History as it never was (also called History: Saiyan Style)
By Lord Tabris

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Chapter 1: Vegeta was smiling

Gohan awoke still feeling unsettled. He just couldn't understand it.

--------------- Flashback ---------------

Gohan glanced over at Vegeta and almost fell over at what he saw.

Vegeta was smiling... at him!

Gohan was shocked and very scared. He slowly gathered his courage and asked. "Er.. Vegeta? Are you alright?"

Vegeta just gave a broader grin and said. "Ofcourse I am."

"But... but... your smiling!" stammered Gohan.

"I am well aware of that."

"But why?" he asked, unsure of whether he actually wanted to hear the answer.

Vegeta laughed. "You will see soon enough, brat."

Gohan was now very worried.


He quickly dressed for school in his usual red pants, white shirt and black vest. Stumbling down the stairs he sat at the kitchen table, rubbing sleep from his eyes. Goten came barrelling into the kitchen just as Chi Chi finished cooking breakfast. He immediately dove into it.

Chi Chi rolled her eyes as the two boys ate everything on the table within two minutes.

Gohan leaned back in his chair and sighed happily. "Great breakfast Mum!" he said, patting his now full stomach.

His mother smiled as she finished packing his lunch. She quickly glanced at the clock.

"Gohan! Get moving now or you are going to be late for school!"

Gohan bolted upright as he saw what time it was. Quickly grabbing his capsule lunch, he shoved it into his bag and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. "Bye mum!" he called as he ran out the front door, ruffling Goten's hair on the way out.

As soon as he was outside, he leapt into the air and pressed the button on his watch, transforming into The Great Saiyaman.

With a quick wave he blasted off towards Satan City.


Gohan ran into class just as the final bell went. Noticing he had beaten the teacher, he relaxed and hurried up to his seat.

Videl glanced at him as he sat next to her. He was looking a little edgy.

"Hey Gohan. Are you alright?" she asked.

Gohan looked at her with a start and then nodded slowly. "Sure, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

Videl raised an eyebrow at his odd behaviour. "You just look a little edgy."

Gohan gave a nervous laugh and looked down at his desk, pretending to be studying his notes.

Man, what was up with Vegeta yesterday? The way kept smiling at me has got me all freaked out.

Gohan could hardly tell Videl that he was scared because a guy smiled at him. That would make her think he was a wimp for sure.

Suddenly, Gohan was snapped out of his thoughts as the Principal entered the room.

Looking around at the students, the principal cleared his throat to get their attention. Once their eyes were focused upon him, he smiled.

"Good Morning. I just came here to introduce your new History teacher. As you know, the old one has transferred to another school."

The principal beckoned to someone who was standing outside the door. The person entered the room and looked around the room.

"This is your new teacher, Mr. Briefs." said the principal, flashing a brief smile at the students.

Gohan almost fell out of his chair as he cried out.



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