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"Well…here it is!" Mr. Akiyama said, parking the rented car in the parking lot of the apartment complex. Having done his respective part, he pulled his iPhone out of his pocket and started a game of some sort, bored.

Mio stared at her new home.

The apartments were beautiful—they had been built recently in an old abandoned lot, so the apartments looked as if no person had ever touched them. Cherry blossom trees were scattered around and the blossoms seemed to dance majestically in the air as they fell. There was around twenty or so separate rooms, and the complex itself was huge—its width seemed equivalent to five or six houses lined up in a straight line.

There were several plazas close enough to walk to, which included a movie theater, fast food places, some fancy restraunts, and many clothing stores. There wasn't a freeway nearby and the closest street wasn't a very busy one.

"I hope this meets your needs, Mio. There's a camping ground on the far side of the complex, a few miles away, some nice looking trees, and a mountain you can hike up that has an amazing view apparently," Mr. Akiyama told his amazed daughter, without looking up from his phone. "There's a bedroom, a small room for whatever purpose you decide to use it for, a kitchen, and a living room, as well as a back patio where people can sit and relax."

Mio opened the rental car door and stepped out, still staring at the apartments. Truthfully, she had expected her parents to buy her a cheap rundown apartment, but she was obviously wrong.

The entire place had a very calming and welcoming feeling to it—Mio almost felt as though she had been here for a long time, even though she had just arrived.

Mr. Akiyama continued to tap on his phone, stretching his legs in the rental car and opening a window to let some air in. "You should start unloading some of the boxes in the back, the Tainakas are on their way—ah, there they are."

Mio had her back to the entrance of the parking lot, starting to unload the first heavy box of many. A short but loud honk announced the arrival of the Tainaka family, and Mr. Tainaka took a risky quick and sharp turn into the parking space next to the Akiyama's rented car.

Mr. Tainaka rolled down the window of the passenger side of the car casually, grinning as Ritsu fought with her seatbelt to get out of the car. "Yo! How ya been?"

"Hello. I've been just fine, and you?" Mr. Akiyama responded respectfully, still not looking up from his phone. He seemed to type even faster.

"You can call me by my first name, Norio." Mr. Tainaka said, his grin expanding, putting his hands behind his head and stretching.

There was a pause. "Fine, Hiroki." Mr. Akiyama sighed. "But we're not in high school anymore."

Mr. Tainaka's grin never left his face. "I know! But it still feels like we're living the dream! Two children, one going off to university, not too much work, a beautiful wife—this is the life, Nor!"

Mr. Akiyama's face heated up, in a way very similar to Mio. "I thought you grew out of that nickname in senior year."

Meanwhile, as both fathers talked, both of the Tainaka children had bounded out of the car.

Ritsu narrowed her amber eyes as the bright sun shone directly into them. She had her hair held back by a strikingly yellow headband—as usual—and was dressed in casual clothes, shorts and a V neck—finally ditching the boring school uniform. "Mio-chuaaannn~!"

Satoshi followed slowly, suddenly finding the license plate of his father's car extremely interesting.

Mio turned just as Ritsu ran up to her. Wrapping her arms around the bassist, Ritsu hugged Mio energetically. Mio felt like her internal organs were being squeezed out of her. "Idiot, you're going to squeeze the life out of me." Mio said sternly, but hugged Ritsu back not as tightly.

Mio was aware Ritsu was pushed up against her, of the drummer's strong arms wrapped around her body, and the tickle of tawny locks brushing against her shoulder. If it was possible, Mio felt even calmer than she had been before.

However, Ritsu's eyes widened, and she let go after the bassist returned her hug to stare at the bassist. Mio raised an eyebrow and lamely let her outstretched arms fall to her sides. "What?" Mio felt like she was shrinking under Ritsu's stare, even though she was taller.

"Since when do you return hugs, Mio?" Ritsu questioned, stroking her chin and eying her friend.

Mio felt her face redden a bit.

Mio returned hugs whenever they were given to her, but she couldn't remember the last time she had hugged Ritsu, or the last time Ritsu had hugged her. Maybe on graduation day...or was that Yui? Mio thought to herself.

Ritsu had never really been that into hugs—although she could remember some times as children when Ritsu would run up to her and give a bone breaking hug for no apparent reason. But Ritsu had grown out of that. Didn't she?

Mio was neutral on hugs in general anyway—she didn't hate them, but she wasn't a huge fan of them either. She let friends hug her—they just kind of demanded it peacefully—her parents, and her parents' friends.

But Ritsu's hug—she didn't want it to end, it was calming and relaxing and made her feel at ease…

Why am I suddenly enjoying hugs? Much less Ritsu's hugs!

It had felt like an instinct, something to do right away.

It must mean I'm finally getting used to her being around. It has been years, anyway.

Mio shook her head and glared at her friend. "I lost my balance because a certain airhead ran into me," she stated calmly, turning around and starting to unload another box. Ritsu, losing her accusing stare, pretended to be surprised and looked around in an exaggerated way. "Airhead? Where's Yui?"

One glare from Mio sent Ritsu back to her respective vehicle to begin unpacking.

"M-Mio-san…" Satoshi stuttered, walking past his sister with a face resembling a tomato. "Uh…I-I made s-something for you…" Blushing, he pulled the small box out of his jeans pocket and held it with shaking hands.

Mio turned around in surprise—Ritsu had talked about Satoshi having a crush on her, but she had thought Ritsu was lying. Siblings like to tease each other, don't they?

Looking at Satoshi, his blushing face, eyes that refused to look at her directly, and shaking hands, Mio realized how much he resembled his sister.

Of course, Ritsu rarely blushed, always looked people directly in the eye, and was always brave and fearless—in public. Satoshi was almost the exact opposite of his sister—it was almost like he was a male version Ritsu's opposite.

Suddenly, a blushing Ritsu popped into Mio's head. She had her hair down, bangs covering her large forehead, amber eyes darting around, never looking at one spot for longer than a second. Her cheeks were pink, and she twiddled her thumbs nervously. "H-Hello…" Ritsu stuttered, blushing even more.

Satoshi became very worried when Mio began to hit her head against her car. "M-Mio-san? Are you alright?" Satoshi began to tremble even more.

Mio stopped hitting her head and blushed. "A-Ah…sorry."

"I-I hope you like it, M-Mio-san." Satoshi said quickly, and held out the black box, which Mio took cautiously—who knew, Ritsu could've sent Satoshi prank her.

"Ah, thank you Satoshi-kun," Mio answered respectfully, smiling at the poor boy. "I'm busy at the moment, but I'll look at it later, I promise. Thank you again!"

Satoshi let out a breath he wasn't even aware he was holding in and walked quickly back to his car, leaving Mio to her work. Ritsu had unloaded half the boxes already, and was quickly unloading more. "Don't hurt yourself, onee-chan," Satoshi stated plainly, leaning against the side of the car and watching his sister unload boxes.

"Oh, shut up." Ritsu answered, and put down the box she was unloading. "I-I hope you like it, M-Mio-san…" Ritsu said, impersonating her brother in a high voice and batting her eyelashes.

"Shut up! I don't sound like that!"

Mio listened to the two siblings bicker on and on, and then looked at her father, who was now in a friendly conversation with Mr. Tainaka, who seemed to be very excited about something. Her father's eyes were still glued to his phone, nonetheless.

There was a loud and distracting groan that seemed to echo across the apartment parking lot. "Finally! Done!" Ritsu announced, punching the air victoriously. All the boxes in her car had been unpacked in record time—Mio wondered if she had bionic arms or something.

Suddenly, Mio became aware of a hand waving in front of her face. She blinked and pushed the hand out of her sight. "Earth to Mioooo…" came Ritsu's voice, sounding slightly annoyed. "E-Eh? Oh…sorry, zoned out a little there," Mio stuttered, avoiding the drummer's gaze.

A rough hand grasped her upper arm. Mio tensed, only to meet Ritsu's golden eyes. "You alright there? The great Mio doesn't usually zone out unless she's being forced to sing in front of a gazillion people…"

Mio knew that her cheeks were probably turning red, but all she was aware of was Ritsu's hand on her arm. She never realized Ritsu had such a rough hand—callused and rough—yet gentle and soft at the same time.

"I just was staring at how beautiful the scenery is," Mio said lamely. Mio thanked the gods when Ritsu took her hand off her arm, looking at her with a raised eyebrow before grinning. "Yeah. They have some pretty nice trees, huh? We should invite Yui, Mugi, and Azusa sometime!"

"We're only moving in and you're already thinking of inviting people over?"

Ritsu pouted. "Well, it could be a settling in occasion…"

Just as Mio opened her mouth to respond, there was a loud and quick whistle. "Oi, you two! You should start bringing your stuff inside your apartment and not stay here all day!" Satoshi yelled, leaning on the Tainaka's car.

Ritsu ran over to her car, leaving Mio to unload her own boxes by herself. "You're not gonna help your superiors bring their stuff in?" Ritsu complained, staring at Satoshi, who was starting a game on his DS.

"Mmm…nope. I've gotta beat a lot more levels before I can get to the boss."

Ritsu scoffed as she picked up the first box of many. "That's too bad. We could use some help. Especially Mio. She can barely drag a box over to the flight of stairs."

"Yeah, well—wait. Mio-san needs help with boxes?"

Ritsu picked up a box and started walking away. "Yeah, but…you obviously don't care. Go back to your game."

Satoshi closed his DS and shoved it in his pocket, eyes shining. "I-I'll help!"

Immediately turning away from his sister, Satoshi walked over to Mio, who was struggling with a heavy box. Trying not to seem too desperate, he coughed. "N-Need some help, Mio-san?" Satoshi asked, smiling.

Mio looked at the boy once, and then focused on lifting the box. "Ah, no thanks Satoshi-kun. I'm alright. But could you tell your sister to get a move on and start bringing the boxes up?" With that, Mio finally picked up the box and began to walk to the apartments.

Satoshi kept his smile on his face and turned around to walk back to his sister. Ritsu picked up another box and grinned at her brother. "She turned your help down, didn't she?"

Satoshi took his DS out of his jacket pocket, grumbling. Ritsu's grin became larger. "I never said she would accept your help. I only said she struggles with heavy boxes."

Turning around and leaving her brother to grumble to himself, Ritsu began the small journey from the parking lot to the actual apartments. Mr. Tainaka opened the door of his car and climbed out, stretching.

"Hey, Ritsu! Your apartment is 1G!" he yelled out.

Ritsu turned around. "Where's that?"

"On the second floor." Mr. Akiyama said, climbing out of his car as well and watching his daughter struggle with a heavy box. "Tell us if you need help, alright? Hey, Rakui. Did you watch the game last night?"

Ritsu climbed up the stairs and down the hall to apartment 1G, where she set down her box. Dusting her hands, Ritsu jumped down the stairs and walked back to her own car.

"R-Ritsu! Wait!" Mio called out. "I-I can't drag this one up there…"

Ritsu turned around, grinning as usual. There was another thunk, a louder one, as Ritsu set down that box, and she jumped back down the stairs with a grin still on her face. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

"Oh…shut up. That box was really heavy."

"Would you like some help with the other oh so heavy boxes?" Ritsu asked, looking Mio directly in the eye.

"Only the ones that are really heavy, the other ones I can handle."

"I wonder if you've ever truly grown up, Mio."

"…Do you feel like being knocked unconscious?"

Nevertheless, both girls walked back to their respective vehicle and began to drag boxes—in Mio's case—to the flight of stairs, where Ritsu would carry the boxes up the stairs and Mio would set the exceptionally heavy boxes down at the bottom.

The sun still shone brightly and high in the sky by the time the two girls were finished unloading. Soon, there was a barricade of brown boxes in front of their new apartment. Ritsu flexed. "Oh Mio, if only you worked out or played the drums…you wouldn't be such a wimp."

Mio dropped the last box she had squarely on Ritsu's foot. "Oops. It slipped."

As Ritsu whimpered, clutching her foot and treating it like a dying child, Mr. Tainaka walked over to them, Ritsu's personal backpack in hand, as Mr. Akiyama following behind—eyes still glued to his phone. "Nice job. You could've asked for help if you wanted to…"

Mio stared at the ground.

"Anyway, wanna see your apartment now?" Mr. Tainaka grinned, taking a pair of keys out of his pocket and tossing them to Mio.

Somehow, Ritsu miraculously made a full recovery and intercepted the keys before Mio could attempt to catch them. "Too slow! C'mon, Mio, let's see our apartment!" Ritsu dragged Mio up the stairs to the first floor and down the hall to the place they would now call home. Mio felt her hands shaking with excitement, and she was sure Ritsu could feel it. "Ritsu! Your backpack!" Mr. Tainaka called after them, but Ritsu ignored—or perhaps didn't hear him.

Ritsu dragged Mio down the hall, nearly knocking down an old lady on a walker. To Mio, the world seemed to fly by in a colorful blur. She came to a stop at 1G. "Ok! Let's see what's inside!" Ritsu announced, fumbling to put the key in the door.

Ritsu let go of Mio to do so, and Mio stuffed her hands in her jeans pocket. Her hands were warm. "Damn…lock…" Ritsu growled, trying to turn the key in the stiff lock. Mio sighed and pushed Ritsu out of the way. "Give me the keys."

Ritsu stuck out her bottom lip and furrowed her brow. "No, I got this!" She attempted to turn the key a few more times, before giving up. Mio sighed and tried to turn the key herself, and after a bit of wrestling with the lock, the key turned in the lock with a click.

Ritsu grinned. "Awesome! Now, Mio, open the door with me."

"I thought you wanted to."

Ritsu grinned. "It's our apartment, not just mine! Now c'mon, open the door!"

Mio put her hand next to Ritsu's on the door. "Okay, one…two…three!"

Both girls pushed open the door, and Ritsu ran ahead to look around, leaving Mio at the entrance. "Holy crap! It's amazing!" she called from inside. "Get in here, Mio!"

Mio followed inside, and her eyes widened.

Her father had definitely made the apartment seem as though it was a simple apartment—but this was far from simple.

There weren't very many rooms, but the size made it seem not too cramped. The walls in every room were painted a nice light shade of blue, and the walls seemed perfect—no chips or other damage done to them.

The apartment was laid out so that the entrance led directly to a decently sized living room. There were two doorways on the left and right side of the living room—one leads to the bedroom, the other to the study room, Mio guessed. The kitchen, a bit smaller than the living room, was visible from the living room, which was tucked against the back patio so the inhabitants could eat outside if they wished.

As she walked through the living room and into the kitchen, Mio realized the kitchen was beautiful as well, even though it was lacking a refridgerator and stove. The floor was polished wood, the countertops sparkling granite. There was a space big enough for a decent sized table between the living room and kitchen, and the layout was creative enough to make an even simple room design look amazing.

Ritsu was sitting on the floor in the vast living room, staring at the wall. As Mio entered the room, she pointed to a specific part of the wall. "The TV's going there."

Mio sighed. "Alright, and I suppose we could get a couch or chairs to fill the empty space."

Ritsu stood up and looked around. "The place looks really…empty. Guess we'll have to spice it up with some baby pictures~!" she looked at Mio with a sinister grin.

Mio blushed. "We should put yours up. You were a cute baby."

Mio watched the tips of Ritsu's ears turn red. "I was not—well; I was for a little bit. Satoshi ruined my cuteness by coming into the world."

"You blame everything on him, don't you?"

"Only the things he's responsible for."

Sighing, Mio grabbed Ritsu's sleeve and dragged her out of the living room. "Let's take a look at the bedroom, and then start bringing in some boxes."

Ritsu laughed. "Oh, someone's eager to get me into the bedroom…"

Ritsu found herself out of the apartment completely, standing by the boxes again in a second. "On second thought, you start bringing in the boxes. I'll look at the bedroom." Mio said, disappearing inside said room.

Ritsu grumbled and picked up a box, dragging it inside.

Mio was surprised at what she found in the bedroom.

Instead of a light shade of blue like the rest of the apartment, the walls were painted a light shade of gray. Mio walked around—it wasn't too big, not too small though. She mentally measured out the room, and decided it would be possible to fit two beds in, and a bureau.

There was a window on the left side of the room, the bright light mixing with the gray from the wall to make a swirl of yellow and gray. "We need curtains…" Mio looked around, rubbing her chin. "And a place to put all the stuff Ritsu's brought, most likely…"

Mio found her way to the closet door on the other side of the room, which was ajar, and peeked inside.


Mio screamed at the top of her lungs and ran back to the other side of the room, sitting down while shaking like a leaf and covering her eyes. Ritsu emerged from the closet, grinning broadly. "Gotcha."

Mio, however, didn't inflict a traumatic injury, but instead stayed on the other side of the room, shaking. "Mio? Hey. It's just me, you know…" Ritsu said soothingly, carefully walking to the other side of the room.

"Didn't see it, didn't hear it, didn't see it, didn't hear it…" Mio said robotically, repeating the words over and over. Ritsu sighed. "C'mon, Mio. It's just me!" Ritsu put her arms around Mio, in a feeble excuse for a hug, then pulled up, trying to get the black haired girl on her feet.

Mio felt completely limp in her arms, Ritsu realized, and looked for a place to set her down. Seeing no other place, Ritsu dropped Mio carefully and kneeled down beside her. "Mioooo~ it's okay, it's me, Ritsu, your best friend."

"R-Ritsu," Mio stuttered, and clung to Ritsu's shirt, hiding her face.

At this point, Ritsu wasn't sure what to do, so she awkwardly put one arm loosely around Mio—she had seen it in a movie; the other hand on Mio's head, stroking the black locks gently.

In the position they were in, Ritsu could hear Mio's erratic heartbeat pounding, and whispered soothing words into the bassist's ear. "It's ok, Mio, it's just me, Ritsu… It's ok…" Mio sniffed and continued to cling to Ritsu's shirt.

Ritsu was relieved when she heard Mio's heartbeat begin to calm down—she had done the right thing after all. Silently, Ritsu thanked Mio for dragging her to see cheesy romance movies with her.

There was an awkward silence, and then…

"R-Ritsu!" Mio screeched, wrenching herself out of Ritsu's grip and hitting the drummer squarely on the head. Ritsu fell to the ground, clutching her head. Any calmness between the two was immediately shattered.

"Hey, I thought I heard you two here," Mr. Tainaka said, still grinning, walking into the bedroom. "Ooh, nice. The place looks even cooler in real life."

He then seemed to notice Ritsu holding her head and Mio glaring at the drummer with all her fury, and chuckled. "Well, I'll leave you two to that. Ritsu, there's some money in your backpack for a meal, Nor—er, me and Mio's dad'll be chilling at a nearby arcade with Satoshi." He threw Ritsu's personal backpack at her feet, then walked back out, hands in his pockets.

Mio walked around the bedroom, examining the walls. "Well, wanna start unpacking? I unpacked a few already…" Ritsu stated, rubbing her head.

Mio sighed and turned around to face Ritsu. "What's the point? We don't have any furniture—wait, you started unpacking?"

"Only some small stuff, yeah. But we could get unpacking over with! It's boring. You always talk about doing things right away, don't you?"

"It would make things really messy and hard to get furniture in."

Ritsu grinned. "With me around, this place'll be messy anyway."



"No. I don't want to make our new apartment messy already."


"I just close my eyes and fall asleep on your deathbed, can you be resurrected~?"

Mio raised an eyebrow, looking at Ritsu from the corner of her eye.

Her best friend was drumming with her actual drumsticks—the only thing Mio had let her unpack—on a couple of unpacked boxes, and singing along to some song.

"What song is that, Ritsu?" Mio asked, wishing she could take her bass out as well—but no. Cleanliness. Bringing out musical equipment would make things cluttered—and Ritsu would beg to unload her drums as well—which were still unassembled in the Tainaka's car.

"Just some song I have on my iPod. I didn't pay attention to the name." Ritsu answered, and then sighed. "Mio, I'm bored."

"You could go look around," the bassist suggested, leaning against the living room wall.

Ritsu stood up. "Good idea. Watch my drumsticks." With that, the drummer ran off, eager to explore the apartment.

Mio picked up the drumsticks and examined them.

They were warm from Ritsu's grip.

There was a flush from somewhere on the right side of the living room, and Mio made a mental note to herself. Bathroom on right side, by the study room.

Curious, Mio tried drumming on the boxes like Ritsu had, trying to follow the beat Ritsu had played to, when there was a shout. "Mio! Guess what I found!"

"What?" Mio dropped the drumsticks like they were burning hot, and put them on the floor where Ritsu had set them.

"I found the game room!" came Ritsu's excited reply.

"The what?"

"The game room! Y'know, where games go." Ritsu ran out of the doorway leading to the study room and bathroom and over to her friend.

Mio sighed. "Oh, the spare room. That's not going to be a game room, it's going to be a study room."

Ritsu blinked. "But then, where will all my games go?"

"Do you honestly think you'll have time to play any games? We're in university now, Ritsu…"


"No buts. It's a study room. Alright?" Mio said in a final tone, staring directly at her friend.

Ritsu furrowed her brow. "What if it was a study and game room?" she said, stroking her chin.

"That would be terrible." Mio said stubbornly, standing up.

"But I could play games when you aren't studying, and you could study when I'm not playing games!" Ritsu yelled, putting her hands on Mio's shoulders and staring into the bassist's eyes. "It would work! I wouldn't die of boredom and you would study after all!"

"But when will you study?" the black haired girl responded, shrugging Ritsu's hands off her shoulders and walking into the hall that led to the study room. Ritsu followed. "Please, oh please, Mio ~?" Ritsu begged, whimpering.

"I'll think about it if you do well in first term."

Ritsu gasped. "But that's so long away!"

There was a pause, and Mio assumed Ritsu had given up. She walked into the study room, looking around and noting where everything could be placed.

Mio nearly fell over as Ritsu clung to her left leg in a surprise attack. "Please, please, please pleeeassee~? I promise I'll study! But I'll die without playing a game!"

Mio looked down at the drummer, who met her eyes with a puppy dog face.


Ritsu let go of Mio's leg and leaped for joy.

"However, there will be no playing in the morning, when we're supposed to be asleep, or when we're supposed to be studying. If I find you playing a game when you're not supposed to be, you can't play a game for a week."

"Three days."

"…Four days."

"Deal." Ritsu let go of Mio and punched the air in victory. "Woooo~! Let's remember to invite Yui, Azusa, and Mugi over sometime! I want them to see our awesome new apartment!"

Mio smiled. "We should. But first, we need furniture."

Ritsu ran back into the living room as if realizing something, leaving Mio in the study room alone. Mio raised an eyebrow as Ritsu came back with a magazine in her hand and backpack slung over her shoulder. "Look! I found a furniture catalogue in my room and thought it may be useful!"

Ritsu threw the catalogue at Mio, who barely caught it, then went back into the living room to collect her drumsticks. Mio looked at the cover of the catalogue—it seemed legitimate enough.

"The Furniture Warehouse, 'buy all your furniture for the cheapest prices anywhere.'"

Slightly interested, Mio opened the catalogue and flipped through.

Several things caught her eye. "Wow! These are really good prices!" Mio gushed, staring wide eyed at the catalogue. "We could save a lot of money by buying from here!"

Ritsu, having found her drumsticks, walked back into the study room and began air drumming while looking over Mio's shoulder. "Yeah. Oh! I folded a page full of stuff I thought you might like, Mio."

Flipping through some pages, Mio found the folded page and turned to it.

The page was full of cute toys, accessories, and other things for children, from carpeting to window curtains.

Ritsu had even been courteous and circled some things she thought Mio might want—by circling the entire page and drawing a smiley face.

Mio sighed. She had expected something scary, not cute—she guessed Ritsu had been feeling generous. "Cute. But we're going shopping soon. Very soon. And we're not buying any of this."

Ritsu stopped air drumming, and stood up to take the catalogue from Mio. "Aww, not even the pink and white polka dots bedding?"

"…" Mio threw the catalogue at Ritsu's face and walked out of the study room.

"Hey, Mio, wait! Can we get food? I'm starving!"


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