I'm rewriting this story because it was shit before.

"Please Hannah I really want to go; it would be such an amazing experience. I mean who all can say that they spent a year in the rainforest helping injured animals?" I asked for the thousandth time. "Plus it looks amazing on college applications. I could get scholarships because of it!"

"Scarlett, you know how much I hate to tell you no but who knows what's inside those forests. You could get some kind of disease from a bug and die or you could touch a plant and have to get your hand removed," Hannah shouted, throwing her hands up. "I didn't take custody of you after your parents died just so you could go off and get killed."

I rolled my eyes but before I could respond I heard a knock on the door. She looked at me and said, "Don't you go anywhere until I get back here."

I shouted back at her, "You won't let me go to a rainforest to help animals, you won't let me chain myself to a tree in protest, and you won't even let me fast; what can I do?"

She ignored me so I went to the front of the house to yell at her some more but I stopped in my tracks. There was a tall, muscular guy talking to Hannah but I didn't hear a word that they were saying all my attention was on the gorgeous guy standing behind them.

He was about 5'10 and had brown hair that was partially hidden underneath a brown beanie. He and the tall dude had a similar build so I assumed that they were related but I could be wrong. I moved closer to Hannah and waited for an introduction.

"This is my goddaughter Scarlett; Scarlett this is Trevor and Sean. They're here to see my late father," she explained taking my hand in hers. "I told them that he is no longer here."

I knew it was a sore subject for Hannah so I gestured over to the table in the middle of the kitchen. There were only two chairs so I let Hannah and Trevor sit down while I sat at the island. When Sean walked over to me and stood I couldn't hold in my laughter.

I pulled out the other stool and said, "You can sit here if you want; unless you just want to stand there."

He sat on the stool but I noticed he scooted it a little bit closer to me. His cheeks colored when he saw me looking at him; "Thanks."

We focused back in on Hannah and Trevor's conversation. "I'll take you up there but it's going to cost 5,000 dollars."

"5,000 dollars a day; I think we can handle that," Trevor said cockily, shaking his hair out a little bit.

I giggled and said, "She means 5,000 dollars an hour." I laughed when his face fell and Sean let out an exasperated noise adjusting his beanie.

"Do you take rolled quarters? If so I think we've got it covered," Sean said, shooting Trevor a smile.

Hannah gave me a look and I explained, "Quarters are American money; they're a quarter of a dollar, see it makes since. I'll transfer them for you later."

Hannah looks at me and I explained, "Quarters are American money. They're a quarter of a dollar, see it

She nodded at me then looked outside. "It's too dark outside for you guys to go anywhere tonight. You're going to stay here tonight and we'll leave first thing in the morning. Sean you can sleep in Scar's room and Trevor you can take mine. I'll sleep on the couch tonight."

"I don't want to intrude, I'll take the couch," Trevor said, trying to be gallant.

I knew this wasn't going to end well so I took Sean's hand in mine and dragged him to my room. He grabbed his bag on the way and I shut the door on the slowly forming fight between Trevor and Hannah.

I have a relatively small room with teal colored walls and a twin white canopy bed. I stood there and tried to remember where I put all of my blankets so I could make a pallet on the floor. I suddenly remembered that they were in the closet so I walked over to grab them and started making the pallet in the middle of the floor. I felt Sean grab my wrist and I turned around quickly.

He flipped it over and looked at my tattoo. "What is this, other than a tattoo, I mean? Does it mean anything?"

It was a series of vines that were intertwined with each other and made a circle. After I recovered from the electric shock his touch sent up my arm I said, "It represents how everything in the world is connected; intertwined with one another. How everything we do has reactions of mass proportions."

He smirked at me and said, "That's really cool; my mom would flip shit if I ever got a tattoo. She's a little bit on the uptight side. I'll sleep on the floor by the way."

I was shocked by his politeness but I quickly declined it. "That's fine; you're the guest so you get the best. I don't mind to take the floor."

He looked over at my bed and said, "I think we can both fit if we squeeze, unless you'd rather sleep on a hardwood floor than a comfortable bed."

I felt my cheeks heat up and I said, "I wouldn't want to make you feel awkward. I mean we hardly know each other and we're going to share a twin size bed."

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it; where can I change into my pajamas," he said with that smirk of his.

"You can stay in here, I'll just go into the bathroom and change," I said as I grabbed some flannel bottoms and a long sleeve shirt of off my dresser.

I ran into the bathroom and had a mini panic attack. I was going to be sharing my itty bitty bed with Mr. Hottiepants. Oh sweet baby Jesus.

After I was dressed I walked into my room without knocking on the door and Sean was in the middle of pulling his shirt on. Jesus that boy was ripped; he had some great abs and godly arms. In the middle of checking him out I realized that he still didn't have his shirt pulled down. I looked up to his face and I saw him watching me.

"If you're finished checking me out I think it's time for bed," he said, climbing into bed and patting a spot for me.

After I calmed down my flaming cheeks I turned off my lights and slid into my bed. I heard him snickering being me and I said, "Shut up."

Yep, I hope it wasn't as bad as it was before.