Dedicated to Kitty:)

I hope you like it:)

I know it's only a short one-shot, but I'm going to try and continue your drabbles or write you some new ones today:D

Kluke rubbed her eyes, wishing she could drift back to sleep. The scratching of something had woken her up though, and she needed to figure out what it was. She'd been staying in a hotel with Jiro, Shu, Zola and Sahlia, and for the health of everyone, she hoped it wasn't infested with rats.

Slowly, Kluke clambered to her feet, peering around the dark room. Through the small archway that seperated where the girls and boys slept, she saw soft candlelight. Without meaning to, she followed the light to it's source and was greeted with Jiro who was scribbling notes. He obviously hadn't noticed Kluke approaching for the loud scratching noise the quill was making.

"Um, Jiro." She said softly, causing Jiro to jump in alarm. "I-I didn't mean to scare you."

"What are you doing awake?" He asked, watching her yawn.

"A scratching sound woke me"- Jiro shoved the quill away guiltily- "Why are you awake?"

"I've never told anyone this, but I have a severe case of insomnia. When I was little, it caused me to be angry alot, but the more nights I spent awake, the more patientience I learned. I read and wrote a lot, always using my nights to study everything."

"Oh.." Kluke said quietly. "I could treat you for it. Give you some sleeping pills that can be subscripted to only you."

"Thanks for the offer, Kluke, but I'm fine."

Kluke sighed, turning her attention to the desk. Scattered across it were heaps of paper, two magazines and three books. They all seemed to share one topic: love. "Jiro, why are you-?"

"I guess I wanted to learn more about it, to see if I really was in love..."

"Love is not something you can read in books." Kluke said firmly, taking Jiro's hand. "It's something you feel in here- she pressed his hand against his heart- and it's stronger than you can ever imagine. I know, I feel it."

"I think I do too... I-I love you, Kluke." Jiro said, his calm tone cracking slightly. Tears poured down Kluke's face and she buried her face into Jiro's chest.

"I love you too." She whispered.