don't cry… I might have lived forever but I can't deal with tears.'

I felt her moving and then I was in her lap in a moment and she had her arms wrapped around me, my head on her shoulder and her face in my side. "I'm s-sorry, I-I'm supposed to b-be better. B-but I can't s-say the words right."

I couldn't help but nuzzle my nose into her neck and sniff a couple times as she started stroking my bluish black fur coat. I let out a sigh and pushed against her stomach so she would look at me. 'Amu… I don't really know how to say this correctly, but I know that witches live for hundreds of years. But I'm willing to become your black cat and help you with your studies if you'll at least put an effort into helping me change back. I will be the black cat for your children too if I have to.'

I noticed a slight smile cross her face as she let out a scoff and cleared tears from her eyes "Alright Ikuto… I'll try, I really will try. Y-you're going to help me with learning my spells though, right?" I gave a nod and she gave a wide ear to ear smile as she grabbed my up and picked me off her lap and held me up high. "Alright… First thing is first, tonight is your last night as Alfred, go get anything from their house that you want and can carry and meet me back here alright?"

She set me down after she stood up herself and unclipped the collar from around my neck, folding the band and putting it into her breast pocket on her school uniform. "Well… are you going?"

I scoffed and started walking in a circle, looking up at her a few times before stopping and sitting 'I've left too many households to want anything… I don't need a reason to leave one house for another. I don't need a reason to cross continents in boats- though I'll admit I like airplanes more.' she sighed returning back to her cool and spicy demeanor and started walking to what I could only hope was her house.

'Cool… I get to sleep in a bed with a girl for the first time in a couple hundred years… sounds like fun.' I looked up at her with the best smirk I could and she just rolled her eyes "You wish. I do own a cat bed you know. I had a black cat already, but I couldn't hear his thoughts, mom made me get rid of him. Apparently only some cats can be heard by witches. And you must have been turned into that kind of cat."

I just nodded my head as I followed her, glad to be out of that annoying collar that had been put on just that much too tight so I couldn't have eaten anything too fast if I had tried. It felt so nice to walk around with an option; I could only come around when I wanted and I could just feel that she would feed me if I asked for it, or give me a hug if I was lonely and needed it. I just felt so refreshing being able to choose again, with an option of being picked up by the pound a bit of a thrill in my veins.

"So Ikuto, what is your favorite color?" I couldn't help but smirk as I rolled my eyes kind of and sped up to walk around in a circle around her. 'I like blue… and pink. Its becoming one of my favorite colors.' she only rolled her eyes again and pointed down another suburban street before she hopped over me and down the street.

Amu's POV

I don't know what possessed me to agree to him becoming my black cat, I mean sure, I had owned other cats- but I couldn't hear any of their thoughts- they were just pets. And what was worse is Ikuto wasn't even really a cat, and here I am setting him up for generations of hoping that me or one of my children- if I even wanted children -would figure out how to save him.

I got Ikuto inside the house pretty easily, I just told my parents I found a black cat and they were thrilled, wrapping their arms around me as Ami started to chase Ikuto- not being old enough for a cat herself, being only six. I scooped him up and smiled at my parents "Alright guys, I have to go do some training… and I need to learn all about my new cat so don't bother me alright?" my family eagerly agreed to 'keep their special girl happy' and told me that they wouldn't both me until morning when I'd have to go back to school.

'So… don't tell me that you're like their princess. Why I can just imagine your room being pink and frilly and-' I smirked as he was cut off when I opened my door. My room was perfectly normal, a couple band posters on my walls and a large bookcase of the spell books I was allowed to look through.

"I don't believe in frills Ikuto… now I have a proposition for you. If you let me get you another collar I'll put my address on it simply to keep you out of the pound. I don't want to keep you tied down and I know you liked the idea of being free there when I took the last collar off of you, but I don't really want to loose you if you want me to help out with your spell problem."

I waited as he looked at me and hopped up onto my bed, pale pink sheets contrasting so well with him making me want to change to the blue ones instead of having the terrible color touching his fur. 'I guess… you won't put it on too tightly though right?'

Shaking my head I sat down beside him and reached forward to rub his head before he hopped off the bed and walked across my room towards the violin I had up against the wall. 'You play the violin?' I couldn't help but smile at the bewilderment in his face as he looked form me to the case in front of him, large blue eyes almost sparkling as he looked up at me, navy blue fur shining in patches and dirt covered in others.

"Ikuto… I'd hate to say this, but you need a bath." I looked down at where he had been and noticed that there was a brown patch on my pink sheets, thanking my lucky starts for having a reason to change them to match his color. He turned his head towards me and smirked before I heard his mental reply 'I'll go take a bath with water if you play the violin for me Amu.' I could see the smirk on his cat face as he walked back over to me, leaving a light dust colored trail on the carpet from his foot steps.

I ground my teeth together trying to keep my cool as I tried not to shudder from how his voice sounded when he said my name. I just nodded my head trying to hold back the blush as I hopped up and reopened my bedroom door "The bathroom is the first room on the left. Take your time and use the tub so I don't have a sink to clean out until tomorrow. I'll change my sheets and get the carpet cleaned up while you do that alright?"

Ikuto just nodded as he walked into the bathroom with a swagger that I had never seen a cat give before he was out of my sight and I let out a sigh shutting my door and leaning against it. "Oh man… why do I want to kiss a cat? For goodness sake, I shouldn't be feeling like this. I like Tadase; he's the guy for me, my prince." I let out a sigh thinking of my boyfriend who didn't like the nickname I'd given him- even though I was the only one who could call him that -and sighed before stepping forward and starting to take the pink sheets off my bed I never really liked to begin with.

A while passed and I had gotten my room cleaned up and homework started when Ikuto came walking back into my room, completely dry and looking like he was the king of the world, walking up to the edge of the bed and sitting back before springing forward and stepping up to me, cross-legged in the center of my bed.

'I see you have blue sheets too… good to know we share the same taste is favorite colors Amu.' his voice a purr again as he sat down and gave me big eyes that said he was just trying to bug me. "No, I don't like pink. My first favorite color is green, and my second is blue, then it's pink… but not pastel pink, I like hot pink." Ikuto nodded his head and curled up at my side 'I hope you don't mind… but I'm tired and going to sleep." I just nodded and went back to my homework, trying as best I could not to pet Ikuto as he slept.

I stopped in the middle of my English homework looking down at him, he was purring and his face was so peaceful and he looked cute that I couldn't help but pet him, watching as he nuzzled my hand with his head and I heard a mumbling sound that I must have been thinking of.

With a smile I continued stroking his navy blue fur as I did my homework before turning in for the night, not bothering to move him to the cat-bed I had on the other side of the room and just letting him lay down beside me when he whimpered from loss of heat.

When I woke up the next morning I noticed that Ikuto wasn't there and I rolled over, stretching out my muscles as I looked around the room, wondering where Ikuto had gone and what I was going to have for breakfast.

'Your family left.' I jumped hearing the voice and feeling the paw step on my face, snapping my eyes open to look Ikuto in the face, seeing what could only be described as a smirk playing on his cat lips.

"What do you mean they left? Left where? For what?" I only heard him scoff as I got up rubbing my head 'They left for the day, something about an Ami having a party to go to… and something else about books and studying. Don't you remember talking to them?'

I shook my head as I stretched out again "No… how am I supposed to remember that when I was asleep?"

'Dork, you had a conversation with your mom. Common, I found some stuff I want you to use to make my breakfast.' opening my eyes and scowled at him "Why should I make you food before myself? Besides I need a shower and to get dressed for school." I watched as Ikuto stopped and the smirk he had dropped and his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

'What do you mean you can cook for me? I've had cat food and garbage stuffed down my throat for the last two years… and you can't make me a simple egg and piece of toast?' I let out a long sigh and nodded "Alright… I'll do that as soon as I get out of the shower." he gave a smile before nodding and running out of the room like a kitten.

Normal POV

Ikuto got into the living room and hopped up on the couch, a large smile on his face as he got to the TV remote and started flipping through channels, actually liking the fact that there was no dog at Amu's house threatening to eat him if he did something like that.

'Hey… who are you?' Ikuto hopped up onto the back of the couch with a hiss, not expecting to hear another voice. He looked around the room for the source of the voice but couldn't see anything, almost thinking he hadn't heard it he went back to channel flipping.

'I asked you a question Mr. the Hinamori's don't have a cat, not since they gave that last cat to the SPCA. Are you the new one for the girl?' Ikuto caught the direction the voice was coming from and looked up to see a small deep navy blue kitten on the outside window sill, large face and big paws holing his head above the section of window holding the glass in place.

'The question should be who you are… what are you talking about and what you're doing here at my Amu's house.' Ikuto glared as he ignored the remote and started heading towards the window to speak with the kitten who he noticed was wearing a collar with a large yellow cross on it, fur on his head messy like human's spikes and face innocent like a child.

'I'm Yoru! I'm talking about the four other black cats that the family has given away to other people and the SCPA. They haven't owned a cat for more then a week and they all love her before they leave. So many cats are heartbroken when they give her away that it sometimes makes me cry too. And as for being here, Amu usually gives me a little something for breakfast.' Ikuto glared at the little cat looking for a way to open the window 'Why should I let you steal her affection? She's mine you know… you can't have her.' his ears flattening back as his back started to arch.

'I don't want to be her cat… she found me and took care of me for a few weeks a while ago. But I ran away… I don't like being stuck inside a house.' Ikuto scoffed and sat down; eyeing the small kitten that he had to admit was cute 'So… you just want some food?' Yoru nodded his head and Ikuto sighed, moving over to the side of the window and pushing a button with his paw that unlocked it.

Ikuto pushed the window open enough for the kitten to get through and hopped back down, walking over to the couch and getting back to his channel surfing 'You might as well come and join me, she isn't going to be down for a few minutes to make food.' Yoru nodded and hopped over, sitting in front of the couch and looking up at Ikuto wondering how he was going to get up.

'Why don't you just jump?' Ikuto's voice cold and stoic as he looked down with bored eyes. 'I can't… I'm too small.' Yoru scrunching his face in concentration before trying to leap up and only getting a stair height off the ground.

With a sigh Ikuto hopped off the couch and grabbed the blue collar at the nape of Yoru's neck before hopping back up with the small cat. 'So… can Amu actually hear you?' Ikuto nodded, going back to his spot and hitting the channel button again.

'Cool… did you know she got this collar for me? So if they ever pick me up they'll drop me off here and I'm free to go again?' Ikuto nodded wondering if his collar was going to be a big yellow cross like that. He wasn't religious but the idea of having a religious cross around his neck was unsettling to him, even though Yoru's didn't look religious one bit.

"Ikuto! I'm down, where did you- oh! Yoru… I didn't think you'd be here this early… woke up early again didn't you?" Amu reached over the pet the small kittens head and Ikuto stood up and pushed his head under her hand. "Spoiled brat." Amu rolling her eyes as she turned towards the kitchen, stopping the continuous petting Ikuto was receiving.

Ikuto took a moment to look down at Yoru 'Mine.' his voice final as he grabbed the collar again and began walking into the kitchen carrying the small deep blue fur ball.

"Thanks for letting him in Ikuto; sorry for taking so long, I got a text from Tadase saying he was going to be here in ten minutes to walk me to school." Ikuto bristled and Tour just meowed before turning to Ikuto 'You know they've been dating for like, three years right?' Ikuto just looked down with a smirk and replied in a calm voice; 'Three years ends today.'

"What was that Ikuto?" looking up he smiled and grabbed Yoru's collar again before hopping up onto the counter and setting the kitten back down. 'Just that for every day that comes along, three years of time between one day and the day you're on has passed.'

'No Amu! He wants to break you and Tadase up! Please, if you could ever hear me learn how to hear me now!' Yoru looking at her and pushing on Ikuto for him to tell her what he was saying. "I'm sorry Yoru… I still cant here you. Do you know what he's saying Ikuto?"

With a smile Ikuto nodded 'He's saying he agrees whole-heartedly with me and my profound wisdom.' Amu just rolled her eyes getting that he wouldn't tell her and went on to making them all a bit of food.

All three were sitting down at the dining table eating their breakfast when there was a knock on the door and Amu hopped up, running to the door. Ikuto hissed when Tadase walked into the living room, upset that he didn't have time to pee on the eggs Amu had made for him in the short time.

"Whoa! I didn't know you got a cat Amu." shock and disgust written on his face as he looked from me to Yoru. "Well, you know me, I love cats… this is Ikuto and Yoru."

"You mean Ikuto as in the cat with the Alfred tag yesterday?" Amu shook her head "No, I thought Alfred was my Ikuto, but he wasn't, so when I came home I found my Ikuto and remember; Ikuto doesn't have a collar yet." she gave a meek smile and scratched the back of her head as she grabbed his hand "Common, we're going to be late, you can grab your breakfast and go right?"

Tadase nodded and Ikuto decided to follow until Amu shut the door on him. "Stay home and look after Yoru for me Ikuto!" her voice ringing through the wood of the door.

'Yeah right!' Ikuto hopped up to the window and slunk his way out of the opening, running down the street after Amu and Tadase. He shadowed the couple with a sick feeling in his stomach, ready to run across a street to get to the other side for the school if he had to.

"I'll be right inside Tadase, I know you have student counsel… and I want a little more fresh air." Amu's voice kind and relaxed as she turned to her boyfriend of three years. "Alright sweetie, see you in class." Tadase kissed her cheek and Ikuto had to turn away and gag, he'd rather be throwing up a hairball rather then watching that.

"Ikuto… you get out here right now Mr." flinching Ikuto ducked back under the bush he was beside and crouched into a position readying himself to dash if she were to look under that direct bush. "I know you're out there Ikuto, now come out and tell me why you think it necessary to follow me to school."

Ikuto slowly walked out from under the bush and tilted his head. 'So that's where you were going…. I swear I didn't know?' he gave a slightly confused face as Amu rolled her eyes before pointing in the direction of her house. "Get back home… I can walk to school with my boyfriend you know… I don't need my cat following me around like a puppy."

'Fine… I'll head back to the house… just mind telling me what's up with kiddie-king? He doesn't like me or Yoru.' Amu just sighed "Well I cant be rude to him just because you are…. How about you go look through my spell books for a spell that I could just work on perfecting for you?"

Ikuto ground his teeth together before turning towards the downtown area and heading off 'I'm not your pet Amu… remember that'

Before Amu could get another word in Ikuto was halfway down the street and she was chasing after the much faster cat- skipping school for the first time in her life, trying as best she could to keep up with the blue cat that was disappearing right in front of her and she couldn't do anything about it. "Ikuto, please wait! I'm sorry!"

Ikuto finally stopped running in the next town over, walking back and forth cussing Amu in his mind hoping she could still hear it. She had called him her pet! A lowly housecat that she could talk to! How was he supposed to take that? He'd gotten that treatment from so many people who didn't know he had been a human once… and there is was; being treated like a pet by a girl who knew he was human on the inside!

Letting out a hiss Ikuto turned to a tree and decided that a small nap in the branches would be a good idea before deciding if he was going to go back to Amu's house or not.

After the first few minutes of trying to sleep Ikuto gave up and hopped off the tree only to stop when a shadow covered him, looking up he saw a animal catcher and he would have paled if he could. 'Fuck.'