Title: Thinking of you
Alcina vom Steinsberg
Characters: Minerva McGonagall/Poppy Pomfrey
Word Count:
~ 300
It's nice to have thoughtful friends and partners.
Author's Notes:
Written for therealsnape's birthday. Many thanks to Kelly Chambliss for beta reading!

Poppy seethed. "I can't believe that thrice-be-damned plumber still didn't show up!"

Minerva set her cup down and lowered the newspaper. "What? Ah, the plumber. Well, yes, indeed," she managed, offering her mug for a refill.

Knowing well enough that her partner needed at least two cups of tea in the morning until becoming her efficient and matter-of-fact self, Poppy joined Minerva at the breakfast table with a cup of her own..

"This time, it'll be a howler," she promised the tardy magiplumber. "I'm totally fed up with having to vanish galleons of water from the courtyard first thing in the morning."

Minerva grunted, reaching for her cup. She was extremely grateful to Poppy for looking after all the everyday necessities in their summer cottage, but having to listen to her whinge first thing in the morning was asking much even of her patience.

Suddenly, a pecking sound at the window made the women look up. Poppy got up to let the owl in, squinting hard to decipher the script on the scroll.

"You'll going to need reading glasses soon," Minerva observed, trying to hide her smirk at her partner's cross expression.

Ignoring the jibe, Poppy unfurled the parchment, trying to hold it at a normal reading distance. Then her face lit up.

"Look there! A charm for unclogging pipes and drains! I didn't even know it existed. It's ancient, of course, but I bet you can do it. You can do charms in Medieval Latin, can't you? Count on Severus to dig up something like this and think of us -"

Poppy paused, thinking. "Minerva, do you know how Severus knows about our little problem?"

Minerva hastily raised the newspaper again, not wanting to show her face.

"I have no idea," was all she managed.