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"You okay?" Steve asked concerned when her first few steps were uneasy

"Yeah…Yeah I'm fine. I just feel a bit light headed" Jo said trying to not lean on Steve as much

"I'll leave you with Jay then I'll get you something to eat" Steve said as they began to walk back into Lacie's room

Jo shook her head, "I don't feel like I can eat anything right now"

"You need to, otherwise you're going to drop" Steve said concerned

"I'm fine. It's okay" Jo said "Thank you though Steve"

"It's alright" Steve said as he placed his arm around her neck. He walked her to where Jay was sitting, he hopped up and placed his arms around his sisters body, bringing her in for a warm hug. Steve left them to be alone

"Let's go home" he said quietly

Jo lifted up her head and nodded in response. They walked out of the hospital and to their car..

2 weeks later

It was Jo's first day back since Lacie had died and she didn't know how she was going to cope but she knew that she had people there to support her. She was walking towards the lifts to go up to the HQ when Adam came out of nowhere and pulled her into a hug

"Hey" he smiled at her

"Hi" She said trying to show a smile

"How you going?" he asked concerned

"Getting there" She replied softly

"I was wondering if you would want to have lunch together today?" he asked

Jo smiled "Yeah, sure. Hopefully I won't get a call out and I can go"

"Sweet" Adam smiled and pulled her into a hug. Steve was watching from behind the corner and coulnt help but smile because he was happy to see Jo happy for once in months. He quickly left so Jo and Adam wouldn't see him and made his way up to HQ.

Jo shortly left after and arrived seconds after Steve, she walked into the HQ to find Steve only here "Hey" she smiled at Steve

"Hey" He said smiling back "Ah, Mikes at a meeting as usual. So it's just us two unless it's some major accident and we need Adam" he added

"Okay" Jo said walking through the change room and getting changed into her uniform, she placed her jacket on the couch for easy access. She continued her route outside and to the gym equipment she jumped on the treadmill and began to run. Afte running for twenty minutes she went back in to where Steve was sitting on the couch

"Better?" he asked

"Much" She said smiling and wrapping the towel around her neck

"That's good then" Steve smiled

"Hey uh" Jo said grabbing his attention

"Yeah?" Steve asked as he turned around

"Thank you for everything" Jo said smiling appreciatively

"It's alright Jo. That's what friends are for right?" He asked

"Yeah. It's just that" Jo was saying "I'm never open to people caring for me and I didn't deserve you treating me like that, since I'm always so bossy and snappy at you"

"People change Jo and I know you're just like that a work because you like to be in total control and have nothing go wrong" Steve explained

"Yeah…We just had her funeral the other day" Jo said sadly

"You okay?" he asked concerned

Jo sniffed and wiped her eyes "Yeahp. I'm fine, lets get this equipment checked" She said showing a smile and picking up the equipment list

2 months later

"Hey" Adam said smiling as he stood in the doorway of the HQ and watched Jo

"Hey" She smiled excitedly as she got up and ran towards the door jumping on Adam and wrapping her legs around his waist. They both kissed each other passionately before Steve walked out making them stop. Jo had her hands on Adam's cheeks and gave him one final kiss before jumping of him

"I'll see you tonight?" Adam asked holding her hands

"Yeah, come up when you finish. I'll just be here, writing out the report..as usual" Jo said letting out a laugh

"Okay, I'll call you on my break. Stay safe babe" Adam said before he kissed her forehead and walked over to the lift .

Jo walked back into the HQ and stood at the doorway, her arms crossed as she looked unimpressed

"I'm in trouble aren't I?" Steve asked laughing

"Oh yeah." Jo said nodding her head "Why do you always insist of making an appearance right when and someone I are making out?" she asked

"Sorry, just come out. Trust me, I don't want to see it either" Steve said laughing

"You did it with Declan that time to!" Jo exclaimed reminding Steve

Steve laughed "Oh yeah. I remember that"

"I'm going to get something to eat, would you like something?" Jo asked

"Yeah….Just the usual" Steve smirked. Jo rolled her eyes and walk down to the cafeteria, she returned shortly after carrying a tray of food

She reached across and handed him a salad and juice, Steve looked at it funnily "This is yours" he handed back the Salad

"Nah-uh" Jo said smiling "That's yours" Jo said handing it back

Steve groaned "I really dislike you Jo Mathieson" Steve said glaring

"You love me" Jo said smiling before beginning to eat her sandwhich.

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