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"Everyone wants to be us." The words echoed through Andy's mind as Miranda plastered on her fake smile and stepped out of the car into the throng of photographers. Andy exited the other side of the car and headed for the fountain. She didn't want this lifestyle anymore. It was screwing up her life and she couldn't stand it. Andy looked down at the cell phone in her hand as it started to ring and reluctantly decided to answer it. Like it or not she still needed this job. "Miranda," she greeted in her usual way.

"You better not be even thinking about leaving me during the most important week of the year," Miranda's icy voice sliced through the phone. She had looked around for Andrea only to realize she wasn't by her side. As soon as she had gotten inside Miranda had slipped from public eye and back onto the front steps of the building, watching her assistant from a distance. She had to admit Andrea looked wonderful today as she did most days lately, but something seemed to be off about the young woman today. 'If she leaves me I'll make sure she never works in the publishing field again,' Miranda thought her eyes fixed on Andrea.

Andrea hung her head slightly as she quietly answered, "No, Miranda. I just needed to get away from the crowd for a moment. Organize my thoughts." 'And make sure I don't get sick while anywhere close to Miranda.' Andy unconsciously ran a hand over her flat stomach, unaware of Miranda watching her. "I'll be there right away," Andy said before uncharacteristically hanging up in her boss. The rapid click of heels made Andy turn and her face drained of colour at the sight of Miranda headed straight for her.

Miranda's thoughts were revolving around her assistant and her sudden change of behaviour. Maybe she had been a little to forward with the younger woman in the car. She had found Andrea's competence to be refreshing and she enjoyed having the young girl around. Miranda saw Andrea being a very powerful woman one day, but the confused assistant in front of her was as far from that independent young woman as it could get. "Get in the car," Miranda said in a low voice when she was next to Andrea. With that she walked away hoping the other woman would have the sense to follow.

Following Miranda meekly Andrea didn't have the will to argue with her boss. So much had happened within only a few short days and it frightened her, even though she was loathe to admit it. Climbing into the back of the waiting car Andy rested her head against the window gazing out of it but not seeing any of the sights they passed. Her boss was within feet on the other side of the car but so unreachable behind those signature sunglasses and pursed lips, signalling her agitation. The ride back to the hotel was a short one but to both women it seemed to stretch on for an eternity. Not a word was spoken nor any glances exchanged. They were both in their own world until the car rolled to a stop and brought them back to reality. Only then after they had exited the car did they glance at each other and Andy quickly dropped her gaze in a show of submission. Head held high Miranda led the way to the elevators, allowing Andrea to stand next to her as they rode up to their floor, and then led the way back to her rooms.

"Sit," Miranda ordered once the door was closed behind them. Watching the girl closely the editor took a place on the couch while Andrea slid into the chair across from her. There was something definitely different with the girl today but Miranda couldn't quite put her thumb on it. Leaning back into the couch she said, "Tell me exactly what you thought you were doing over by that fountain." Andrea opened her mouth and Miranda held up a hand. "And I want the truth, not some fabricated story about the crowd being too much. Even you are smart enough to come up with a more convincing lie than that."

Andy wasn't sure if Miranda's words were intended as an insult or not. The wheels in her head whirled around at a breakneck speed searching for a suitable excuse for her behaviour. Within half a minute the answer came to her. "It must have been something I ate at breakfast this morning. I haven't been feeling quite myself today. When we got out of the car I felt… nauseous. I thought it best to walk away for some space just in case."

Deep down the editor knew her assistant was lying to her again. Deciding not to press the issue and simply glad that Andrea had decided not to leave her Miranda nodded. "Acceptable," she murmured. She almost laughed when Andrea looked at her like she had sprouted another head. Slipping out of her black Jimmy Choos she tucked her feet up beside her on the couch and plucked a paperback from the table beside the couch. Giving the girl a dismissive look Miranda said, "That's all."

Leaving the suite and closing the door behind her Andy had the urge to go back and tell Miranda the entire truth and pray to every god out there that she did not lose her job. At the last moment before she knocked on the door her logical side kicked in and she turned away to return to her own suite. There was a lot to do and they were only in Paris for a couple more days before they were due to return to New York. Running her hand through her chestnut hair Andy wandered off to find Nigel. She could really use a friend right now.

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