I woke up tying my pig tails as I do every morning and walked in to see Soul in the kitchen sleeping , I giggled softly for his white hair was in every direction , arms closely around his soft face , and his breathing so lightly . It took every muscle in my body not to touch his face. I looked around the kitchen and saw bowls and other kitchen materials on the tan cab nets. I was so prepared to give him a Maka chop with a extra large dictionary I had gotten at the library just the day before, but I smelt some thing really good and walked to the cab net to find a chocolate cake on a green plate. It looked delicious, I noticed that my mouth was drooling and decided to take a bite. All hell broke loose once I took my first bite , I felt my face go blue , I started seeing monsters , I was being sucked in to the darkness , was this hell I screamed in side my head . I spit out the slice of cake and washed my mouth out with any thing I could find. While I found a glass of of milk and stared gulping it down I realized there was a yawn in the back I turned around to find Soul in the back of me stretching his legs and arms. He looked at me then at the cake which had a slice missing he started to blush a deep cherry red. I was confused Soul never blushes and right now he's all red. I tore my face away to take a look at the clock to find out we were late for school; I grabbed Souls hand ran out the door.

The whole school period Soul never looked at me or said any thing I tried making small talk but it never really did go far. For some reason I wanted to cry there was some thing in my heart that wanted the old Soul back the Soul that would talk to me and smile his big sharp teeth at me and have lunch , dinner , and break fest with me . I knew what I had to do I needed to go to him and talk with him face to face. I started home but didn't make it really far when I saw Tsubaki and had a chat with her about Soul I just couldn't get him out of my head . I told her about the cake and the how he wont talk to me and I looked at Tsubaki blushing "What is it" I ask confused "Today is valentines day Maka , Soul probably made the cake for you and is hurt that you didn't do any thing for him ." I start blushing "DOES THAT MEAN SOUL LIKES ME !" , she nods . I am confused I like Soul but I don't think I like, like him , do I ?

I rush home with a box of chocolate in my hands . I know its not as loving but at least its some thing . I open the door to find Soul ones again sleeping except on the couch . he looks so handsome I thought blushing lightly I walk over to him quietly not to wake him and sit a few inches from him , I can hear his breathing . and I confess what I think about him "Soul I think I love you , but im not totally sure yet , I mean its hard to explain I miss you when your gone , I thought about you all day , and I want you to pay attention to me and only me . I know im being stubborn and childish . but I want to say im sorry for not getting you a gift on valentines gift on valentines can you please forgive me ?" Soul opens his eyes and has a broad smile on I start blushing a deep deep red . "Did you hear me ." he nods and pulls my arm to his making me lay next beside him touching . he blows on the back of my neck and turns me over were I can face him he gives me a mouth watering kiss until we pull apart for breath and whispers "I love you soooo much Maka ." I give in , I fooled my self not knowing and all I knew from the very beginning I loved him and hear I was wrapped around his strong and tight grip . I was smiling and blushing I was happy and embarrassed . Soul have me another deep kiss I could feel my back shivering with enjoyment . I wrapped my fingers around neck . we looked at each other for a while and started laughing . all I new was life is good .