I wrote this years ago and I don't know why, but I had the sudden inspiration to post this. I'm not sure how this story will go; Ive gone written a few chapters, so please be patient with me as I get the hang of this again. I do not own Ms. Huff's incredible 'Blood Ties' series nor the beloved characters we've all come to love. Therefore, no copyright infringement is intended so please don't sue: you wont get much

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Strong winds rustled through the hollow trees of Queen's Park. Through the rustling of leaves, light footsteps could be heard coming from the pathway. A tall man in his mid twenties stepped down the pathway, searching his surrounding while expertly texting on his Blackberry. He easily placed his phone back into his pocket, laughing lightly at his roommate's wild antics. Terrence was a fine young man, not only physically, but mentally. He graduated high school the top of his class, moving to continue his education in Toronto to pursue a medical degree. Terrence kept his brisk pace along the pathway, occasionally clinging to his jacket as the cold wind whisked past him. He walked through the park alone, trying to find a quicker way back to the campus dorms. The air suddenly changed and the wind furiously blew, raising goose bumps on his caramel skin. He knew the seasons at this time of year were changing, but the ways of the wind seemed to have a mind of its own.

Something was off.

He felt a silent presence in the air, and hastily made his way through the shadowy park. The wind rustled eerily through the sky, haunting the trees with its toxic breath.

All of a sudden, everything stopped.

The wind stopped flowing, the dog barks silenced, the essence of life died in that very instance. Terrence circled his steps once more, trying to hear for the echoes in the air. His erratic breaths were the only sounds her heard, echoing loudly through the trees.


Then he smelled it. The stench of decay, pain, despair, and suffering. The hairs literally jumped off the back of his neck, terrified at the impending danger it faced. The air smoldered as the fiend in black appeared out of the shadows. His slow, calculated steps would scare off the meanest beast. Grotesque creatures slithered around the dark corners of the park, some emerging from the alley directly across the road. They swiftly came towards Terrance, circling and trapping the human man.

"Terrance…," his name became a chant echoed through the darkness. The creature, now formed as a handsome middle-aged priest emerged, looking down at his sharp, black fingernails as he walked forward. The priest looked up into the man's face, fanning his minions away. The young man stumbled as he felt his arms went free. He looked venomously at the evil before him, not letting his guard down for a second.


"Terrence De Lacey…one of the last of the De Lacey men. It's a pleasure to see you again my friend. It has been too long wouldn't you say?"

Terrence looked at the demon in defiance and strength. He had prepared himself for this moment in time, if ever faced with the demon prince. He always knew this day would come soon. And if he died fighting, he would die with honor and pride for his family's name.

The demon looked around, circling Terrence with a smirk on his face. "Now, where are the others? I see they're not here to rescue you this time."

"I am not afraid of you demon and I will not put them in danger again. You almost had me once; but I will not let you do it again."

"Demon? Look at me," he stopped and said; turning in full circle and laughing menacingly, "I am but a priest."

"You are no servant of God, nor are you here on your master's work. You think you can outsmart him and do what he couldn't? You are here to wreak havoc on Earth, opening the gateway to Hell!"

Astaroth's devilry smirk immediately turned upside down as the human, his prey, taunted him.

"How dare you insult ME, you mere peasant!" he shouted, grabbing Terrence by his throat off the ground, cutting his air supply off by the seconds. Astaroth was pissed, pissed off that a mere human would insult his plan. Terrence, however, was indeed correct in his initial assumptions. The Devil was unaware of his ulterior motive for taking over, but only time would tell itself. "He can never control me and I WILL take over this world."

"Your p-plan…will n-never work," Terrence said in between breaths, "You c-can k-kill me, but you…you will never have my soul."

"We'll see about that," he said, crushing his throat and dropping his body to the cold dirty ground. Terrence's body went into shock, shaking suddenly. Then within seconds, his body subdued and went numb. His mind's last thoughts were prayers- silent prayers to God and mercy for the world…and his sisters.

After fifteen minutes in the alley, Astaroth's followers debated whether speaking would be appropriate. The last male descendent of a family dynasty was dead, but he was the least of their worries. The De Lacey women dominated the family, providing the boy to be useless. Finally, the deformed Fornues spoke first.

"Master, s-shall we dispose of the body?" he hissed.

"Leave it here Fornues and let the humans find it. Tonight, I have a date with two very special women," he said looking at the dead body on the ground. His yellow stare looked at the body and poked, making sure he was truly dead. Then, he licked his index finger and burned a symbol onto Terrence's pale wrist. He laughed venomously and walked away, disappearing amidst the darkness.

"Five down. Two to go."