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"I'm coming I'm coming" Elliot called out as he came down the stairs tightening his robe. Whoever was beating on his door at this hour better have a damn good reason, especially since they had just woken up his children as well.

"You have a lot of fucking nerve" Olivia said as Elliot opened the door and she pushed her way in "You couldn't wait till you could run to her and tell her everything could you. Christ for once couldn't you keep your pig headed opinions and thoughts to yourself."

"I take it she found you." Stabler said as he headed to the kitchen to grab them a beer.

"What was your first clue Stabler me beating down your door at one in the morning. Wow you are a top notch detective."

"El?" Kathy called out as she came down the stairs hearing the commotion "Everything ok?"

"Yeah it's just Olivia."

"Hey Olivia want me to fix the spare room for you."

"No thank you Kathy I'm only here to kill your husband."

"That's fine but please remember he does have four children to raise." She said as she headed back up the stairs to leave them to their argument. If it wasn't for the fact that Olivia was gay and Elliot was a man that stood by his vows come hell or high water she would wonder about them.

"Look I thought I was helping. She deserved to know the truth."

"She deserved to know I was devastated. That I almost left New York to avoid occasions like today. That I still pine over her. Really she needed to know all that."

"Yes she did because the two of you are two of the most stubborn and hard headed women I have ever met. You two would spend the rest of your life dancing around each other or trying to avoid each other. Someone had to step up to the plate."

"Oh really and suddenly you know what's good for me. What's best?"

"I know she is. She always has been."

"News flash Elliot people change things change. She is no longer what's good or best for me. She is my past. I have moved on and I'm happy now. I would appreciate if you left well enough alone."

Olivia slammed her beer bottle down and headed for the door. Stabler wasted no time being hot on her heels saying what he had to say.

"If you're so damn happy why do you basically live at the station? Why is it that when you catch a nap in the crib you cry out Alex's name? Why is it since the day she was whisked away to wit sec you haven't even so much as look at another woman. Jesus Casey did everything short of smacking you to make you see it. I had to finally tell you that she was interested."

"I wasn't. I spend most of my time at the station because I'm married to the job. You know that."

"NO what I know is that you stay at the station to avoid facing an empty apartment. You cry out Alex's name because you still love her which is the only reason why you never gave Casey a second look."

"That's bullshit and you know it. I devoted myself to my job. The victims needed me."

"Why is that? Why have you've given so much to your job?"

"Jesus Elliot were you not listening the victims need me."

"Now that's a lie and you know it."

"The hell Elliot Stabler."

"Olivia the only person who knows you better than me is Alex. Now admit the truth."

"I told you the truth" Olivia growled out getting extremely frustrated with Elliot.

"No you didn't tell me the real reason why you haven't dated anyone else. Why you've given all your time to your job. Tell me."

"El leave it."


"You want to know FINE. I give all I have to my job because I want Alex and no one else I miss her so much at times it hurts. I also learned the hard way I'd rather be alone than to face that. I can't take losing her again. It almost killed me the first time. I'd be a fool to open myself up to that type of pain."

"You're a fool not to Olivia. She was taken from you by Zapata she didn't leave on her own free will. I am willing to bet my children's lives that had Zapata not come along you two would be married with little Alex's running around. Am I wrong?"

"No" Olivia whispered as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Liv let me ask you have I ever lied to you or steered you wrong."

"No man never."

"Then please believe me when I say she feels the same way. Whatever she told you tonight is not a line or a lie. It's the truth. Sit down with her and talk. Really listen you may be shocked at what you discover."

"What could that possible be?"

"Happiness with the woman you love more than life itself."

Olivia glared at Elliot for a minute before giving up all fa├žade of being mad. He was right. He knew it, she knew it. Hell his family and the neighbors that just heard everything knew it.

"Well Rico Suave who's been married to the same woman since he was eighteen how the hell do I do that."

"Starting with a phone call might be helpful." He said as he reached into her jacket pocket and pulled her phone out handing it to her.

"Yeah she didn't answer my last phone calls why answer these." She grumbled as she jerked her phone from him.

"Because she knows you. She knows you stormed from the building mad and hurt. Then as you cooled down you would call her or find her. I'm willing to bet my life she's waiting by her phone right now."

Olivia cut her eyes at him while she dialed a number she knew by heart. As much as she wanted to prove him wrong she knew he was right again. There had been so many times in their past they had argued she had shown up over here to vent absolutely positive when the time came that she wouldn't answer the phone. Only to have Alex answer on the second ring with are you ready to come home. Just like in the past she heard the voice that sounded like heaven answer the phone on the second ring.