The dragon...it's calling to him.

He can't escape its call, as real as the cries of the thirty-two murders that sent him here. The image of its scales won't leave his mind, seared into his mind as painfully as the thirteen fires he started that added to his sentence. Its voice...it won't stop, as real as the echoing screams of Boggs and Rains.

He isn't mad, he tries to tell Morse. They caught the dragon, didn't they? The dragon's real, isn't it? The voices in his head, the whispers of the dragon...it's what the prisoners have heard all along, isn't it? All poor sinners in the eyes of an angry god...it's Judgement Day, isn't it? Isn't it?

Morse eventually listens to him and cuts him loose. He repays the favour by knocking him unconscious. He deserves that much. He won't hear the whispers that way. Nice Morse, kind Morse, clever Morse...yes, Morse was nice to him. He's been nice back. Maybe the dragon will be nice as well...

The whispers...they grow in intensity as he ventures into the bowls of Fiorina. The bowls of Hell, for all intents and purposes, even if the fire that burnt here burns no longer. Fire used to trap the dragon. Ignorant of the fire that awaits them all. The dragon will take them there. But not him...no...he's doing the dragon's work. The dragon will spare him. Be nice to him. Nice dragon...nasty Morse...nasty Arthur...guarding the demon...the angel...Arthur's a demon...nasty Arthur...

"No, I don't understand," the sinner says in regards to Golic's request to see the Beast. "You let that fucker out, you can kiss our collective ass-..."

Nasty Arthur...bleeding Arthur...dying Arthur...dead Arthur...

Poor Arthur. But at least he apologises.

And thus the door to Hell is opened. The dragon awaits. He steps forward, waiting for his reward...his redemption...his salvation...

"Let's get this straight. I'm with you all the way. I just want to do my job. You just gotta tell me what to do next."

With a roar, the dragon gives its instructions. Gives him salvation.

And like Preacher Dillon so often says, the path to salvation can be quite painful.