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Scarlett's Point of View:

After we all got on a plane to go back home, we all realized how many diamonds Sean had in his backpack. So in a certain since he and Trevor were rich, I was happy for them about it. I just really didn't want to lose Sean.

I was sitting in the seat with a sketch pad in my lap and I was sketching out the light birds that we saw down in the caves. I was putting special detail on one of them when I felt Sean place his hand on my knee and squeeze it slightly, making me look up at him.

"That's really good. I didn't know that you liked to draw," he whispered to me. Most of the people on the plane were asleep except for us.

"Yeah, I started drawing when I went on a school trip to Brazil my freshman year. There was all this amazing stuff that I couldn't capture on film because I couldn't bring a camera so I started to draw what I saw. It was an amazing experience. It's actually the reason that I became a vegetarian," I said, placing my pencil in the book and shutting it.

"You're a vegetarian? I didn't know that either. I guess we really don't know anything about each other," he said drawing his eyebrows together and looking down at his lap.

I nodded and let his words sink in. We thought that we were in love and we didn't know the slightest thing about each other. I mean I didn't even know this kid's favorite color. We were really rushing into this, I just wonder if it was a bad thing.

Sean's Point of View:

I did love her, I just knew next to nothing about her. But the stuff I did know about her was amazing and I loved it. And even now learning about her art and her being a vegetarian I was even more in love with her. She was different than any girl I had ever met in my life, I loved that about her.

When I looked over I saw her emerald eyes filling up with tears and when she started talking I realized why, "Sean, this is so stupid. We say that we're in love but we barely know anything about each other. And you're going to Canada while I'm going back to Iceland with Hannah, how are we going to make this work? And is it even going to be worth it?"

I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I couldn't seem to catch my breath no matter how hard I tried. Was she saying that she didn't want to be with me?

Once I gained the ability to speak again I said, "What are you trying to say? Do you not want to be with me now?"

She looked like someone I slapped her in the face. She finally stammered out, "N-no! Is that what you w-w-want?"

Then I saw the tears that had welled up in her eyes start pouring down her cheeks. I grasped her hand in mine and pulled her back to the bathroom. I glanced around before I pulled her in with me. She seemed a little bit flustered.

"I brought you in here because I wanted to talk to you and not have to keep my voice down because I'm afraid we're going to start shouting," I said then took a deep breath before continuing, "I don't want to lose you ever, I don't know if I could handle not having you."

She looked at me and I saw her thinking about something really hard. It felt like an eternity before she said, "I wish life was that easy but we have to go back to out lives. Mine in Iceland and your new one in Canada."

There was that breathless feeling again that left me gasping. I felt like I was the only one fighting for this relationship. Like she was just giving up, she didn't think I was worth a fight? Was she just giving up just because we were going to be so far apart? I mean we just survived a journey to the center of the Earth together, wasn't that something big?

"Are you seriously thinking that we should just give up on each other? After everything that we've been together?" I asked through gritted teeth, trying to hold back tears I knew were going to come.

She blinked her eyes hard and I saw tears falling down her cheeks. "I'm not saying that I don't want us to be together, I'm just saying that it's going to be a hard relationship. But I'll work for it if you will too."

I looked up at her and saw her grinning at me. Before I could help myself I crossed the small space between us and wrapped my arms around her. I pulled her up and off of her feet, pulling her as close to me as possible. I needed to have her close to me after the fear of losing her that just overcame me.

When we finally broke apart I couldn't let myself drop her hand. I kept it in mine with out fingers intertwined and walked back to our seats. Once we got there I pulled her as close to me as I possibly could and felt my eyelids drooping shut. The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was Scarlett saying, "I love you so much, I just hope I don't disappoint you."

I was going to respond to her but I felt her lay her head back down and I decided to let her sleep. I hoped that I would still have time to tell her in the future.


Scarlett's Point of View:

I woke up the next morning to see Sean smiling down at me. I remembered last night and couldn't help but smile back at him. I hated that we were going to be split up but I knew we could handle it. At least I hoped we could.

Soon enough the pilot's voice came on over head telling us to prepare for landing. I felt Sean slide my seatbelt into place then his own. I tried to move my hand and felt the agonizing pain run through it from my fractured wrist we had fixed up in Italy. I looked down and saw why, our hands were still intertwined at the fingers and it had gone to sleep.

"Sean, can you let go off my hand? It's starting to hurt," I whispered to him. "My wrist I mean."

He looked down and instantly let go of it. I smiled in his direction and tried to rub feeling back into my palm. He took it from me and placed kisses from the tips of my fingers up to the end of the splint on my wrist. I felt my cheeks heating up and couldn't fight off the giggles that were pouring out of my mouth.

"Scarlett are you okay? You sound like a total ditz and that's not you at all," Hannah said from the row of seats behind us, "I guess Sean really is changing you. For the best I hope."

I rolled my eyes and looked back at her. She was cuddled up to Trevor like I was to Sean except she looked a lot happier than me. I don't understand why though. Shouldn't she be upset that he's going back to America and we're going to Iceland?

I was going to ask but the plane started to jerk and I turned back around. I took Sean's hand again and leaned my head back, waiting for the landing. When it came I jolted a little bit but was okay seeing as I still had Sean's hand in mine.

"You may now safely exit the plane. Thank you for riding Con Air planes," the pilot said from somewhere up ahead as I grabbed my backpack heading off the plane.

Sean took it off my shoulder and over his to join the pack on his shoulders. I rolled my eyes at his manners and walked a little bit behind Hannah and Trevor. This was going to be the hard part, leaving each other.

"Well I guess this is goodbye for all of us," Sean said, opening up his back pack and letting one of the birds from the trip fly out. "I'm going to miss you guys so much." When he said this he looked directly at me.

"Actually Sean I called your mom and she said that you could move in with me and stay in America, I mean if you want to," Trevor said, flashing Sean a smile. "I'll let Hannah explain the rest."

"Scar, how would you like it if we moved to America to be closer to them?" she asked. I didn't think twice, I started jumping up and down like a total idiot.

"I would love that! Can we please? I won't ask to go to anymore exotic places that might kill me ever again, I promise," I said. "Please?"

"Alright then, it's decided. We'll be moving to America; do you guys want to come to Iceland and help us pack up our stuff?" Hannah asked Trevor. It was pointless to ask Sean because we were already locked in an airtight embrace.

Trevor however broke us apart to throw a book at Sean, "Hey, I think this is going to be our next adventure, so read up."

I smiled at the book in his hands, "The Lost City of Atlantis", it's like he was trying to kill us. We had just escaped from dinosaurs and monster fishes, now he wanted us to go adventuring underwater?

Oh well, we'll have fun regardless.

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