~*What Makes a Man*~

By: Airi-chan


"Die." That's the last thing Mikan ever said to him. After that incident, she never saw him again. But that's not where their story ends.

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"No matter what, you should never let Hyuuga-dono know about Mikan Sakura. You must convince him that you are his girlfriend. And most of all, never make him remember anything," said an old man wearing a black suit.

"But Natsume-sama will never believe me. He always pushes me away," said a girl with strawberry blonde hair.

"Luna-sama, don't ever call him by his name, he might remember everything because Mikan-san was the only girl that could call him that."

"I'll do my best, but what if Ruka-sama tells him everything."

"Nogi-dono knows what's best for Hyuuga-dono, so I highly doubt that he would want him to suffer once again because of that cursed girl that brought forth Hyuuga-dono's misery."

What Makes a Man

"Hyuuga-dono, I'm Koizumi Luna. You might not remember me, but I was your girlfriend when we were in college," Luna said.

"Get lost," said Natsume.

"Hyuuga-dono, she is your girlfriend. If you want, you could look at your pictures back when the two of you were in Japan," said the old man.

"Then tell me, what were the things we did in Japan?" Natsume asked as she faced Luna.

"We… We d-dated a-and…" Luna whispered.

"Stop. I would never date someone as ugly as you."

Luna was dumbstruck. She couldn't say anything. She simply stood there as tears threatened to fall from her eyes which were filled with anger, hatred and embarrassment.

"Shimoda. Ready the private jet. I'm going back to Japan."

"But Hyuuga-dono…"

"I said I'm going to Japan."

"As you wish," the old man said even though he clearly looked unpleased.

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