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Warnings: body horror, sexual content, language and violence.

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Chapter Eighteen: In Love With What We Are (Animal-Kesha)

I'd known exactly what it was going to look like. If you'd asked me ten minutes ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you just what it really was going to look like, but now I've seen it I'd realised that I've always known what to expect.

Not that that knowing made it any less astounding, because nothing could make this look ordinary, and I think everyone agreed with me on that one. All around me my people were celebrating.

So many Poleepkwa were flooding off the Harlslnt that I could only catch site of some of my people; Jack and the boys were enfolded in the arms of a huge group of Graketd; Harvey was trying to elbow his way through the crowd to someone even taller than he was, waving frantically; Al was introducing Kieran to a huge maroon Krelaktyden, who promptly picked him up and half squeezed him to death.

My tentacle was gripped around Skirilla's tightly and looking around I just knew. I was home. This was home. The look Skirilla gave me as he pulled me closer was home. My people being greeted by family they hadn't seen in years was home. Oliver bouncing through the crowd like a kid in a candy store was home. The colour of the sky and the feel of the ground beneath my feet was home. The trees, the buildings, the smell of the air was home.

Skirilla's hand caressing my prominent bump and nuzzling my neck was home. And when my children were born, they would know nothing but home. And that was the best thought I had ever had.

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