Make me Human Too


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The last thing Ikuto wanted to be doing was sitting around in Amu's bedroom, surrounded by her friends all petting him and cooing over the fact that 'she got a pet kitty' granted they weren't all too bad, but none of them ignored him, not even Kukai ignored him completely. Bright midday sunlight was filtering into the room from the large balcony doors that hung open as the teens all sat around looking at Amu's laptop she had opened to a movie theater website, trying to all decide which one to go to.

Ikuto didn't like the fact that they were planning this kind of thing in front of him, the fact that they weren't allowing activities that he could at least tag along to. He looked around the room before getting annoyed with Rima's constant harsh petting and slunk out from under her hand and over to Amu, sitting himself onto her lap with a glare at Rima.

'Cant you at least make them leave me alone? I don't want to be treated like a stupid pet. And why cant you all go somewhere that I can at least tag along in this body? Like an amusement park or something?' he looked up, big blue eyes making her feel like he was looking into her soul.

"Hey, would you guys mind maybe going to that new nature reserve maybe tomorrow? It supposed to be really cool, and with a bunch of exotic and colorful plants… what do you say?" Amu gave her friends a smile as she set her hand on top of Ikuto's head as her friends talked about the latest new release movie.

"Hey Amu… what's this book opened on your bed?" Amu looked up, fear covering her face as Rima pointed to the spell book opened to the last page Amu had left off at before her friends came over.

"Uh, it's a limited addition spell book… its just a pretend thing I got a while ago. It went with an older book series I was reading, the author came up with a bunch of spells and potions and put them into the book."

Rima raised an eyebrow "Then why does it say Volume one?" Amu looked at her bookcase at volumes two through ten with a sheepish expression. "Their cosplay props alright? I got the whole collection on my birthday one year, the costume for it is in my closet so I can go to conventions and stuff like that."

"Really? I wanna see you in your cosplay costume! I love that kinda stuff!" Kukai giving Amu a bright smile as Utau rolled her eyes at her boyfriend for being so pushy.

"N-nah, I really don't want to get it out… the costume probably doesn't even fit anymore."

"Awe. Common Amu! I wanna see it! You know I'm a sucker for my little sister looking cute!" Kukai giving her a smile, showing off his pearly white teeth. Amu was about to do it before she stopped with a slight pout.

"And when did you become my older brother?" Kukai just smiled before hopping up and moving over to her closet on his own. His black swimming trunks hanging slightly low on his hips, long torso covering tank top showing off his slightly muscled arms as he opened the too doors and started rummaging through her hanging clothes.

Amu blanched when she realized that there was no costume in the back of her closet. With a quick costume idea Amu raised her hand to her nose and gave a quiet fake sneeze, making a costume appear in the back of her closet, hopefully not too suddenly for Kukai to have noticed.

"Aha! Found it! Now go put it on little sis! I want to see what you look like as a little witch- the kind way of saying it of course." Amu let out a sigh as everyone else in the room agreed to seeing her in the costume.

'Amu… I wanna see too. Can you go get changed so we can see?' Amu looked down at the big blue eyes and Amu melted, agreeing with Kukai instantly as he pushed the costume at her and made her go towards the door.

She ground her teeth once she stepped into the bathroom, and looked at the costume she conjured up; a short black skirt with sections hanging down passed her knees while the base of the skirt was half way down her thighs, long red and black stockings, tight red corset and red gloves. She quickly snapped her fingers, making the costume appear on her body and her pink hair move up into pigtails, classic X shaped clips on each as she looked at her reflection before fixing her breasts in the corset so she was more comfortable.

"This really just looks like I got it this year… oh well, they don't have to know, and it'll be good for Halloween in two weeks I guess." she shrugged before turning back to the door and opening it, turning towards her bedroom with a blush on her face, not possibly comfortable wearing something like that.

Getting into her room she was instantly approached by Rima and Utau, giving her a large hug as they admired the outfit they had hardly seen. Kukai and Nedshiko looked at the outfit, blushing slightly seeing their younger sister figure wearing something so provocative compared to her usual attire.

"I like it… you do look like quite the little witch-ling don't you? The only thing your missing is a hat… maybe I left it in the closet. Give me a sec." Kukai turned back towards the closet and Amu sneezed again, making a witch hat appear on the shelf behind a section of the wall in the corner. "Ha! Found it!" Kukai pulled a large black and red hat before holding it out towards her with a bright smile.

"Thanks Kukai… I guess I should get changed so I we could go to the movies? Or are we going to go to the drive in movie?" Kukai smirked before pointing to the roof and setting his other hand on his hip.

"To the drive through! My truck is ready and I got that new engine part that I needed… and I still have the seats in the back!" everyone cheered before Amu reached up and took her hat off before turning back towards the bathroom so she could 'change' back into her street clothes.


That night at the theater Amu hopped off the back of the truck with Ikuto, having her bag slung over her shoulder with an extra set of clothes since she was notorious for getting soda on herself at drive in movies.

"So Ikuto… have any ideas about how you might have turned human… or have you run across anything in the books yet?" Amu decided to put her blue tooth in her ear so it didn't look like she was completely insane.

'No, the books haven't given me anything yet. But as for theories I have several. One of them being that it might have had something to do with all the magic that was around in the air… I could taste it almost, kinda like strawberries.' Amu nodded, carefully watching Ikuto with all the looks he was getting and the fact that she didn't have a leash for him since he refused.

"Alright… we can try that if you want, I wouldn't mind trying to transfer magic to you… it might really work if that's the case, a high dose might be just what you need." Amu gave a smile as he turned towards the back of the concession stand that most couples hooked up behind since no one went back there for anything but that reason. "Alright… hop up here please." Amu tapped the top of a barrel and Ikuto followed her instructions and hopped up before sitting so he was facing her.

'Alright… now what do I do Amu? Last time I kinda fell on you.' Amu nodded before taking a deep breath, thinking.

"You said you could see my magic right? Was it a certain color?" Ikuto shook his head. Trying to remember.

'Not really. It was just magic.' Amu nodded as she set her hand out on the barrel in front of him and he set his paw on top of her hand.

"Alright… this should work, maybe… but only possibly." she concentrated a large amount of her magic into her hand as she closed her eyes, trying as hard as she could to force the magic into Ikuto's hand.

"I think you can stop now Amu… and hand me the extra clothes you brought."

Amu's eyes popped open and her eyes locked with Ikuto's. "Your back!" she flung her arms around his neck, not really caring about the fact that he was sitting nude on the barrel.

"Alright Amu, as much as I'd like to continue hugging, I need to get dressed in the extra shirt and shorts you brought." Amu moved away and shoved her bag at him as she closed her eyes and turned her head away with a deep blush.

"R-right… I knew that."

Ikuto just smirked as he pulled the black board shorts out of the bag and tugged them on, thanking Amu for not taking the netted underwear out as he grabbed the shirt and tugged it on over his head of messy navy blue hair.

"Alright Amu, all dressed." Amu looked over and smiled seeing that her extra clothes fit him alright, the black tank top rode up a little, but only enough to show a sliver of the 'V' shape that he was proud of back before he turned into a cat.

"Ha! You did it Amu! Thank you!" Ikuto picked her up in a quick hug before spinning around a few times. "Thank you! It worked, you changed me back Amu."

"Alright! P-put me down please Ikuto." Amu let out a giggle as she was set back down and Ikuto looked at her for a moment.

The only emotion she could see was adoration, her face slowly painting itself a cute pink as he lowered his face so their foreheads were touching "Really Amu. Thank you, very much… Amour." he gave her confused face a smile at the French and moved back grabbing her bag and slinging it over his shoulder and grabbing her hand to pull her back towards the truck with all of her friends.

Amu was perplexed, knowing that she'd heard the word before but couldn't place the definition, but knew it was French of Latin. She didn't even register Ikuto buying the large soda she was going to get and tugging her back towards the truck.

It took Ikuto grabbing her hips and lifting her up so her butt was on the tailgate of the truck before she blinked a few times and noticed he was smiling at her friends. "Hey guys… I'm Ikuto, Amu's family friend… I came back to town and her parents said I could find her here… mind if I join?" his smile enchanting as he looked at Amu for a moment as Kukai and her other friends shrugged their shoulders.

"Sure man… lots of seats for everyone, is Amu alright? She seems a little… out of it." Ikuto just shrugged as he pulled himself up and helped Amu back to the seat beside the one he chose for his own. "Yeah… she's just trying to figure out a word I think…"

Kukai just smiled "Yeah… she isn't the best with words… but give her a pencil and blank paper and her art is amazing." this little snippet if information intrigued Ikuto, he hadn't seen much art at all, except a small drawing on Amu's wall that looked like him as a cat, but it looked like a black and white photo done by a computer.

"Really… I learn new things every day, don't I?" Ikuto's smirk covering his face as he looked back up at the flick playing on the large white wall that everyone was watching.

Amu walked into her house with Ikuto following close behind her, him trying to pull the tank down again before letting out a huff and just pulling it off over his head. "Thank god its summer… I'm going to have a shower, do you mind Amu?"

"No, go ahead, I'm going to try and find some food… dad has some more clothes you can use until tomorrow… and I guess I'll give dad a call and find out what event he's planning for the animal foundation." Ikuto just nodded as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and turned towards the stairs so he could go up to the shower. "And don't forget that the towels are in the closet in the bathroom!" Amu's voice carrying up the stairs as she walked into the kitchen just to let out a yelp seeing Tadase sitting on the island in the kitchen, arms crossed over his chest and blonde hair messed up completely.

"T-Tadase? What are you doing here… drunk?" her heart beat slightly faster as Tadase looked at her, making her notice he was much more then just drunk.

"Amu… I want you back sooo bad… Yaya was nothing, just a good bonk whenever I wanted it. She's sorry, but I'm miserable without you… please?"

Amu opened her mouth but Tadase hopped off the island and walked up to her, giving her a sloppy open mouthed kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth forcing her to taste the beer he must have had, and the cigarette he had smoked.

Before she could do anything herself Tadase was ripped away from her and Ikuto pushed him up against the fridge. Forearm across his throat and knee pushing into Tadase's thigh making him immobile as Ikuto ground his teeth together.

"Don't you dare, ever touch her again you filthy drunken fuck." face scrunching in concentration as he tried not to vomit and gag at the putrid smell that was coming from the boy in front of him.

"L-let go of me! Who the hell are you?" Tadase's voice weak as his windpipe was being crushed, legs trying to kick out at Ikuto.

"I'm your worse fucking nightmare. How dare you come back here, let alone put your hands on her." Tadase grabbed Ikuto's arm that was over his throat and started to pull, wheezing out that he couldn't breathe.

"I-Ikuto… let him go, y-your killing h-him." Amu's tear stricken face coming into Ikuto's line of sight as she moved over and grabbed his arm, tears sliding down her face and pleasing expression as she asked him to stop killing Tadase several more times.

Ikuto let Tadase go right away and took a step back as Amu grabbed him still crying. "P-please… don't hurt people."

Ikuto slowly wrapped his arms around her shoulders, wondering what pissed him off so much about the blonde to make him want to kill the boy, and why the heck he couldn't control his anger for that few moments that it took him to begin crushing the teen's windpipe.

"Y-you tried to kill me!" Tadase looked absolutely scandalized as he got up and pointed at Ikuto, almost horrified when Ikuto stepped forward threateningly and hissed.

"Get out of here before I throw you out. Now." with a terrified expression at the fact that Ikuto's eyes shone a harsh electric blue color Tadase made his way out of the Hinamori house as quick as possible.

"W-why did you hurt him so badly?" Ikuto shook his head, keeping his glare trained in the doors direction as he tightened his arms slightly on Amu, keeping her close to his chest.

"I don't know why. I'm sorry… it just, angered me seeing him kissing you. And the fact that he reaked of beer and drugs just pissed me off more." Amu nodded into his chest before taking a deep breath of his fresh mint sent that was natural for him "You should probably go for your shower… I'm going to go to bed, um… the guest room is really Ami's toy room, I guess the couch would be-"

"Nah, I'll just sleep on the floor in your room. Here." Ikuto ran his hands down Amu's back and hooked his fingers under her knees, lifting her up so she was wrapping her legs around his waist as he turned for the stairs, her head moving to his shoulder as he walked, having him feel her wet tears hitting his bare shoulder.

Amu knew that Ikuto liked her, thanks to her spying she could figure that out, but she couldn't help but to not be embarrassed around him at that moment, something just felt safe about being around him whenever hew as human, even when he was a cat she felt safe.

Ikuto carried her into her bedroom and set her down on her bed before standing up slightly and kissing her forehead "Alright… try and get some sleep, I'll be in after my shower, don't worry about the blankets, I know where they are." Amu just nodded her head and crawled under the blankets, getting comfortable as her eyes drooped, feeling that familiar safety that Ikuto had made her sleepy so late at night.


Amu woke up much warmer then she thought she might, feeling something hard behind her she smiled slightly and snuggled deeper into the warmth that felt so much like a person, her arm feeling what she figured was one of her stuffed animals she still had and cuddling it closer to her chest.

"Mmm, morning Amour." the gently purred words in her ear made her freeze, as her hand explored what she realized wasn't a stuffed animal crushed against her breasts, and as she noticed it was Ikuto's arm circling around her from behind.

"Ah! You pervert!" Amu sat up and spun around, hitting Ikuto on the head a couple times before he covered his head whining "But it was cold on the floor last night! I could have gotten sick… and you're the one who grabbed my arm putting it around your waist last night… hey, stop hitting me."

He looked up at her with a slight smile as she stopped with a huff. Crossing her arms over her chest so he couldn't see anything with the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Ikuto smiled and wrapped his arms around her hips making sure to put his head on her upper thigh with a slight sigh "I'm sorry Amour… am I forgiven?"

"No… and stop calling me that, I don't even know what it means." Ikuto only smiled more and sat up giving her cheek a quick peck before hopping off the bed and leaving the room to go make some kind of breakfast for them.

Amu got into the shower as Ikuto stood in the kitchen thinking of a good idea for some kind of food to make for Amu, his beautiful Amour.

Getting an idea into his head Ikuto straightened up and launched himself forward and he started rummaging through the cupboards looking for the right stuff for him to make his master idea for his darling Amu.

"Ikuto? Your human again I see." Ikuto jumped almost out of his skin as Mr. Hinamori walked into the kitchen only slightly shocked.

"Uh, yes sir… hope you don't mind, but I'm making breakfast… would you like me to make some for everyone?" Mr. Hinamori nodded his head with a kind smile.

"Why yes, I think our family would like that." Ikuto nodded as he turned back to the stove, getting the element up to temperature and getting a large bowl out of the upper cupboard so he could mix what he needed together.

"Uh, Mr. Hinamori… remember how I mentioned before that, I'm old fashioned in may ways…"

Looking up Mr. Hinamori looked at Ikuto's back as he continued working over the stove, eyebrow raised as he answered "Yes Ikuto… I remember."

"Well… I'd like to ask your permission to pursue a relationship with Amu, if it wouldn't be too bold." Mr. Hinamori raised both eyebrows as Ikuto turned around and looked at her father as sinserly as possible.

"Well, you are definably much older then my daughter… and undead. But truly, I have no problem with it, and now adays girls usually decide their own boyfriends… I don't believe in arranged marriages or anything like that." Ikuto gave a smile and nodded his head before turning back towards the stove.

"Do you know how many pieces of French toast your going to want?" Mr. Hinamori answered Ikuto's questions before letting Ikuto know that if he needed anything to just go into the living room and get someone.


Amu came bouncing down the stairs after her shower, bright smile on her face as she skipped into the kitchen to be greeted with a plate of hot French Toast Ikuto held out for her. "Here you go Amu." he gave her a smile as she took the plate and walked over to the island, setting it down and starting to eat.

"Thank you Ikuto… I didn't know you could cook." a slight blush marring her face as she smirked at him.

"Shhh, mums the word about being able to cook Amour." his voice dropping back down to a low purr as he spoke his new nickname for her.

"What does that even mean? and why do you keep calling me that Ikuto." he only gave a smile as he shrugged, grabbing a plate filled with French toast for his own, already having given everyone in Amu's family a plate.

"It means nothing bad I promise… so, do you have any plans for today?" Amu nodded her head as she swallowed another mouthful of French toast.

"Yeah, Kukai, Utau, Rima, and Neghiko, wanted me to go to the mall with them, something about showing off me in that new mini skirt in front of Tadase on his date or something."

Ikuto gave a smirk as he set his elbows on the island and looked Amu in the eyes "Well, we could always be on a triple date… I have noticed that your friends are kind of all hooked up. It'd make you less of a fifth wheel and it'd give another reason for Tadase to be pissed… and I just really don't trust the guy after last night."

Amu's face flushed a bright red as Ikuto leaned forward so he face was right in front of hers. "Or… we could ditch your friends, and go on an actual date… you, me, a movie… or this really nice place I know that's kind of a secret."

"How about we keep something like that for after I get this human thing permanent? After my shower I looked back at a page in the spell book that fell off my bookcase, and I think I found the spell that the old witch used to change you… and if I know the spell that she used it wont be nearly as hard to find a spell to undo it or a potion that I could make. But as far as I can tell, the closer range you stay to a large magical source- a constant large magical source you'll be fine. So if you stay close to me, it should be fine and we wont have to freak out about you turning back into a cat in the middle of public or anything. And of course your coming, we need to get you a wardrobe don't we?"

Ikuto just gave her a smile, taking in all the information with a smile as he grabbed his glass of milk and nodded "Sounds wonderful Amu… so, it's a date?"

"No. I'd like an actual date to be something better then walking around a mall buying you clothes and making that cheating- yeah… not today. Like I said; after we get this whole human thing permanent for you."

Ikuto grabbed their empty plates and put them down into the sink and putting water over them so the sticky syrup wouldn't stay on the plates and turn hard.

"Alright… whelp, I'm good to go whenever you are." Amu nodded and stood up, stretched and headed towards the door with Ikuto trailing slightly behind him.

Ikuto could only smirk in the mall, he had pulled Amu into his lap as they all sat down in the food court. Tadase looked scandalized when he looked over and saw Ikuto whispering into Amu's ear and making her giggle. He had gotten enough clothes to last him a while.

He had changed into one of his new sets, his tight long sleeved shirt pulling over his lean muscles and his tight black jeans hugging his legs nicely, new accessories including; several chocker necklaces, a couple wrist bands, and enough chains to wrap his body twice.

"So, have you figured out what Amour means Amu?" she shook her head, giggling stopping as she just looked at his deep blue eyes blushing. "Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually… but you know that you'll be cheating if you ask anyone, right Amour?" she nodded with a slight sigh before breaking eye contact and grabbing her chocolate shake.

"So Amu… dating your family friend now?" Kukai giving her a wild smirk as Utau punched his arm. "Hey! I have a right to ask! She's like my own flesh and blood you know!" his smile widening as he wrapped his arm around his girlfriends waist pulling her bright smiling face closer.

"No, not yet. We've decided to wait a few days or weeks… kinda to see if it will actually work before we make it official… don't mind, do you big brother?" Kukai shrugged before looking Ikuto seriously in the eye and warning.

"Don't you dare, break her heart Ikuto… or else I'm pretty sure we'll all come and get you." Ikuto nodded with a serious expression before everyone at the table broke out into laughter, Ikuto wrapping his arms around Amu's waist as he set his chin on her shoulder.

"Thank you all for helping me pick out the clothes by the way, I cant believe that the plane lost my luggage like some cheap TV show or movie." no one really minded so they all shrugged and gave a nonchalant 'your welcome' before going back to their conversations.

Ikuto let out a sigh after a few minutes, wondering why all of Amu's friends like just sitting around looking at a computer screen, or reading books. "Amu… I'm going to grab a book and head up onto the roof… want to join me?" he looked over and noticed her shake her head in the negative.

"Not really right now Ikuto. Maybe in a few." Ikuto nodded and stood up, grabbing the spell book he had last stopped on and walked over to her balcony.

"What are you doing Ikuto? don't you get onto the roof by the hatch to the attic?" Rima looking at him as if he was insane, with her bright eyes looking at him from over Nadehiko's shoulder.

"Nah, too many steps when I can just climb up." Ikuto gave a smile as he climbed up onto the railing and set the book onto the shingling before pulling himself up with a slight huff, wondering why Amu thought doing nothing like her friends was something more interesting then going for a walk, or going to a museum, maybe even going to the park and just sitting on the swings in his lap.

He didn't like the fact that Amu hadn't bookmarked the page, but had just told him which book the spell was in, so with a sigh he began reading from the last spell he had read and continued, not even half way through the book.

"Man… I just don't feel like talking today. Wonder what's happened to me Kukai… it just doesn't feel the same without Ikuto sitting beside me."

"Didn't you have a cat named Ikuto?" Kukai wondering how many cats Amu had gone through in the last year alone.

Amu quickly shook her head "No, I haven't had another cat since Su. But what does this have to do with me wanting Ikuto around all the time?" Ikuto heard a scoff from Kukai before a slight eek from Amu as Kukai gave her head a noogie.

"My little sister… geeze, your are about as stupid as the say we met. Figure it out Amu… but I'll give you a hint, Amour, if a French word." Kukai walked back into Amu's room, leaving her on the balcony thinking as best she could.

"I wonder… does it mean shortie?"

"Wrong!" Ikuto looked at her from over the edge of the roof with a smile as Amu jumped.

"Ikuto! What-what are you doing up there?"

"I said I was going out on the roof. Anyhow, can you tell me which page the spell you found was on? I don't feel like reading through the entire volume." Amu nodded, face flushed a bright red as she leaned back against the railing with a slight sigh.

"It was on page four-fifty-eight. Um, you didn't-"

"Hear you and Kukai? Yeah I did. But don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually Amour." his voice dropping down to that low seductive purr again as he said his nickname for her.

"Why cant you just tell me what it means? Its not like its my fault that you know more languages then anyone should Ikuto." he just gave a smirk before vanishing from her line of sight as he got comfortable back on the roof so he could find an permanent antidote for the spell that old hag had used against him.

"Fine, I'm going to my French English dictionary right now to find out the meaning for that word!" Amu stomped back into her room, passed her friends amused expressions as she grabbed the book and sat down on her bed with a huff.

"Hey guys… maybe we should leave her to find out what Amour means… all in favor?" Rima looked around as everyone raised their hands and gave a nod "Alright then. We'll see you tomorrow Amu." Amu just gave a short wave as she turned the pages looking for the word, angered at the fact that it was a English to French dictionary and not the other way around.

"Stupid book! Why cant you have both halves of the stupid puzzle I'm working with!" her metaphor sounding odd to her own ears as she flipped pages after page reading the French meanings.


It took a while, but as Ikuto finally found the spell he let out a slight whoop before grabbing the book and sliding off the roof, turning towards Amu's bedroom to find her still looking through the dictionary.

"Amu, I found it… the counter spell- well, its more of a potion then a spell." Amu looked up with a glare, she had been looking at the same page for a while now, reading the definition over and over again to make sure that she was reading the right thing.

"You spell that A.M.U.O.R. right Ikuto?" Ikuto nodded as he walked over, setting the spell book down and pointing to the potion and the list of ingredients and the right steps to make it correctly.

"Yeah, now if you read this part right here it says we need something called a Patty-Bloom. And I flipped to the back of the book and discovered that those are flower that can only be found on cliffs in magical districts… and as far as I know there has been no such district in over one thousand years."

"It means love."

"Yes, yes Amour means- what?" Ikuto's eyes going wide as Amu looked at him with her head tilted, legs crossed in front of her and eyes wide in confusion.

"Amour means love… doesn't it? that's what the book says." Ikuto couldn't help the slight blush that covered his face, he hadn't thought that she'd get it quite that quickly.

"Well yeah, of course it means love… I couldn't possibly call you something like shortie… could I? Now back to the potion, we-"

"Why did you give me that nickname?"

Ikuto just shrugged as he got up and walked over to the bookcase grabbing another book of magical places of ancient. "Because… I thought it'd be fun?" Ikuto's trying to dodge the topic, not knowing what she was thinking about him at all at that moment.

Amu got up, looking at him with a stern face as he walked around her and over to the bed before sitting down and starting to flip through pages. Amu grabbed his face and pulled him so he was looking directly at her. "Tell me Ikuto. Why did you give me that nickname?"

Without really thinking Ikuto moved his head forward and planted his lips on Amu's. She let out a gasp and let go of his face, giving him opportunity to gently cup her face as he deepened the kiss for a moment.

Breaking the short kiss Ikuto looked at Amu for a moment with slightly lidded eyes, noticed her deep red blush. "Because it reflects my emotions to the letter." his voice just above a whisper as he lowered his hand from her cheek.

"B-but… we don't even know each other well enough to say something like that!" Amu's face deep red as she looked around the room, trying not to look at his eyes that she knew would captivate her.

"I've been through a lot alright? And I've never had a connection with anyone quite like how I feel for you. I'm not going to pressure you into saying anything like it alright? I just want to let you know that the feelings are true… but I really wouldn't mind getting back to the thought of finding the right supplies for the potion so I can stay human for hopefully a while… possibly a lifetime." Amu blushed before nodding her head, trying not to think of the kiss that had just taken place.

"Anyhow Amu, the only ingredient I don't know is Patty-Bloom… and it says magical places are the only place you can find them. But like I said, I haven't know of any place like that for over a thousand years." Amu nodded grabbing the book of magical places around the world and she stared flipping through pages trying to get to her country.

"These places really are all gone… how in the world are we going to find a Patty-Bloom if it has to be on a cliff in a magical place?" Amu groaned falling face first into her mattress as her father passed the door.

"Amu darling… did you just say a Patty-Bloom?" propping herself up on her elbows Amu nodded with a huff. As her father took a few steps into her room to look at the books the two teens had open on the bed.

"Yes dad. But all the places to find one are filled in with office buildings or just gone in general. Do you have any idea where we might find some?"

"Of course sweetie… this was supposed to wait until your power level was higher, but since its for a potion for Ikuto here; there is a cliff just to the east a few miles, and it had a cave that leads to Patty-Blooms… the only place in the world to get them. Our family has guarded the field and given Patty-Blooms to wizards who need them for a long time. We cultivate them and make sure that the field doesn't run out." Amu gave her father a smile as she sat up.

"So if I get the Patty-Blooms you'll make the potion for Ikuto?" her smile lighting up her face as her dad only nodded kindly. "Of course dear… but you cant let Ami know what your doing… and you need to baby sit her tonight for your mother and I."

"Yay I love you daddy!" Amu hopped off the bed and gave her father a large hug, not really caring that Ikuto was chuckling behind her at the fact she was acting like a five year old. "I'll get that Patty-Bloom and I'll watch Ami, promise."

"Alright… just make sure to read all about Patty-Blooms before you go out there tonight… there is a book in my study about them if you want." Amu nodded an let her dad go as she skipped out of the room to his study so she could grab the book.

"Ikuto… you cant let her go. Its too dangerous for her power level to be there on her own, and someone really has to watch Ami tonight- her powers are going to act up a bit because of the candy she got into. don't let Amu leave for the field on her own, alright?" Ikuto nodded with a stern expression.

"Understood Mr. Tsugumu. I'll go after the Patty-Bloom for Amu." giving a nod Mr. Hinamori turned and walked back down the hall as if nothing had happened.

"Alright Ikuto! I got the book, lets start-"

"Amu dear, Ikuto darling! Come down here please!" Midori calling up from the bottom of the stairs.

"Alright mom!" Amu vanished from her bedroom leaving Ikuto as he grabbed up the books, making sure to memorize their page numbers.

"Amu, Ikuto darling, we need the two of you to watch Ami tonight. Your father and I decided that we need a date and just kind of felt like salsa dancing " Ikuto nodded, walking over to the couch and setting down the books before walking back over to Amu and taking the book on Patty-Blooms.

"Hey Ikuto! Give it back I-"

"Amu, it only makes sense that I go. Your dad already said it was a cliff and I cant die. I'll read up on the flowers and go out and get them. It'll be perfectly fine, promise." Amu just rolled her eyes turning back to her smiling parents as Ikuto plopped down opening the book and starting to read over the pages quicker then most people, his eyes just skimming over the letters really and his mind taking in every single letter.


He really didn't know what his mind was thinking when he sad he'd do it, other then the fact that yeah, it'd be much safer then her going climbing down a cliff when he was undead, possibly, he still didn't know if he could die when he transformed into a human.

With a sigh Ikuto moved his hand down a bit and got ready to move his foot before the new spot he had chosen for his hand made it slip, putting all his weight onto his one foot and one hand still gripping a sharp rock.

"Ow! Shit this hurts!" Ikuto moved his free hand over to a tree root and tested the strength of it before moving again, getting that much closer to the cave entrance. "Stupid… damn flowers, I swear, if I ever have to find another damn Patty-Bloom I'm going to jump off this cliff." his voice nothing but a low grumble as he started to move faster, getting the hang of how to place his feet and where to grab with his hands. "I love you opposable thumbs… I love you so much." his grimace turning into a smile as he thought about the fact that if he did this they would be there to stay.

Feeling his foot slip Ikuto gasped, ready to feel the familiar sensation of falling before his hands caught him, allowing him to look down and see that it was the cave entrance that his foot had slid into. "Alright… almost home free."

With the grace of a cat once again Ikuto slid into the cave entrance and looked around the dark cavern, feeling his heart thumping in his chest as his mind remembered the gnomes that the Hinamori's had protecting the Patty-Blooms… he hated gnomes, they weren't cute garden ornaments like everyone though, more like ugly little people who needed anger management sessions with an overpaid psychologist.

"Alright… now, all I have to do is outsmart the-"

"Hello cat-boy!" Ikuto froze as the pair of small beady, yellow eyes glared at him from the darkness.

"Cat-boy? Really, the ears are gone." Ikuto pointed to the top of his head before feeling the fur covered ears and he let out a sigh. "Nevermind. Listen, I need to get a Patty-Bloom, so if you don't mind I'm just going to-"

"No way thief-cat! You're not getting a single one of these patty-Blooms… if I have to I'll skin the cat with my bare hands." Ikuto stood up straight, looking down at the small little big nosed gnome, glaring at the white hair under the pointy hat that he was starting to hate.

"How about we just see you try it gnome… I've gotten passed hundreds of you things before… as a cat." Ikuto stopped for a moment, wondering why he was bothering to talk to the stupid gnome before just hopping forward and over the gnome, getting ready to fight it off as he grabbed the Patty-Blooms he'd need.

Amu just sighed, she had finally gotten Ami to go to sleep and had turned the TV on, wondering if she should use the house phone to give her cell- with Ikuto -a call and see how he was doing.

Reaching over ready to dial her number the door burst open and Ikuto ran through before slamming it shut again huffing and puffing, holding the door shut with his body weight.

"Ikuto! What happened to you? Are you alright?" Ikuto nodded "Y-yeah… just fine… the gnome followed me home though." Amu just gave a nod as she stood up and walked over to the door.

Amu pulled it open and looked down at the ugly little gnome before yelling "Its me! Now shut up and go back to your cave you stupid gnome!" without caring about what the gnome did next Amu slammed the door shut on the gnome and turned back towards the couch, ready to fall asleep now that she knew Ikuto was back and safe.

"What do I do with this Amu?" Ikuto held up the Patty-Bloom for Amu to see, and when her eyes were trained on it she let out a sigh, loving the look of the magical glowing flower, there in Ikuto's hands. Glowing red and indigo roses, accompanied by glowing berries and a shimmer that just made it shine with how much magical properties the flower held.

"In a vase I guess." Ikuto nodded and set the Patty-Blooms down inside the vase that Amu had pointed to.

"Alright, I'm going to go up for a shower, then I'm going to sleep. Hope you don't mind." Amu shook her head as Ikuto climbed the stairs and Yoru hopped up on her lap.

"Ah! Yoru… when did you get in here?" Yoru just tilted his head 'Ami let me in two days ago… you've been too busy with Ikuto to notice me though.'

"Was not! I don't thin of Ikuto like that."

'I never said you- wait! Amu, you can hear me?' Amu nodded "Of course… I could hear you for a while, I just never answered you before because you never said anything worth while."

Yoru just glared at her for a minute before hopping on her chest and pushing his head into her chin. 'You're a big meanie Amu… I love you.' she just gave a smile petting him "Yeah, yeah… all cats do." she just smiled as Yoru started to purr on her chest, making them both fall asleep with the soothing feeling that just seemed right for each of them. "I guess I found my black cat… well, kitten."

"Amu… Amu, wake up Amu… I have some news for you." Amu opened her eyes to see Ikuto's face almost right in front of her and shook her head, hitting their noses together as she moved. "Nooooo, too tired Ikuto… let me sleep."

"But Amu, I'm not dead. isn't that great? You dad made the potion last night when they got back… I'm a normal human! And I didn't turn into dust!" Amu's eyes shot open and she sat up, glad that Ikuto moved back so they didn't bump heads. "Are you serious?"

Ikuto nodded with a smile. "Yeah, that was the only possible threat, and I'm here… I didn't turn into dust… we don't know if I'm still immortal or not… but I'm alive!"

Amu's face turned bright red in anger before she smacked him "How in the hell could you do that! You got my dad to make the potion for you, and you don't even wake me up to tell me! You could have died and then I just wouldn't have been able to say goodbye! How could you do that to me?" tears running down Amu's cheeks as she curled her legs up to her chest.

"Amu… I figured me just going through with it would be better… I didn't think you cared that much Amu."

"Of course I care! How the hell could you think that I don't care! Your must think I'm a terrible person!" Ikuto just gave her a smile as he gave her cheek a soft peck.

"I know you care… its just hard to get you to say it. Anyhow… we get that date now, right?" Amu just looked up before getting ready to punch Ikuto again, his smirk covering his face as he got ready to dodge.


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