Chapter 3

The next morning, Kakuzu goes to the pawnshop he owns to leaves Hidan there with his accountants, Ginji and Kyôya. They're not ninja, but at least this time Hidan is awake and Funari is there to guard the pawnshop.

Once he was in the forest next to the city, Kakuzu closes his eyes; "Zetsu." Everything stays silent. The older man tries to keep himself from trembling with impatience and rage. He knows the man-eating plant watch him and just pretend to not hears him. "Zetsu!"Kakuzu call more loudly, anger shown in his voice.

"Neh… got us…" The voice came from behind him and he turn around to face the Akatsuki spy. Only the top of his black and white body come out of the tree, watching the impatient older missing-nin with his shinny pupil less golden eyes, a creepy smile adoring his face. He's not really the kind of plant everyone want in their garden. Everyone is afraid of the Taki-nin because of his stitches but it's only because they never saw that bipolar freak who send shivers down Kakuzu's spine.

"Yesterday…" Kakuzu knows he doesn't have to formulate a complete question to know the answer about yesterday night when he saw Zetsu's smile widen at the simple word.

"Yea, it was funny to watch." Zetsu replies with a smirk.

That bipolar freak… everyone is afraid of the Taki-nin because of his stitches but it's only because they never saw Zetsu. This man-eating plant send shivers down Kakuzu's spine, even more now that he knows he have watched Hidan, an Akatsuki member just like him, being raped without helping him and even thinking it was funny.

He lost it. Kakuzu grabs him firmly by the neck.

Zetsu tried to talk. "Wai.. wait..."

Even if Kakuzu want to kill him, he tries to calm down just to see what the other man have to says.

"Se...kien..."At that name, the bounty hunter loose his dead grips on Zetsu's neck and wait for more informations.

"Hidan has a fever... he doesn't has been drugged. Sekien came in the room and looked for something he didn't find and it make him mad. I don't understand why he does that, but anyway, I never understand human behavior..."

"Where he is?" Kakuzu almost growl.

"In a village near this forest, at the west of here."

Kakuzu turns around, walking in the direction the Akatsuki spy told him, without saying anything.

Zetsu laughs, drawing Kakuzu attention. "The albino boy seems to like you more than you think... He screamed your name when he comes." Zetsu giggles before he disappears in the tree.


Usually only taking the heart of his enemy, Kakuzu goes pretty hardcore on Sekien. A large pond of blood expends around the mutilated man lying on the ground. He don't care if Sekien isn't recognizable anymore, anyway he can't bring him to an exchange point; his body isn't even in one piece. Moreover, he's still alive. It doesn't matters, he has slashed his abdomen open and pull out his guts, he will die soon.

When Kakuzu return to the pawnshop, Funari already goes to sleep and he has to open the large metal door with his key. He takes a mental note about hiring another guard for the nightime as he quietly enters in the shop. He locks the door behind him and sigh. He's so tired he could sleep on the floor. Anyway, it's almost the morning and the shop as only three beds, one for each of his subordinates, and a couch in the main room. Kakuzu sighs again as he walks to the couch, where Hidan is sleeping.

He knelts down, looking at his sleeping partner. Yes, his partner. Kakuzu brush off a silver lock from Hidan's face, tainting it crimson red... he still have blood on his hands. "It's usually Hidan who have blood on his hand for me, to catch bounty... now it's my turn to do something for my stupid but adorable priest..." Adorable? He really use this word to talk about Hidan? Kakuzu shake his head. What the leader will think if he learns that... "Our relation will not go any further, we cannot... I have a reputation to keep... now wake up little priest before I do something wrong..." He mutters quietly.

"What are you talking about?"

Kakuzu frozes and look at Hidan, who was looking at him.

"Since when you're awake?" The banker asks, trying to control the nervosity on his voice.

"So you think I'm adorable, neh?" Hidan replies with a smirk. Kakuzu feels his heart beating faster and he blushes. Damn.

"Aw, you're quite adorable too when you blushes!" Hidan teases him before he pulls the older man in a sweet kiss.

The ending suck... it's been so long I lost inspiration for this story but maybe, one day, I'll add a chapter to write a lemon ^^ This story haven't been beta-read, but if you see mistake, just tell me and I will fix it!