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Tsuna loosened his tie and exhaled long.

Tonight, he is now known as Vongola Decimo – Boss of the Vongola Famiglia of Sicily, the most powerful Mafia family in the world.

A wave of goose bumps invaded his skin.

He felt unbelievably awake, his senses tingling still from the ceremony earlier. He remembered Nono's declaration ringing repeatedly in the large venue where the ceremony was held. Tsuna could still feel the hundreds of eyes scrutinizing his form; they were staring at him like crows, their beady eyes gleaming dully in the warm light. He remembered Reborn standing just in front of the crowds of Mafioso, smirking a bit peculiarly at the situation before him.

It was surreal – just a year or two ago (he couldn't remember clearly) he was just a normal human being with a normal life and yet the arrival of an infant claiming to be a Mafia hitman changed it all.

So sudden; and yet now, it all made sense.

Tsuna sighed deeply, feeling the tug of exhaustion on his eyes.

He sat up and stretched, and a gleam of blue caught his attention.

It was his ring; the ring that symbolized everything – his status, his identity, and his fate. Decimo traced the smooth edges of the circle and for a moment he thought that it was getting brighter and brighter by every passing second.

It was unexpected; surprising.

"Congratulations, Decimo." his deep, calm, and ghostly voice echoed silently in his room.

Tsuna stared wide eyed at the figure floating just in front of him, and he realized his ring was glowing a minute before. "G-Giotto-san?... I … Thank you." His reply was abrupt; he did not want to take the title in the first place after all, and receiving a congratulatory greeting from a predecessor is quite awkward.

"You're most welcome," The charming blond man smiled lightly, making him a bit embarrassed, since he looked like he just read his mind. "I see you are very tired, and a good night's sleep would be the greatest gift this great great great grandfather of yours could give you, but you must pardon my intrusion from that luxury for I must show you something important."

The brunet's eyes flickered curiosity and caution at the same time, while Giotto's seemed to harden. "Decimo, you do know you hold thousands of lives in your hands in this very moment, do you not?"

"Y-Yes. I…I am aware of that fact."

"You are a very very powerful man now Decimo." Primo said slowly. "And great power, as they say, comes with greater responsibility. I do not doubt your abilities and morals. You are a good young man – kind and compassionate, and I am very proud to have my blood run in your veins. But you are awfully young, too young in fact, and I fear that you do not fully grasp the circumstances your title holds."

Tsuna nodded once, eyes locked on his ancestor's golden ones.

"As the Sky, you are to understand and accept all. Is that correct?"


"Can you accept and understand everyone in your family, Decimo? Everyone? Even the lowest of your ranks?"

Tsuna paused. "I don't think…I can do that so easily. The Vongola is too large – there are so many people; too many for me to even remember them by face."

"You must, because that is your role." The blond man continued. "It is your allies that makes you strong, remember that. You must build trust. Trust changes everything. You wanted to change the Vongola, did you not?"

"Yes. Yes, I do."

"Trust is the key. If it is not possible to know everyone fully, then you must at least understand their situations and feelings. Alright. Now," Giotto looked like he shifted as if he was sitting, "Tell me something about your guardians that you only know of."

"Huh?" Decimo blinked. "My guardians?"

"Yes, yes, go on."

He didn't know where to start. He didn't consider his friends as his guardians in the first place, so that the mere mention of the word, (as everyone liked to call them,) is quite uncomfortable to him. "Uh… Gokudera-kun ran away from home when he was little."

"Yes, and then?"

"Yamamoto…has a little insecurity problem."



"What about your cloud? Tell me something about that peculiar young man."

"He's…" Tsuna paused once again and realized that he did not know anything about Hibari; that he was contented that they existed as they are, and that he did not even care to get to know the man that helped him through many instances that involved life and death.

And that goes the same for all of them, even Yamamoto and Gokudera, who were his best friends.

They are his best friends, yet he does not know a single significant detail about them.

"Listen to me Decimo." Vongola Primo began with a stern voice, "What I am about to show you is an ability of the Vongola Rings. There is a hidden tradition among the Bosses where this power is used when a new one ascends to rule. Do you still remember what axis the Vongola rings reign in the Trinisette?"

"The vertical axis," Tsuna replied. "The Vongola rings survive through time."

"That is correct. While the Mare rings enable it's user to 'jump' from parallel worlds to another, since its reign is on the horizontal axis; the Vongola rings enables it's bearer to travel across time."

The brunet blinked once.

"We're going to time travel?"

There was a hint of worry and surprise in his tone. Tsuna developed a light phobia on time travel after his encounter with Byakuran, and the mere thought of travelling again – whether to the future or to the past – made him slightly uncomfortable.

"Yes, we are, Decimo." Giotto answered and moved a little bit closer to his distant grandson. "We are going to travel back in time; to a time where you can meet your guardians while they are still young."

Primo held his hand out anteriorly. "Place your ring close to my hand."

Tsuna wanted to say something more, but decided that he should ask questions later. He did as told, and when his ring touched the 'X' of his predecessor's glove, a blinding light emerged from it and enveloped them.

"Decimo," Giotto's voice was warm and soft, "Remember every detail you see. Sear them on your heart and soul. Treat them like your own memories and adopt the emotions they will display. There may be lives that would appear highly unpleasant and hurtful, but you must accept it wholly. These people make who you are.

"These are the lives of your guardians."

And the next time Tsuna opened his eyes he saw himself sitting on wooden panels, with the smell of green tea flooding his nostrils. His clumsy chestnut brown eyes wandered eastward and saw two people sitting next to each other.

A child was sitting beside a beautiful petite woman with warm caramel eyes similar to his. She had slanted eyes – like a doll's – and had long, flowing ink black hair. Her skin was porcelain white and her lips were a great contrast for they were a deep shade of vermillion.

Tsuna ogled at the stunning lady for a few moments more before his attention went back to the boy swinging his legs back and forth as he listened to the woman. The boy who looked like he was around six years old had the same inky black locks, but his eyes were oddly pale – they were grey.

He looked familiar, Tsuna thought to himself. And that was when it hit him.

He was staring at his cloud guardian, Hibari Kyoya.