Warning! Rape, swearing

Thanks to Akari's blood for beta reading!

Mistake, chapter 1

Hidan wakes up in total darkness. His body hurts like hell. He tries to stand up but his body feels so heavy, as if he has lost too much blood. Where is he? The last thing he remembers was that Kakuzu and he were in a hotel room. Hidan guarded the door until 2 o'clock and now, its Kakuzu's turn to guard. Well, Hidan cannot die, so Kakuzu guards his money and Hidan guards Kakuzu while he sleeps with his money. They couldn't have been attacked without being awoken because Kakuzu make pretty much noise when he fight. So what's going on?

"Kakuzu?" He says as he tries to raises his hands in front of him. He feels someone coming near to him. It's Kakuzu for sure, who else? The other man removes the blanket from Hidan and sits between his legs.

Hidan's head is killing him and he has difficulty moving. The weather is way too hot tonight, it's strange. "Maybe I got a fever, but then why can I not see?" He ignores Kakuzu and touches his head; a piece of tissue is tied around his head above his eyes. He's blindfolded.

Now Hidan starts to panic, something is not right. When he feels the older man pull down his boxers, he desperately tries to undo the blindfold, but he doesn't have force. He quickly realizes that he doesn't have a fever, he has been drugged. The older man lets his hands explores Hidan's naked body, ignoring the smaller man's attempts to push him off of him. His partner never showed interest in him before now.

"Kakuzu, what the heck are you doing?" Hidan yells before the older man silences him with a kiss. The other man pushes his tongue inside his mouth but Hidan didn't kiss back, he was in too much shock to even react. He would never admit it, but it feels good. Not to be molested by his partner, but kissed by him.

It's not right, he's not supposed to like this. He turns his head to break the kiss and Kakuzu takes advantage of this to bury his head in Hidan's neck, kissing and licking him.

"I know it's Kakuzu, so why are you blindfolding me?" He asks. The other man didn't respond but Hidan knows the answer anyway; Kakuzu never let him saw his face or body.

He tangles his hands in his partner's short hair but doesn't have enough force to pull on them hard enough to hurt or pull away the bounty hunter. The older man grabs the younger man hips tightly and grinds their erections together, earning a loud moan from Hidan.

Hidan blushes furiously and mentally curses himself for being loud. The older man takes both of Hidan's thighs and raises them until they rest on his chest. His body feels so hot, it must be the drugs, too, what else?

Why does he not want me to see? If I rely on Kakuzu's eyes and stature, for sure, he doesn't looks like any other person I have seen before, but is it really that bad? Anyway, strange colored eyes are cool, he thinks, but a sharp pain in his lower region draws him out of his thoughts. He digs his nails in his partner back and scratches him painfully, drawing a bit of blood in the process. Maybe he doesn't have enough force to pull him out of him, but he can at least hurt him.

"Ka.. Kakuzu! Stop! GAH!" He screams in pleasure when the older man hits his prostate. It's not right; Hidan rarely loses control of his body like that, and he's not supposed to like it. But he can't help it, something in the thought of Kakuzu on top of him, controlling him, it arouses him like nothing else. It doesn't take long before Hidan comes, screaming Kakuzu's name loudly before he passes out.

When Hidan wakes up, he removes the blindfold. Kakuzu's bed is still in order and the older man isn't guarding the door. Maybe he left me behind Hidan thinks, not knowing if he should be angry or relieved. He walks to the bathroom and take a quick shower before returning to sleep. He feels so exhausted, for now the only thing he wants is to sleep, damn it. If someone tries to kill him in his sleep, he don't give a shit. Anyway, Kakuzu probably didn't give a shit about his safety, either.


To be continued.

It's alright if you think this chapter make no sense, you will understand later!

Ps: I can totally imagine Kakuzu sleeping with his money xD