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Chapter 1: Me

Weird. Creep. Lame. Crazy. Loser. The list goes on.


I'm Ellannie Smith. People refer to me as Ella. Well, at least those who like me, which makes the number of people around three.

Many don't even know of my existence. Plain, long brown hair. Boring blue eyes. An hour-glass figure (not fat) and dull facial features. I didn't really turn any heads with my looks.

Personality? I was basically…dead. An introvert with no voice. And when I did speak, I was sour and snappy. I would only speak to someone at most twice in a week. But I don't blame people for thinking me weird.

Who wouldn't find the daughter of a murderer creepy? Still, my mom always said that the past was behind us.

But I still wake up screaming in the dead of night, with fears that he would return. Of course, he wouldn't since he got imprisoned, but still. No one really gets over the type of things I have gone through.

Every day, I look at myself in the mirror with disgust. My stomach and back covered in nasty scars. They would fade some day in the distant future, but the mental scars never really do fade. I mean…even if I wanted them to, they won't.

They will live on with me till the day I die. They will continue to haunt my dreams. They will deprive me of a carefree and happy life. They will always be with me.

Reminding me forever of the pain. The tears. The screams. And HIM.

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