Chapter 1 – Naruto's New Power

Author's Pre-Note: I've been getting flame after flame for trying to make Naruto too powerful in my other fics. So figure this take one of my existing Naruto fan fiction and rewrite it to show you how powerful I can make him. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now experience the might that is Naruto with true god like power and nay those who get in his way for they will fear his wrath. Ye flame me for my restraint and now I mock thee with his power, BEHOLD revised Grandma Tsunade witness Naruto in his Godhood!

Naruto's Nine-Tails of Power

Tail One: The Detective – Batman

Tail Two: The Alchemist – Edward Elric

Tail Three: The Speedster – Flash

Tail Four: The Shape-shifter – Martian Man hunter

Tail Five: The Hanyou – Inuyasha

Tail Six: The Kryptonian – Superman

Tail Seven: The Shinigami – Ichigo Kurasaki

Tail Eight: The One Winged Angel – Sephiroth

Tail Nine: The Super-Saiyan – Son Goku

Leaning down eyes hidden in the shadows of his headband, inside the blonde Nine-tailed container something snapped. Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki appeared in the mindscape of their son looking up at the seal as it began to fade. Both looked extremely worried, watching as the fox began screaming in pain. "Minato-kun what's happening how come we are here?" Kushina asked her beautiful eyes looking at her beloved husband.

"I-I don't know this isn't supposed to happen," Minato stated as they both watched the nine-tails suddenly explode in nine different beams of light. The beams then crashed to the ground forming into five distinct forms. The first looked like a man in a pointed black cowl, the second was a young blonde boy dressed in a red trench coat, the next was a man dressed in a crimson red body suit a lightning bold on his chest. After that appeared a green skinned man dressed in blue, another young boy with silver hair and dog ears holding a huge sword, next was a tall man dressed in a tight dark blue, red and yellow suit with a flowing red cape, a pentagonal S placed on his chest. Following up the tall man was a teen dressed in black robes holding what looked like a large butcher knife. However it was the last two that made Minato feel totally uneasy the power they held was coming off of them in a torrent so badly he couldn't breathe. The first was a tall man dressed in black with silver shoulder guards, the sword he was holding was at least two full body lengths in size, but was as thin as a kodachi, his long silver hair reached almost to the floor and his green animal like eyes held a mixture of malice and intelligence. The last one was probably the single most powerful, yet his expression and aura reminded the former Hokage of his beloved wife, there was no malice in his face, he was equally tall as the man in blue, wearing kill me orange and a darker blue, his hair reminded Minato of a palm tree, only it was black. "Who are you people?" Minato asked. "Where is the nine-tailed fox?"

The cowl man stepped forward, "It's very difficult to explain," he gestured to the one in blue, the green skinned man, and the crimson dressed man with the lightning bolt. "Needless to say one minute we were fighting an enemy of ours the next thing we know we're here." The other three nodded.

Minato watched and sweat dropped as his wife was hugging the blonde haired boy, who remarkably looked irritated, sad, and happy if that was possible, "Dear please don't smother the boy?"

"But Minato-kun, he reminds me so much of Naruto-chan," Kushina gushed hugging the boy again.

After a few moments and a few snickers mostly from the silver haired dog boy and the orange haired boy in black, Kushina let blonde go, "Believe it or not I didn't mind," the blonde said softly. "I just finished fighting a couple of people myself and used an alchemy technique to bring my brother's body back when I appeared here."

With that explanation the blonde hokage turned to the others, most gave the same answer they were in a major life or death battle when they were transported into the mindscape. The one in black holding the huge katana however was very different, he been about to destroy his home when someone had stopped him. The only reason this man hadn't attack them was one the man in orange could easily kill him and two there was a seal on his chest with the number eight imprinted. "I see so the fox split into nine representations of itself," Minato rubbed his chin while Kushina seem to almost bounce with energy. "They're maybe a way to use this, I've watched my home abuse and torture our son for something that is not his control," the blonde hokage replied clenching his fist, his wife doing the same. "If you are all willing I would like Naruto to have full access to all your powers, with it not only can he achieve his dream but can usher in a new peace to this world."

All nine looked at each other for a moment, the cowl man stepped forward, "I Batman, bestow all my knowledge, detective reasoning, martial arts skills, and sense of justice to Naruto Uzumaki."

"I Edward Elric, bestow all my Alchemy abilities to Naruto Uzumaki," the blonde haired boy replied.

"As the fastest man alive I give the speed of the Flash to Naruto Uzumaki," the man in crimson states.

"I give all my shape-shifting, telepathy, phasing, and strength, that comes with being a Man-hunter, to Naruto Uzumaki," the green skinned man replies.

"Tch, fine I Inuyasha give all my Hanyou abilities to the brat, may he attract whatever girl he's after," the dog eared boy snorts.

"I Superman give all my strength and abilities, to Naruto Uzumaki, let him speak for truth and justice," the man in the dark blue outfit replied.

"Names Ichigo Kurasaki, allow me to bestow my powers as a Shinigami to Naruto Uzumaki," this caused Minato and Kushina to widen their eyes. "May he kick a lot of ass!" the orange haired man in black smirks causing Edward and Inuyasha to snicker.

"I bestow the powers of the Lifestream and Jenova upon this vessel, so that it will allow him to crush his enemies and grant no mercy to his betrayers, this I Sephiroth will to Naruto Uzumaki," the silver haired man said grimly.

"Hi I'm Goku, allow me to give Naruto Uzumaki all my powers and abilities of a Super Saiyan," the man with the palm tree hair and orange gi."

As each one gave the go ahead Minato watched as numbers and names appeared above each individual, Kushina looked on in awe gushing at how pretty they were. Until finally the lights and figures all vanished, "Minato-kun what happened?"

"They fused with our son, dear," Minato's face broke into a dark malicious smirk, "I pity anyone he comes across now." The two looked around and frowned wondering why they hadn't vanished as well the seal was gone and the fox was no longer present, the sole purpose of them being in that space was no more. "Why haven't we vanished?"

"Maybe so we can be with our son?" Kushina suggested, "I hope so, maybe next time he gets knocked into here we can finally tell him everything."

Minato agreed about that, pulling out a sealed scroll, "well if we're stuck here let's," with a poof the scroll unsealed to reveal two bowls of ramen. "Here."

Kushina got stars in her eyes taking her bowl, "Oh Minato-kun thank you I missed this food of the Gods," she whipped out her specially made chopsticks and began eating.


Haku looked on as a huge swirl of energy rose out all around the orange clad boy, it was there he felt one malicious form of chakra split into nine different forms the first few weren't that strong, however the last two were stifling. "What is this, how can a single person have nine different chakras?"

The orange clad boy stood his eyes still hidden underneath his headband, "Chakra Tail 8: The One-Winged Angel, activate," the boy whispered with that his hair turned silver and all the color in his clothing vanish save the two blue patches on his shoulder, which also turned to silver, "For what you've done to my friend I'll pay you back a million fold," the boy stated his head came revealing two cold slitted green eyes. He reached up and a huge thin bladed sword. "Firaga!" was the single cold phrase suddenly a huge fire ball hotter than the hottest fire Jutsu exploded in the air above Naruto and the prone Uchiha. The heat was so intense that Haku's mirrors actually shattered sending the masked shinobi flying and sliding back. Looking down Naruto activated another new ability, "Scan!" after a few seconds Naruto snorted. "I see so you put Sasuke in suspended animation, Chakra Tail 8, deactivate," with that Naruto's form shifts back to its original state as he casually walks toward the masked-shinobi.

"How did you know?" Haku asked weakly standing up.

"If he had been killed I would of used life on him, for some odd reason when I went ballistic after Sasuke took that hit for me, I felt something inside me change," the blonde stated. "Chakra Tail 2: The Alchemist, activate," he said calmly again his clothing changed color again this time to red, his clan symbol change to a cross, with a crown and snake, his right hand gave off a metallic sheen, clapping his hands together dropping to his knees slapping his hands to the ground Haku found himself up to his neck in cement his body frozen. Once that was done Naruto's appearance changed again back to the original.

"So what now?" Haku asked faintly trying to move his fingers but they were frozen in place. The blonde didn't respond instead was looking off toward the water eyes narrowing. "What is it?"

"Seems you and your partner are about to be double crossed," Naruto glanced in a different direction sensing a chakra spike. "Kakashi-sensei," he whispered.


Now Haku wasn't the only one to witness Naruto's change in power, back in the hidden leaf the 3rd Hokage had felt it. On the road heading toward the Leaf village from the Land of Water, Jiraiya of the Sannin had felt it. In his hidden base near the Hidden Grass Village Orochimaru had felt it and felt something else, he felt fear. At another Hidden Village this time the Hidden Rain ten figures looked up as one and felt many things, three felt fear(Itachi, Nagato, Madara), one was indifferent(Sasori), two felt nervous(Kakuzu, Hidan), the rest were just scared stiff(everyone else). One in particular looked up from the slot machines and felt something entirely different, both concern and outrage. "I can't believe I trusted there word, Shizune! Pack up were going home. I got three old farts to pounds into paste and another old fart to kick to the moon!"

Shizune nodded vigorously wondering what was going on. "L-Lady Tsunade, what's the matter?"

Tsunade turned to her long time apprentice a weak tearful smile on her face, "That surge of power we felt, t-that's from my little grandson."

"Naruto, I thought the council said he died in the attack," Shizune responded as the two made it to their hotel room. "And if he didn't why didn't the Hokage tell us."

Tsunade grabbed her clothing stuffing them in a pack, "We'll find out as soon as we get back to the village. Heaven help those old bastards because when I get there I'm going to unleash hell," the blonde woman growled clenching her fist Shizune's eyes flashed in full agreement.


Kakashi and Zabuza also felt the wave of power looking in the direction of the youngster's battle they saw a huge flash of fire. This was quickly followed by, seeing a body go flying through the air and the dome of mirrors shattering. "What that Kakashi!"

The silver haired jonin had no clue he had felt the Nine-tails chakra briefly before it seem to split into nine different forms of chakra each one more powerful than the first. What happened to Naruto, I wonder. He was about to launch his attack when a flash of red caught the corner of his eye. Suddenly Naruto was standing next to him in his usual outfit only it was crimson red his headband sported to yellow wings and his jacket was open revealing a yellow and white circle with a lightning bolt. The boy was currently stopping him from attacking. "Naruto what are you doing, where's Sasuke and that hunter-nin?"

"Sasuke's unconscious and Haku is tied up," the blonde boy stated. "I came to warn you Kakashi-sensei several men are coming, they're being led by some guy that's shorter than me."

Zabuza cursed, "Gato must be planning on betraying me," he clenched his fist. "Kakashi my quarrel with you is done."

The silver haired jonin nodded pushing his headband down to cover his Sharingan, Naruto nodded to himself. "Chakra Tail 2: The Alchemist, activate," with that his clothing shifted he turned clapping his hands and with a brief flash, followed by running Haku appeared out of the mist. Kakashi looked down at Naruto. "What sensei?" it was then that Kakashi notice something else had changed.

"Naruto, where's your whisker marks?" Kakashi asked looking a bit worried.

Blinking Haku held up one of his mirror's to show Naruto looked at his face and was amazed. "Wow, I don't know sensei, one minute I go nuts thinking Haku killed Sasuke the next thing I feel is a whole bunch a abilities get downloaded into a my head," Naruto states rubbing the back of his head as his clothing goes back to their normal orange. "Heh, sometimes I don't need to say anything to turn them off."

A few minutes later Gato and his goons appear, however he wasn't expecting them to be standing waiting for him. "How did you know?" Zabuza simply jerked his thumb at the orange clad blonde. The shipping magnate looked at the boy growling both in outrage and fear, something in the boy was giving off waves of malice. However before he could order his men to do anything they all dropped, each one had senbon sticking out of their neck. A second later Zabuza breezes in and kills the magnate a swift decapitating motion.

"Couldn't have happened to a nicer tyrant," Naruto snorts crossing his arms.


Naruto bent down and with Haku's instruction gently pulled out all of the senbon that Sasuke had in his body. He then used his One Winged Angel ability to use cure to heal all of Sasuke's injuries as soon as the last wound healed the Uchiha woke up. "Naruto, why do you look so different?"

"I think I activated a Kekki Genkai after you passed out," Naruto stated not really sure how to explain his new found abilities, figure a bloodline limit was the best explanation for it.

"You think?" Sasuke watched as Naruto's appearance went back to normal.

The blonde haired boy shrugged, "Hey I am orphan might parents might have had a really cool kekki genkai." Sakura sighed looking a bit worried something had happened to her blonde haired teammate, one he was given some really cool powers, two his whiskers were gone showing that they hid a really handsome face, not that she was shallow. She though Naruto was really handsome just a bit annoying and loud, if got rid of that which he apparently had done, he be grade A boyfriend material.

The exchange between Zabuza and Kakashi had been brief the information the swordsman had given about the 4th Mizukage was a bit disturbing. With a silent nod the swordsman and his apprentice departed. With that Team seven stayed with the bridge builder until the bridge had been completed, they also looted Gate's warehouse of items to give to the villagers mostly money and supplies.

Once the bridge was finished Team seven left for home, deep inside the recesses of Naruto's mind his parents had watched the powers their son had displayed. "Makes me wonder what other powers Naruto will have," Minato stated aloud his wife nodding and smiling.

Author's Note: How was it? This will still be Naruto/Sakura fic so those that were hoping for Hinata read something else. Naruto has these abilities even when he doesn't activate them it's just he hasn't been able to master them. Still he's going to be uber powerful god like meaning nothing will get in his way. Tsunade is still his grandmother in this fic, even though we now have a clear picture of her relationship with Naruto actually is. In canon they are still family which is cool, distant cousins at least. As I said in a different story I just didn't like how the original Grandma Tsunade was playing out so I did this. Which is also a chi blast at my flamers for making Naruto too strong in other stories. That wasn't strong, this is.