History as it never was (also called History: Saiyan Style)
By Lord Tabris

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Chapter 13: Resolutions - The time after

Peace and quiet. Everything was calm, everyone was happy. The world was a safe place and Gohan led a trouble free life where he could just lay back and relax...

Yep... that's the life Gohan wished for.

"BARBIE DOLLS!! You play with barbie dolls!" screamed an outraged and highly embarrassed Bulma.

Vegeta pouted and looked at the ground with his bottom lip sticking out. "It's the brats fault. He wanted me to play with him and I just got hooked!"

Whirling around to point an accusing finger at the doll, Vegeta ranted with eyes wide. "Look! You can change the hair AND it comes with two hats! TWO!! How could I possibly resist that??"

Everyone in the room sweatdropped.
On his way to school the next day Gohan noticed something strange.

"Man, my backpack sure is heavy today. I guess I forgot to ditch my history book."

Reaching around to remove his bag he was met with a huge surprise.

Instead of the usual coarse thread, his hands instead landed on flesh. Warm, human flesh.

It's about this point that Gohan realised he had arms wrapped firmly around his neck and legs around his waist.

Feeling movement on his back, he stood very still, his eyes wide.

".... Oh... morning Gohan.." murmured Videl.

Gohan's scream made dogs cower in their kennels.
---- 1 Year Later ----
"Aww mum, do I have to go?" whined Trunks. Putting on his best puppy dog look.

Bulma looked at him sternly. "Yes you do. You only get to see your father once a month so there is no way you are missing it!"

"Hmph, fine."

Fishing identification out of her purse, Bulma and Trunks were given clearance to enter 'West City Mental Asylum', where Vegeta was current resident of the month. And had as many Barbies as he desired.
Gohan snored softly on his desk in history class as Vegeta's replacement, Mr Boreman, rattled on about the Cell Games and the great Mr Satan.

Videl was also sleeping, her hand intertwined with Gohan's.
With a snort, Majin Buu finally awoke.


Buu was certainly surprised to find that he consisted of only a head.

Looking around frantically he spotted a small market stand at the edge of the crater. He let out a startled cry when he read the sign on the top of the stand.

'BUU GUM - Lasts for hours and refreshens your breath!'
"And those will be your duties as the new guardian of the Earth. Any questions?" queried Piccolo as he peered at the young Namek before him.

Suril licked his lips before replying. "Uh.. I was just wondering.. what happened to the former guardian?"

Piccolo's eyes widened slightly before flickering to the edge of the lookout and back again.

Noticing the brief eye movement, Suril began shaking slightly as he realised exactly what had become of his predecessor.

Mr Popo shook his head sadly as he watched the meeting. Poor lad. Hope he's brighter than Dende was.

He looks solemnly at the large plaque before him that tells of all former guardians and their causes of death.

Dende - Accidentally falling from the lookout.


Once again, sorry for the abrupt ending. Thankyou to everyone who supported this story :)