The explosion ripped through NCIS headquarters like a knife cutting through butter. The walls met with the floor in a deafening crash, as they toppled over like playing cards. The roof soon caved in without the support of the walls beneath it, trapping and injuring those below. Sparks flew from the electricity cables that had been ripped from the walls, and the resulting fires burned beneath the rubble.

Gibbs and Ziva were trapped in the elevator between the squad room and Abby's lab and autopsy. They had been reasonably sheltered from the blast, but some of the cables holding the elevator had been severed, some completely and some just being held together with threads.

Penny had been in the bullpen talking to McGee, but both had been rendered unconscious when the walls and roof had caved in. Penny had a large cut to her head; her face was cut and bruised. McGee looked as if he was hurt worse than Penny; his leg was bleeding and the bone could be seen sticking out at an odd angle, and his arm was dislocated.

Jenny was trapped underneath a large beam that had fallen from the ceiling, and the wall had then caved in on top of that. She was unconscious and bleeding from cuts to her head, face, arms and legs.

Tony fortunately was outside when the explosion happened, but was covered in small cuts from the glass that had shattered from the windows, which now lay on the tarmac of the naval base. He felt shell shocked; his friends were in there, and he was powerless to help. He ran towards the fire exit where people were beginning to run out from, those who had managed to escape with little or no injury.

As he ran towards some of his colleagues he was pleased to see Abby, Ducky and Jimmy coming out, with just a few minor cuts and bruises. They were all covered in plaster, and soot from the smoke which caused Abby to cough violently.

'Abs are you alright?' He asked with concern.

'Yeah I'm fine Tony, but where are all the others?' Abby replied between coughs.

'They haven't come out yet; they must be trapped inside.' Tony explained.

'What the hell happened?' Ducky asked as he sat Abby down on the grass and began to check her over.

'I don't know Duck, I really don't know.' Tony replied as he looked at the distress and chaos that had erupted, and at the former shell of the now smoke and fire filled NCIS building.