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Jack sighed and dropped forward, his hands supporting his head. The coffee mug on his cluttered desk spilt, the liquid spreading across his papers. He didn't care. Jack had had what he called "Ianto trouble" again. Ianto was jealous of Gwen, even though Jack had persistently protested that nothing had happened between them. Right now Ianto and the rest of the team were working next door, investigating some unusual energy spikes from the rift. Ianto had walked off with only a "Bye, sir". Ouch. Jack knew that when Ianto went all formal, he was really upset.

Vorp Vorp

Jack's head perked up instantly. No. Could it be? He ran towards the noise, upending his desk in the process. He could hear the rest of the team rush out at the noise, but he ignored them. Could it really be the TARDIS?

A familiar blue shape filled the Hub, and Jack's face split into a wide grin.

"What's that?" Ianto pointed at the box with his gun. Gwen, Owen and Tosh were behind him, each with their respective weapons.

"Oh you can put those down. Its a friend," Jack grinned even more widely, but his smile soon faded when the Doctor still didn't come swanning out.

Jack strode forward, and took out his key. HisTARDIS key. He still had it, on a chain around his neck. Unlocking the door with a "Be right back," to his team, Jack stepped inside.

Instinctively, Jack knew something was wrong. The Doctor lay on the grating, his face pale. In his hand was a small packet. Jack's heart almost stopped. Aspririn.

Jack picked the unconscious Doctor up, cradling him against his chest. His frail form felt so fragile in comparison to Jack's frame. And he was so light...

Jack shook his head, remembering the aspirin. God, Doctor, why would you do that? He rushed outside, still holding the Doctor.

Gwen drew in a breath at the deadweight Jack held in his arms.

"Who is that?" Ianto repeated.

"A friend. And he needs help," Jack said curtly, and turned to Owen. No need for his friends to find out that the Doctor wasn't human yet. They hadn't exactly met any friendly aliens before. "Owen. Fix up a bed in the medical wing,"

Without waiting for a reply, Jack strode over to the TARDIS once again, and shifted the Doctor's weight to one arm easily. His free hand came to rest on the blue wood, like he had often seen the Doctor do. Why did you bring him here, old girl? What happened? There was no reply. Oh well. It was worth a try.

Without further ado, Jack laid the Doctor down onto the bed gently. The Doctor's pulse was still double, though it was beating a little slower than usual. Jack assumed this must be a side effect of the aspirin. Why would the Doctor take it? He took the packet out of his pocket, and noticed with relief that only one pill was missing. That would only be enough to make the Doctor a bit ill. Two pills would kill him.

Jack stripped the Doctor down, fro once without any dirtyu thoughts, and gasped. Three huge gashes scored his chest. With only one glance he could see they would need work.

"Owen!" Jack shouted. A few minutes later Owen came into the room, grumbling sopmthing about not being a puppy. Owen's eyes widened when he saw the Doctor's injuries but he said nothing.

"I'll fix him up. You better go and explain everything to everyone out there," Owen said, already getting out bandages and antiseptic.

Jack looked from the Doctor to the door, and decided he could leave for a little while.

"No aspirin," Jack warned as he went to meet his team.

Gwen, Ianto and Tosh's faces were all looking at him expectantly and Jack could tel they were confused.

"That man in there," Jack gestured to the door, "Is an old friend of mine, A very old friend," Jack smiled at his inside joke.

"Does he have something to do with when you vanished for a year?" Ianto demanded.

Jack nodded. "He's a good man. You all need to trust me. He's not very... stable at the moment, so don't let him get to the blue box, O.K?" Jack searched their faces, and nodded in satisfaction before he returned to the Doctor's side.

The Doctor was lying on the bed. His chest and head wrapped in gauze. His face was drawn and pale. Jack couldn't help shudder. He had never seen the Doctor like this before. The Doctor, who always his emotions from everyone. No wonder, if he was like this inside.

"The head?" Jack looked at Owen, remembering that he hadn't noticed any head wounds when he had found the Doctor.

"Bruising," Owen replied. "Minor," he added hastily at Jack's worried expression.

Jack sat down on the bed next to the Doctor and grabbed his hand, wincing at how cold it felt. He knew the Doctor had a lower temperature than humans, nut his hand felt like solid ice. Jack held on tightly, futilely trying to warm the Doctor's skin.

Jack wasn't sure how much time passed while the Doctor was unconscious. His mind began to wander off, though he kept one watchful eye awake to see if the Doctor needed anything. He thought back to all the other times he had seen the Doctor. Even the whole affair with the Master hadn't made the Doctor feel like this. Something truly bad must have happened to make him the way he was now.

Jack was startled out of his daydream by someone moving behind him. His head snapped around and he automatically crouched in front of the unmoving Doctor protectively before he realised it was just Gwen.

"Sorry," Jack said tersely and straightened up, resuming his bedside position. Gwen moved and sat next to him, careful not to jostle the bed too much.

"You really care for him, don't you?" She said, but it wasn't really a question.

"The Doctor, he made me what I am today. He made me a better person. Without him I would be nothing," Jack confessed, remembering his first meeting with the Doctor in war torn London.

Gwen nodded, and cast her eyes to the Doctor's still form. "He'll be alright," she reassured Jack.

"He has to be,"

A small moan could be heard from next to Jack and Gwen. Both pairs of eyes stared at the Doctor. He was writhing in his covers, whimpering. Jack stroked his hair a bit, whispering soothing words into his ear. At first the Doctor recoiled but eventually he calmed down. The Doctor tried to roll over, and winced in pain when this aggravated his injuries. Gwen laid a hand on his forehead and drew back in shock.

"Jack," she said urgently. "He's freezing cold,"

Jack chuckled without real enthusiasm. "That's normal for him. Well... Normal-ish,"

Gwen scrutinized Jack for a moment before looking back at the Doctor. "You need some food, Jack,"

"Not hungry," Jack waved off.

Gwen shook her head and pursed her lips. "I'll ask Ianto to make you a coffee," She exited quickly and Jack sighed in defeat. He hoped Ianto wasn't still angry with him.

When no Ianto came, Jack could tell he had obviously not forgiven Jack yet. Gwen came instead, holding a tea tray in one hand and a warm flannel in the other. She set down the tray on the table and walked over to Jack.

"Owen said he might need it," Gwen explained and started mopping the Doctor's forehead.

The Doctor's chocolate brown eyes flew wide open for a moment, and Gwen paled visibly at the raw pain that filled them. They rested on her face and he started muttering. "No, no, I-" the rest of his sentence faded off as his eyes fell closed again, his breathing ragged. Jack reached out a hand to the Doctor's arm, but the latter flinched away as if burned. Jack dropped his hand.

Gwen looked at Jack, who shrugged. "He's done this before. He says it's because I'm... wrong," Jack suddenly caught a bout of worry. What if the Doctor actually hurt every time Jack touched him? And the Doctor, being the martyr he was, probably just suffered in silence.

"Shh..." Jack tucked the covers in closer, careful not to touch any bare skin. "Hush now, sweethearts, don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you,"

"No, no, Jack..." the Doctor trailed off.

"Shh," Jack said sternly. "Sleep,"

It took the Doctor four days of half natural, half induced sleep to finally recover enough to wake up properly. Jack spent this time in a frenzied worry since the Doctor's chest wasn't healing as it should. Time lords were supposed to heal much faster than humans, but the Doctor's wounds still looked the same as before, only marginally better. And then there was the problem of Ianto. As far as Jack could tell, Gwen, Tosh and Owen had accepted the Doctor's presence in the Hub, but Ianto had to refused to speak to Jack or visit the Doctor, and was avoiding him.

Jack sighed. So many problems to sort out.

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