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19. Epilogue - "Us" Time

"Hey, Wake up."

I squinted my eyes open. The sun rays were falling on to my face. I groaned. "It's Sunday!" I curled myself up deep in to the sheets and shut my eyes. Deep laughter came from next to me.

"You don't want me to tickle you, do you?"

"No." I moaned. Two arms wrapped around my waist.

"Rise and Shine, baby." He kissed my ear.

"It's Sunday." I said stubbornly, now opening my eyes and turning to look at Draco. His hair was tousled as usual in the morning and he was giving me a lazy grin.

"Weekends are no reasons to slack." He quoted my exact words which I used to use back in Hogwarts. I couldn't help grin. I can't believe he actually remembered all those stuff I said. He pulled me in to a morning kiss, something he always did.

Even if he had to leave early for his Auror missions, he would wake me up to my annoyance and give a sweet kiss. Of course that made me less annoyed, and he knew it. Without breaking the kiss, he moved on top of me.

"You need to shave." I murmured against his lips. He chuckled as he trailed his kisses down to my throat, making me gasp with pleasure. I felt his hands slide the straps of my night dress off my shoulders.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked coyly.

"I think I want to experience the last eleven years all over again." He said huskily, nipping my collarbone gently.

I laughed. "Are you sure? Friday you said that you were at last hoping for an 'Us' time after we came from King's Cross station." I teased.

"Well, it does start with an 'Us' time….." Draco said with a smirk, his hand roaming over to my thigh. I shuddered. Eighteen years and he still managed to get this kind of effect from me. "And besides, I want a boy this time."

"I'm not a restaurant for you to order." I said, half stern, half amused. He leaned back as he propped himself on his elbows.

"I know you aren't. But someone has to carry on the family name. And I want to name the kid this time."

I snorted. "What are you going to name him, if we say that we get a boy?"

Draco thought for a moment. "Scorpius." He grinned.

I scrunched my nose. "Scorpius Malfoy. What kind of name is that?"

"I think it's a good name. It's….. intimidating." He said huffily. "And it does go well together. So what do you say?" he whispered.

I tortured him by waiting a few seconds to think.

"Fine." I said, resting my hands on his bare shoulders and pulling him down to a kiss. He was pushing the top of my night dress further down when suddenly a loud squawk came from the room. Draco jumped off me, startled and instinctively I grabbed my sheets and pulled it over my chest.

Draco swore, as he got off the bed and walked towards the owl that had appeared. "Bloody owl." he muttered, as he came back to the bed with a letter in his hand.

"Aha! Looks like she found the owlery." I said sitting up smiling, noticing the handwriting on the back of the envelope.

"She wouldn't have to look for it in the first place if we had bought her an owl instead of giving Crookshanks." Draco muttered, opening the letter from our daughter, who had just started her first year at Hogwarts. It was the first letter we had received. "Though I am bloody glad of getting rid of that cat."

I ignored the last comment. "What does it say?" I asked peering in.

To Mom and Dad, the letter started.

"Why does mom comes before the dad?" Draco asked frowning.

"Because ladies first, silly. You know that." I said playfully.

Hogwarts is great! I love the great hall and the candles and the enchanted ceiling! It was just like the way Hogwarts: A History had described. We came to school by boats just like James said. Why didn't you tell me? James knows everything because his dad tells him. He's so arrogant. Urgh. He thinks he knows better than the whole first year.

"Of course, he would! He's Potter's brat." Draco said smugly and I swatted his arm. Draco and Harry had a love-hate relationship.

Thankfully I met Fred, and he showed me around. He's really cheeky and I think James adores him since he's in the same house. The dorms are nice and I met a few people. They talk an awfully lot about you, Mom. But they seem to like Dad better though. I can't wait till Clara comes to Hogwarts next year. Oh, I did find the library. It's wonderful! Better than the one we have at home.

I noticed Draco scowl at it, and I knew he had in mind to upgrade the library soon. He's been lately trying to compete with Blaise at being the 'Best Dad'. And to Astoria's irritation, Blaise wasn't giving up either. Knowing Blaise, I had a feeling that Clara was going to get spoilt. At least Draco knew his limits.

Lessons are going to start on Monday. I can't wait! Though I really don't want to do flying lessons. I really wish you didn't buy that broom for me, Dad. James's all green with jealousy and so are the other guys. That's why James's making an excuse to teach me how to fly. (So he can ride my broom). Well, there isn't much to say I guess. I'll write to you after my first day of class.



"Wait! There's a Post Script!" I said quickly before Draco folded it again.

P.S- I was sorted to Slytherin, Dad!

Draco guffawed gleefully. "That's my girl!"

"Why is that addressed only to you? I wouldn't mind hearing where she got sorted as well—" I said indignantly.

"Yeah, right." Draco said grinning, wrapping his arms around me and pulling us down to lie on the bed.

"Oh, shut up." I said grumpily. We stared up at the ceiling, probably both of us thinking about our daughter. "I miss Kate coming to our bed in the morning already." I sighed."C'mon. Breakfast." I ordered.

"Aren't we going to finish what we started?" Draco asked with a sly smile as I released myself from his arms and got off from the bed, adjusting my night dress.

"Not yet." I smirked and ran to the bathroom before he got the chance to drag me back to the bed. We were definitely going to have an 'Us' time.

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