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Chapter One:

Jo was sitting in the HQ getting equipment ready for the day while Mike sat at his desk and Steve scoffed down a pie. She wasn't her usual self; she was quitter than usual and hardly talked to the boys the past week. Mike hopped up from his desk carrying paperwork "I've just got to go down to Frank and give him some paperwork, I'll be back up soon" he told them

"Alright" Steve said with a mouthful of food. Jo just simply looked up and nodded her head then returned to packing the medical bags. Steve looked over at Jo, he noticed she had dark black circles under her eyes and they were glassy. It looked like she hadn't got sleep for a while and Steve was becoming worried. "Jo?" he asked carefully not wanting to annoy her

"Yeah?" She asked quietly as she looked up at Steve

"Are you okay?" Steve asked her

"Yeah, I'm fine" Jo tried to show a smile to ease his concerns, but it didn't work

"It's just that you look really tired, have you gotten much sleep lately?" Steve asked

"Yeah, I have" Jo said becoming agitated by his questions. She looked up just before her brother was about to knock on the door. Her face dropped when she saw him carrying their little sister. She quickly got up, trying to rush them out the door before Steve could see them. "What are you doing here?" She asked sternly "I told you not to bring her here!" Jo shouted. Steve got up and looked through the window, he saw Jo's older Brother holding onto a little girl. Jo never had spoken about her and Steve had never seen her before.

"Jo, calm down. She wanted to see you, she misses you." Jay said calmly as he held his three year old sister in the warmth of his arms

"You need to go" Jo shakily said, tears forming in her eyes

"Why? Why can't she meet the others?" Jay asked demanding an answer "She wants to meet them"

"Because, I don't want everyone feeling sorry for me, I don't need that!" Jo shouted again. Lacie put her little hands on her ears to block the loud noises.

"You are being so self-fish. Stop thinking about yourself and think about Lacie!" Jay yelled frightening Jo

Jo let the tears fall from her eyes "I do think about Lacie, I'm always thinking about Lacie. Don't you dare say I don't" Lacie blocked her ears again and looked at Jo sadly. Jo took a deep breath and took Lacie into her arms "Sorry, baby girl" she said before she kissed her forehead. She felt the heat bounce of Lacie's forehead and onto her lips. "She's got a fever" Jo said concerned

"Jo, the doctor cleared her to come up here for an hour. Plus you're a paramedic and you've got a doctor in there if anything happens" Jay said. Lacie tried to wriggle out of Jo's grip, so Jo placed Lacie on the ground. She was crawling around while Jay and Jo talked, they hadn't realised she'd disappeared into the HQ.

"Look who I found crawling about" Steve said smiling as he brought Lacie out in his arms

"Sorry" Jo said quietly as she took Lacie out of Steve's arms, her shirt lifted a little revealing a large scar down her chest and abdomen. Steve looked concerned "How'd she get that?" he asked

"It's nothing" Jo said brushing the subject away

"She had surgery to remove tumours" Jay said. Jo shot him a look and Steve started to feel bad for asking

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Is your daughter going to be okay?" Steve asked Jay

"It's our sister" Jay explained

"Thanks a lot Jay!" Jo shouted

"It's alright" Steve said re-assuring Jo

"It's not. She shouldn't even be here, she should be upstairs and he doesn't have the right to tell you!" Jo shouted as tears began to fill her eyes all over again

"She's having her next chemo treatment tonight" Jay said ignoring Jo

Jo shook her head in disbelief "Shut up! Shut up!" Jo shouted crying, she ran into the change rooms slamming the door shut behind her.

Steve turned to go in to sit with Jo but Jay pulled him back "Leave her" Jay said

"Is she okay?" Steve asked concerned as he looked at Lacie

"She's taken Lacie's cancer really, really hard." Jay said sadly

"Is this why she's been very quiet lately?" Steve asked

"Yeah" Jay nodded "She sleeps here every night, she gets off work and is up there straight away. Sometimes she won't eat, which makes me worried. I can't look after her during the day"

"It's alright. I'll look out for her" Steve said smiling

"Thanks. She can't accept the fact that Lacie has it, she won't talk about it to me and obviously she hasn't to you either" Jay said

Steve shook his head "I didn't even know that you guys had a younger sister"

"We were left to look after her when Mum and Dad died. She's only three and has had it for two years. We found out she had it the night Mum and Dad died" Jay confessed

"Have the doctors given you a prognosis?" Steve asked

Jay took a deep breath "Yeah. She's got between weeks to a month" his eyes filled with tears

"Is that all?" Steve asked sadly

"Yeah. She keeps getting worse and worse each night" Jay said. Jo walked out of the change rooms and out to where Jay and Steve were standing. She took Lacie out of Jay's arms and into hers and walked over to the lifts wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Don't cry" Lacie said sweetly to Jo

Jo laughed and continued to wipe the tears from her eyes while she bounced Lacie on her hip "Sorry beautiful"

Steve and Jay went and stood next to Jo "Can we go to the park?" Lacie asked

"No sweety, we have to stay here." Jo said comforting her

"Come on Jo, she wants to go to the park. She just wants to play around like a normal kid instead of being locked up here all day" Jay explained to Jo

"She's not like a normal kid Jay!" Jo shouted

"Well maybe if you treated her like one and stopped protecting her from doing things she would be" Jay said

"She will never be a normal kid, what normal kid has cancer?" Jo asked demanding an answer. The lift doors opened and to Jo's disliking Adam and Mike were in there and stepped out

"Who's this cutie?" Adam as grabbing hold of Lacie's hand

"My sister" Jo said switching arms to carry her with

"Did she come to say hello?" Mike asked smiling as Jo walked into the lift

Steve could tell Jo would break down if she had to explain it one more time "Lacie's in for chemo"

Mike and Adam's face dropped and they turned to face Jo, the lift doors slowly closed on them and Jo headed up the children's ward.

"I'm going to get some fresh clothes for myself and Jo" Jay said walking over to the lift and pressing the button to go down.

"I'm sorry to hear about your sister" Mike said comforting Jay

"It's okay; I've learned to deal with it. It's just Jo" Jay said before he walked into the lift and went down to the ground floor.

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