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A Whole New World


In all honesty, no one really knew where this kid came from. Kids aren't usually brought back to the Holy Land Mariejois, headquarters of the Marines just like that, especially not by vice-admirals that are supposed to be on an extremely secretive mission.

"What is the meaning of this Garp? Are you trying to drive me insane?"

The infamous vice-admiral of the Marines, known for his completely unpredictable personality as well as iron fists of justice, was currently sipping on his tea.

"Eh? I thought you were insane already. Gahahaha!"


Just like any other day, in the office of Sengoku, another shouting row was about to begin.

"Can you explain to me, just why you felt it was the, quote, 'right thing to do', by bringing back this… this child!" It would seem that the supreme commander had difficulty understanding the actions of his irritating 'friend', as usual.

"That is because I am the Hero of the marines." The huge smile plus that bear-like laugh that came with the answer did nothing to amuse Sengoku.




"Ah, I fell asleep."


"Okay, okay, geez, calm down, you might die of low blood pressure at this rate. Or was it high? Gahahaha!"

Sounds of the desk cracking under the pressure of fists were heard, and as the saying goes, if looks could kill… there probably still would be a Garp somewhere somehow.

"The brat was bored and said he wanted to come with me. He seemed interesting, so I let him tag along."

The glare got even worse once the reason was heard, "You brought back… a five year old, because he was bored."


"… Get out of my office."

"Gahaha, this tea is really nice…"


"Whoa whoa, okay, okay, calm dow – "


Crashes of furniture and pulling of hair sound effects can be heard, though seeing Garp walk out completely unharmed was quite amusing. At least for Kuzan it was.

"Ara, Sengoku-san seems to be kinda angry, don't you think?"

"Feh, that old fart is always angry."


"See? Anyway, so, what'd you think of the kid?"

"Hm? I don't believe I've had time to interact with him."

Scratching his beard, the vice-admiral frowned, "Why's that?"

"I believe he is getting quite acquainted with Tsuru-san."

"… I don't like the sound of that."

It was a known fact that the great tactician was the only one in the marines that took no nonsense from Garp, constantly picking on his bad habits, not afraid of giving him a good scolding when need be. Though in recent years, she seemed to have gotten tired of that too, since Garp never changed the way he did things no matter what she said, so she settled for indifference. Though she had a kind heart within her… somewhere… she rarely let it show since there wasn't anyone worthy in this marine force, at least that was what she said.

To think that the brat would be with her for the past, wait how long was it?

"It's been three hours."

"Right, three hours."

To think the that the brat would be with her for the past three hours, the chaos that would eventually ensue would be…

"Horrifiying, yes."

"Kuzan, what do you say you and I go arrest some pirates in the south blue? Eh? That seems like a good three month trip! Gahahaha!"

"Admiral Aokiji has other matters to attend to, unlike some irresponsible oafs that know nothing about tending to a poor little child." Speaking of the devil, a thin, elder woman with grey hair tied in a bun appeared in the hallway, staring apathetically at the hero of the marines.

"Ah? Well, well, isn't this Tsuru! It's been a long time!" Garp was completely unaware of the vibes of anger that seemed to roll off Tsuru and continued having his wide grin plastered on his face.

Adjusting his glasses, Kuzan gave a slight cough, "Well, if you excuse me then." A man knew when he needed to retreat; this was why he was a vice-admiral.

Not even looking at the Ice general, Tsuru kept her eyes locked onto the vice-admiral, eyes that could have made anyone else feel extremely small. But this was Garp, the most clueless marine there ever was. Hence the effect was moot.

"Would you care to explain why you treated him that way?"

"Treated who what way?"

"You know who I'm talking about."

"That brat made fun of me! He didn't show me the respect I deserve! He braided my beard!" Shouting out the first things that came to his head when it came to the brat, Garp felt extremely proud for providing such reasonable excuses for manhandling… er, treating the little bastard. Er, brat. He meant brat.

"Your thoughts are not very personal if you say them out loud." Came the cool reply. Needless to say, she was not pleased.

"So? What do you want? Did the brat die or something?"

"No. That young gentleman went to take a nap an hour ago, because you found it funny to tie him to the head of the marine ship and leave him there." Those black orbs of hers stared at him without a hint of life within them.

"Well, I fell asleep so – "

"You fell asleep and saw it fit to leave a five year old boy tied to the front of a ship as you crossed the calm belt –"

" – But it seemed fun!"

" – where it was filled with Sea-king monsters all over the place –"

"Hey it's not like he got eaten."

" – Where he was almost eaten alive?"

"I like the way you're raising your voice by like an octave as you go. 'Cos, you know, your voice is pretty deep, so that was like four octaves, or was it five?"

"Monkey D. Garp, I'm warning you."

"What? Is that what the brat told you! I can tell you right now that everything he said was the truth! I'm not lying!"

And silence ensued. For a few seconds, before Tsuru rolled up her sleeves, "So he was telling the truth hm?"

Gaping slightly, "Just what did he tell you? You seem awfully mad."

"Countless things, which I didn't think could be true, but judging from your earlier responses, I now deem to be perfectly possible." Activating the powers of the Woshu Woshu no mi, the elderly woman prepared to 'clean' the idiot standing before her.

"Now see here! I am a vice-admiral too! And I will not be pushed around by a grandma like you!" Garp huffed, then, "Zzzzz…" He fell asleep.

Eyebrows twitching, Tsuru gritted her teeth, "You just don't change, do you?"

Just as she was about to wash the old fool, a flash of light rushed past her, and in her arms, she held the cute little five ear old from before, "Tsuru-obaa-chan!" Waving his arms happily, the kid placed a soft kiss on her cheek, before grinning happily, "I won!"

Blinking at his sudden appearance, the old woman relaxed her poise and regained her composure, taking on the role of a loving grandmother as she gently rocked her arms, "Oh? And what did you win in, Naru-chan?"

"I won that yellow man in a race!" was his reply.

Yellow man. Yellow man. How many yellow men were there in the marine?

"Did he look like a barbaric monkey, Naru-chan?"

"Hm, yeah!"

"I see. You just beat Borsalino in speed." Rolling her eyes, "And what did I tell you before?"

Naruto cheerfully mimicked her eye movement before cooing, "To have fun and be happy!"

"No, I said to lie down and rest, you silly boy."

"Aw, but Tsuru-obaa-chan, I was bored." Those puppy-eyes had tremendous effect on all ladies, be it young or old.

"Haha, are you trying to charm me into letting you do whatever you want, Naru-chan?" Those cold black orbs now held a gentle warmth in them, a welcome change to the normally serious woman.

"Noooo~ I'm just trying to get you to have fun!"

"Haha, okay, I trust you." Nuzzling his cheek affectionately, the old woman chuckled, "What do you say we go get some afternoon tea?"

"Yay! I was getting hungry!"

It was on this day that a faint bond began to form between the Great Tactician and the future Crimson Storm. No one knew how the Crimson Storm had such a success right off the bat, but Tsuru knew. Even as she doted on the five year old, the woman knew that this was no ordinary child. Those eyes have seen far too much to be that of a young innocent boy. But she made herself a promise, until the day Naru-chan tells her everything, she would not ask him a thing.

The Great Tactician had chosen to trust the boy because the essence within his being was calling out to her, it was like the Nature around her was telling her to let down her defenses and let the boy into her circle. She didn't have the heart in her to say no to such an energetic ball of fluff. She was old and had to deal with idiots and troublesome matters all day long, pirates this, pirates that, she had had enough. She needed something to lighten up her life, and then this boy came.

This incredible boy who had the ability to endure all of Garp's tortures, outrun Borsalino, and negate Sakazuki's fiery touch. This was a gem, sent to her for refining, and by god she was going to do it, she was going to make him the strongest Marine there ever was, and maybe then, her dream might come true, the dream before she became a bitter old lady.

The dream of True Justice.

Not absolute, but true. Unlike that moron Sengoku, she didn't believe in extremes. She was taught to look at every single possibility and always leaving room for the impossible, and that was why she was known as the Great Tactician, because in her books, anything can happen.

She wasn't naïve either, and knew that without power, any views that she tried to put forth was for naught. She was tired of it all, working so hard over the years just to reach this position, and to push harder would mean spending double the effort as her age was catching up.

Naru-chan was her hope, and she will treasure him, just as he treasured her.

You must be tired. Don't give up. It can still happen. Let me do the work while you take all the glory. I promise, I won't ever let you down. It's the promise of a lifetime!

Those words came from a five year old boy that had never met her before. She wasn't one to believe in coincidences. Sure those words could have worked for anything else, but she could feel it in her very soul, that those words were meant for her. She will raise him like her own, and she'll be damned if he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

And so it was settled. Uzumaki Naruto became one of the marines, just like that. For some reason, the Gorousei agreed to his stay, and Sengoku could find nothing to kick him out. Garp was fine with it, Tsuru insisted and the other vice-admirals couldn't be bothered, though Sakazuki seemed quite annoyed at this turn of events.

No one asked why this kid was there. Till this day, no one really knew why Uzumaki Naruto just so happened to appear in the pirate raid conducted by Monkey D. Garp. The Gorousei were never informed, nor were the Tenryuubito. Everyone simply treated this as another crazy thing the vice-admiral started, and no one bothered to pay it too much attention.

However, in the years to come, the world will undergo drastic changes, with people's lives changing without them even realizing it. Such is the power of a sennin, and for Uzumaki Naruto, he shall step on his final journey, aiming to achieve something no one in this world has ever thought would succeed – True Peace and Justice.

Right, let's stop there. This is just a prologue, so it's a bit short. This is like 22 years before Canon One Piece started, so there's some ground work to lay here. Anyway, things will change, lots of them. I love AUs, so yeah.

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