Chapter 1: An almost ordinary day

It was a typical wintery morning at the beginning of the week in Sakriny as the people of Moslin stood in the lines in front of soldiers handing out the weekly supply of food, clothing, and alcohol. The lines were tediously long as the soldiers asked for a name and searched around for a box try to carefully pry the box from the middle of the pile and handed it to the citizen. The citizen has to take it with no complaints even though the vodka bottle may be smashed due to the box falling to the ground, thus ruining the clothing and some of the perishable foods. A young woman around eighteen with pink hair tied back in a braid, green eyes, wearing a brown long coat and a scarf hiding the bottom half of her face from the windy weather she wore earmuffs over her ears hiding her dangly snowman earrings. Her hands were stuffed in her coat as she trudged to the lines with snow quickly filling her boots. Hovering next to her was a tiny brownish green cat with a white face and brown eyes, wearing a tiny coat and a scarf. The woman stood in the back of the "V" line. She tried to move her toes in her boots in an attempt to keep them warm which was obviously failing. She took her gloveless hands and rubbed them together, and breathed on them.

"Hopefully this week's boots are better than this pair." Complained the girl, taking off her boot to dump the snow out while wobbling on one foot before putting it back on and switching feet to do the same thing with the other boot.

"Now now Kanonno, you know that the chance of receiving boots are slim. You should think of a regular pair of walking shoes." Reminded the cat.

"You're right Laurel the average pair of shoes do better at keeping snow from gathering at your ankles than these old things. Well it should be good enough until we have to send it all back at the end of the week." Laughed Kanonno being half sarcastic.

"Kanonno! Watch your language! You know that you will be in danger if you start badmouthing the government!" Scolded Laurel signaling over to a soldier wearing a brown military uniform wearing a red armband.

"I wasn't badmouthing the government I was just commenting on our generous economic system and how everything gets used." Said Kanonno, while sucking up to the soldier looming near her.

"Wise choice of words young lady." Said the soldier overhearing the two. "Lord Reltih is truly a brilliant man by having a system where everyone has to share with the community and ridding us of the darks, intelligent, and those who proves to be a hindrance to society."

"Yes he was very persuasive in his piece of work "Struggle" it certainly states why our country was in such a depression." Said Kanonno with a fake smile, "It's all darks' fault for getting us into one, we lights are clearly the superior race and know what to do: share everything like a community."

"I couldn't have said it better have a good day miss." Praised the soldier bowing to Kanonno and giving her a wink before leaving.

"That was all a lie wasn't it?" Laurel asked under her breath so no one in the line heard her.

"Yes that's a lie, you've put up with my complaining about the racial laws and how they've nearly murdered Pequist's numbers, and our deadbeat boss wouldn't do anything about it." Said Kanonno just as quietly. "We're now dwindling on five members, including myself, I don't think Pequist will last any longer."

"Lighten up Kanonno, I'm sure things will get better eventually." Cheered Laurel, though her optimism wasn't convincing.

"I know but the question is when?" Sighed Kanonno, it was her turn to receive her wooden crate, she just hoped that the booze didn't spill all over her weekly goods like last week.

"Name." Ordered the soldier, bored.

"Vélvirki." Stated Kanonno, the soldier rushed to the stack of boxes and picked off a box at the top of the pile and handed it to her.

'At least it doesn't feel like it's leaking.' Kanonno thought as she jogged back to her place clear across town with crate in hand Laurel flew not to far behind her. She ran into an apartment building and slammed the door behind her then strolled down to a door, put down the crate, dug the key from one of her pockets, she unlocked then opened the door which lead to her living quarters, which was just a small room with a bed, stove, and an even smaller bathroom, there was a small crawl space in the back of the room. She dropped the crate in front of her bed and opened it. She took out a bottle with a clear liquid inside it.

"At least the vodka is safe." She said gleefully.

"Don't even think about it Kanonno." Glared Laurel, "I've hidden all the shot glasses, and besides, you're not allowed to drink until after work!"

"Yeah yeah, I know." sighed Kanonno changing out of what she was wearing into a pair of clamdiggers and a tank top. She dug into the box for her mechanic's suit. She quickly slipped into the baggy jump suit then grabbed her goggles, coat and tool box, and rushed out the door, back into the cold.

Her place of employment was the weapons plant, one section did the research while the other made the weapons, she was a mechanic chosen for the job of fixing the machines that help make the weapons, which doesn't happen very often so she, like few other mechanics who haven't gone home by now drilled tires onto military vehicles for about twelve hours. The mechanics got very bored of using their screw drivers to put on a specific tire on every vehicle they get. Taking a tire, trying to position it correctly, hold it there with one hand, while they would find a screw and a screwdriver with the other and bolt part of the wheel in. Not only did it become boring it also became tedious. Most of the mechanics found it to be a complete waste of their time and skill while the rest, including Kanonno, are just glad that they at least get dinner on the table. If they had gone home the government wouldn't give them any supplies for the following week if they decide to just go home. While Kanonno twisted in a nail she heard a loud thud, she checked her surroundings to see what could have made that sound but it seemed that nothing had fallen, which meant that it came from above.

"Hey, did you hear something fall on the roof?" She asked the person next to her.

"Nope." He said not even paying attention. Kanonno checked to see if there was anyone supervising before putting down her screwdriver and crawling to the stairs. She climbed the stairs on her fours, then got up on her feet when she was sure that no one was watching. At the top of the stair case was a door that lead to the roof, the door was most likely only used for emergency exits so it was hardly ever used. She opened the door and stiffened for it was blowing snow and even though it did get hot in her mechanic's suit it wasn't warm enough. She stepped outside into the snow, fortunately it wasn't snowing hard enough for it to be a blizzard. She spotted a figure not far from her she started walking over to the figure but slipped. The snow that had melted on the roof created a sheet of ice on the flat surface. She cautiously approached the figure, wary of the ice. It was a man around her age with dark chin length brown hair, buck naked and unconscious. He was bleeding from the back of his head.

"Hey … hey!" She called, shaking him a bit, but no response, she pressed her index and middle fingers against his neck, pressing several places near the ear. Until she felt a small beat against her fingers. She sighed, relieved.

'What the hell is he doing here? Is this a joke? The guy will die from frostbite or blood loss if he's left here.' She thought, She then got up to get her coat but the exit slammed behind her, she ran towards it slipping and falling a few times, when she tried to reopen the door but it wouldn't open. "Shit … it's locked." She muttered to herself. "What kind of exit just locks up on itself!" She shouted kicking the door. Walking back to the man she unzipped her jump suit and took it off, she shivered as she put her jump suit on the man. She then ripped off the bottom of her tank top to make a make shift bandage for the man which should at least stop the bleeding. She rubbed her hands against her bare arms as she went to the side of the building, the bricks didn't provide an edge to grab onto. She picked the man up onto her back, she had a hard time standing up because he was heavier than he looked and her shoes didn't provide a very good grip. She grimaced over the edge of the building she walked up to it, hesitated, then jumped. She bent her knees to hope that it would soften the impact. The moment she landed she heard a snap, she flinched and shrieked in pain, her left leg was stinging like her arms and her mid drift. She started limping home, moaning from the pain in her leg, she'd figure it may be broken.

"Kanonno!" She heard someone cry, Kanonno looked up to see a young woman slightly older than her with long dirty blonde hair wearing a brown jacket and a scarf run up to her. "Are you crazy? What are you doing dressed like that in the middle of winter!"

"Marianya …" She muttered, "By chance could you heal my leg?"

"Not here, you know that they'd do to those with healing powers?" whispered the young woman. She was silent until she said, "Can you walk to my place?" Kanonno nodded.

Marianya's place was just like Kannono's, it was a small room with a bed, stove, and bathroom. While Marianya used a healing spell on Kannono's leg Kanonno was explaining why she's walking around in a tank top and a pair of pants and the unconscious man.

"I see once I'm done here, you should probably go to the underground." Said Marianya.

"Do you have a crawl space that leads there?" Kanonno asked, "I probably can't go back to my place since there were people that saw me carrying this brown hair kid. Who knows how long it'll be until soldiers start knocking on your door for hiding a dark."

"Yes I do, it's in the bathroom, I'll show you the way to the bunkers." Informed Marianya.

"Thanks I really appreciate it." Thanked Kanonno.

"Well we're members of Pequist, we should look out for each other." Said Marianya, "And I think that'll be good." She stopped the healing spell.

"Thanks … again." Said Kanonno getting up on her feet and hopping on the formerly injured leg to see if there were any lingering pains. The two walked into the bathroom carrying the man, before he was on Kanonno's back again. Marianya tore off some wall paper revealing a sliding door, the passage way could easily fit the three. Once inside, Marianya slid the door shut.

"Follow me." She ordered, walking on ahead. Kanonno nodded and obeyed her order. The door lead to some stairs then a tunnel. It was very straight forward until they hit a fork in the road. Marianya turned left and Kanonno followed, then she turned right, twice until they got into a large concrete room with a few small beds and a stash of weapons in a corner. Kanonno placed the man on the bed then Marianya started healing him with the spell she used earlier. She took off the makeshift bandage Kanonno put on him. While Kanonno pulled out a box from under the bed and took out a button down shirt, coat, and overalls from it and put them on. While she pulled out a vest, a button down shirt, shoes, and pants for the stranger, and some gald.

"What are you gonna do about him? The government may do something horrible to him if he's spotted." Asked Marianya.

"Well we'll just have to ask him about his family tree to see if he has any family members with both the light hair and light skin trait, if not I guess we have to smuggle him into Speg." Shrugged Kanonno.

"Well, if you're gonna smuggle him out of the country you're on your own." Stated Marianya when they heard a moan. The stranger was opening his eyes, he blink a few times, still a bit dazed.

"Where …" he began.

"Oh you're awake." Sighed Kanonno, sitting next to him.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"Don't you remember? You're in Moslin, the capital of Sakriny." Stated Kanonno.

"Sakriny? Moslin? What are those?" He asked, Kanonno gave him a look that clearly said: 'really?'

"Sakriny is a country on the continent Rupuee. Man, for someone who's lived here you sure don't know much about your home town." Assumed Kanonno.

"I lived here?" He asked.

"Ye- you're not from here are you?" Kanonno asked.

"I don't know if have I lived here?" Kanonno quirked an eyebrow, as the man sat up.

"Ah don't sit up, you've lost some blood from your head, please stay down." Recommended Marianya.

"Just who are you anyway?" Kanonno questioned.

"Who am I? … I don't know." The man shrugged.

"Can you at least think of a name we can call you?" She asked. The man shook his head.

"I don't remember anything, not even my own name." Sighed the man.

"Well, you nearly cracked your head open when you fell onto the factory roof, so I guess that could have damaged what ever part of the brain stores memory." Shrugged Kanonno.

"I what?" Shouted the man jumping up.

"Please be quiet! I don't want the government finding us!" Begged Marianya.

"I found you on the roof of the weapons factory naked and bleeding from the back of your head." Explained Kanonno. "Don't worry Marianya fixed you up so you should be fine."

"Mari … anya?" The stranger thought aloud.

"I'm Marianya." She staid, "Kanonno, can you take care of him? I have to make sure that soldiers aren't raiding my house."

"Sure thing, and can you tell Laurel that I won't be home for a while?" Requested Kanonno.

"Alright." Said Marianya leaving the room.

"By the way I'm Kanonno Vélvirki, here, suit up." Introduced Kanonno, shoving the clothes in front of him, he looked at her confused. "You're wearing my mechanic's suit, I'd appreciate it if you'd take it off."

"Oh, sure thing." Replied the man taking off the jump suit and putting on the clothes Kanonno gave him, while Kanonno was looking for canned goods in a different box from under the same bed. "Is this okay?" The man asked.

"It's fine, they're for refugees hiding here anyway, now pick a weapon from a corner and go. … You can walk right?" Said Kanonno not even paying attention to the stranger and stuffing cans and a Swiss army knife in the bag. The man looked over to the corner with guns, some bullets, knives, and swords. Kanonno rushed over and grabbed a rifle and bullets from the corner. The man grabbed a rapier from the pile. "Let's go." Kanonno ordered rushing out of the room.

"Ah yes mam!" Stuttered the man rushing after her.

"If you become dizzy or tired just let me know and we'll stop, understood?" Instructed Kanonno.

"Yes." Answered the man, as the two walked through the tunnels of the Moslin underground.

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