Take Your Best Shot by DD Agent

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Part Three

"You happy over there cowboy?"

Leroy Jethro Gibbs looked up from his place by the fire to stare at his lover. He loved that that was no longer in the past tense. Jenny Shepard looked thoroughly fucked,with her hair in tangles, her lips swollen and red and the start of bruise marks on her thighs. He was lying on the rug by the electric fire, butt naked and loving it.

"Couldn't be happier. You wanna come over and join me, Sheriff?"

Jenny smiled and picked up his shirt from the basement floor. The buttons were torn off, but she slipped it over her body. The fabric hung loosely around her, gaping at the front so he could still see her round breasts and sensitive nipples. After making love to her many times, Jethro could see that she was after another go, that her body was desperate for his touch again. He was becoming desperate for her too - after six years of being without her he wanted her so much.

"Does this mean I get to handcuff you, Jethro?"

She started walking over to him, running her hand along the pool table. Her feet kept crossing over each other, and Jethro put his hands behind his head and watched her come to him. He was becoming aroused, and he knew it was obvious to her.

"Maybe, if you're a good girl."

Jenny giggled as she stopped by one of the armchairs. She threw herself down onto it, her long legs cascading over the sides. The loose shirt ends revealed her breasts and Jethro was hard and ready for round two. Right there on the basement floor with the animal sex that had started off their relationship. Clinging to each other, desperate to feel that pulse, the rush that the other generated.

Jenny's hand trailed down his shin, stroking the skin. "What do we do tomorrow?"

He shrugged. "Make love again? Maybe on a bed this time?" He chuckled but he could see that she wasn't. "Jen, I don't know what you want to do about work. I don't know if you want this to be a one night stand, I've put my cards on the table and there they are." He leaned up, looking at her and trying to put as much sincerity into his eyes as possible. "I want you. I love you. What about you?"

Jenny stood up from the chair and moved in front of him. "You can't tell anyone we're together. Apart from Ducky, because he'll guess. SecNav and other Directors can't know. Your team and Fornell can't either." She licked her lips. "We can go for dinner and stuff like that outside the office, but we can't shout it from the rooftops. No matter how much we want to."

Jethro nodded. "Deal."

She walked over and put her foot on his chest pushing him to the floor. Her foot then ran down his body and down his erection, his voice choking in response to the stimulation. "There will be no kissing me at work. No matter if we've had a hard day, or I've been kidnapped or you're trying to shut me up. I want things at work to be as professional as they can be."

Jenny dropped down to her knees, and Jethro growled in anticipation. The shirt was draping forward and he could see the plains of her naked body that he was desperate to explore. "Done."

She grinned. "No sex in my office. No sex in the elevator. No sex on your desk, or any of your team's desks. No sex in Abby's lab and most certainly no sex in Autopsy."

Jethro chuckled. "Can I fuck you in MTAC?"

Jenny moved over his body before settling over his erection. She pulled herself up by her forearms and slid over his hard cock, groaning as she pushed down on it. Jethro was too busy screwing his eyes shut from the pleasure to see how Jenny's face was carved in erotic torture.

"You can have me anywhere other than the Navy Yard." Jenny groaned, moving up and down him. She put her hands behind her and started sliding up and down his cock. Jethro's world was turning black. "Isn't that enough for you?"

Jethro's hands moved over her hips, spreading her farther apart. Her little moan made him even harder. "When you do this…I want you all the time."

She squeezed him tight, licking her lips as she continued to slide up and down him. A few times agonizingly slow before a few hard and slick thrusts down his member. Jethro couldn't get enough of her, how had he even had sex in the past six years without Jenny? The occasional spasm around his cock told him she was getting close. His hips jabbed inside her and she cried out.

"Take off the shirt, Jenny, take it off."

Her hands were resting on his hips, on the plains of his stomach and making circular motions over the muscle. He was so damn close. She shook her head and leaned it back, enjoying the motions of being in control.

"Take it off, or I'll rip it off your skin," Jethro's head hit the basement floor. "I want to see you, Jen, please God."

When he looked up he could see that her hair was sticking to her forehead, to her neck. Jenny licked her top lip, her tongue all he could follow. She peeled the shirt from her back and her hands moved back to his stomach, digging into him. Her breasts were swollen, firm. Her nipples were darkening, as was the rest of her. She was so ready to come, and he wanted to hear her scream.

"Fall apart, Jen. I want to watch you fall apart."

She shook her head again, but his hand had made its way to her inner thigh. Before she knew it, he was pinching her clit and rubbing it furiously. She exploded within a matter of seconds, crying out and losing her balance until his hands gripped her in place. Jethro came moments later but he wrenched his eyes open, watching her come making his orgasm almost painful.

She rested her head on his hip, her mouth kissing his stomach. "I love you too."


They had come in separately, not wanting to announce to everyone at NCIS that they were lovers. Or that they had spent the night curled up in front of her fire, Jenny's head resting on his stomach and Jethro stroking her hair. Jenny was walking a little funny, the bruises on her hips stinging a little. But the makeup she wore managed to cover the few hickeys and swollen lips that were still present after they had made out against her front door that morning.

Jethro was making plans to whisk Jenny away from work as soon as the day was done. He was looking at restaurant menus on the internet but he was having a hard time trying to decide what to search for. Abby had run him through the concept of search engines, but he had no clue where to even start. He'd have to go through the yellow pages - he should have done that in the first place.

"Agent Gibbs?"

He looked up to see Cynthia standing in front of him. She didn't usually come down to see anyone - the brunette mostly stayed to MTAC and outside Jenny's office. She looked a little annoyed at him, which meant the face on her boss was ten times worse. What had he done in the last four hours to anger his lover so much?

"What's the matter with the Director now, Cynthia?" He knew what this was about. She was having morning after doubts; she wanted to call the whole thing off. He'd made a promise to her not to use their attraction to his own advantage, so kissing her senseless at the office was out. How could things go wrong so quick?

Cynthia rolled her eyes. "She wants to see you. I suggest you go see what you've done wrong now."

Jethro threw himself out of his seat and pushed past Cynthia. He thundered up the steps, ignoring the concerned looks of all the agents below him. They knew his temper; they hadn't known Jenny long enough to fear hers. Things were going to get ugly.

Past an empty Cynthia's desk, Jethro slammed the door open and looked into Jenny's office, expecting to see a very angry Jenny waiting behind the desk. But there was no one there, just a quiet office and a sunny day outside the window. He looked over to the sofa, but there was no one there either. No one at the conference table. What the hell was going on?

That was when he heard the door of Jenny's office click shut, and he suddenly felt her breath on the back of his neck. Then that mouth was on his throat, kissing it lightly before moving up and gripping his earlobe between her teeth.


He turned around and came face to face with his lover. He put her thumb on the corner of her mouth, smearing her lipstick. "What are you doing, Jen?"

"I'm horny." She smirked. "And I want the man I love."

Jethro pulled away and went to the door. He barely noticed that Jenny wasn't in the suit she had gone out in that morning, but rather a silk robe that he assumed was part of the spare change of clothes she kept at the office. His hand was about to wrench the door handle open when Jenny's fingers curled around his fist.

"Don't go."

He looked down at her and felt his resolve start to crumble. But he needed to get this out, needed to say what he needed to. Before that little smear of lipstick made him want to mess up his prim, proper and professional former Probie.

"You said to me last night that there were rules to us now." Jethro frowned. "You said that if we do this at the office then it was over. I storm up here, thinking that you want to end things and instead you just want to have sex."

Jenny snorted. "Dream come true, huh?"

Jethro banged his head against her door. "I don't want to lose you, Jen. I don't want you to ever think that you're going to lose me. I won't tell SecNav or anyone who could break us up. And although the fantasy is there, having sex in the office is too much of a risk to us."

She bowed her head, sighing. "I know. I guess I was trying to prove that I wasn't going to run away because of work this time."

Jethro smiled and stroked her cheek. "I appreciate it. I really do. So how about we compromise? No sex, but I get to kiss you when we're alone."

He reached over and held her face. He ran his thumb over her cheekbones and watched her eyelids hover shut. "I want that."

Jethro leaned down and brushed his mouth gently over Jenny's. Her mouth was eager, responsive over his and kept pushing onto him. Eventually his mouth slanted over hers, pulling her tongue into his mouth. She felt so good kissing him. But he knew one of them had to be strong, and that Jenny would regret this once she woke up from the haze of last night. So Jethro pulled back, stroking her face.

"I better go and catch the bad guys."

Jenny pushed a strand of red hair behind her ear and adjusted his collar. "Yes, you better. I love you, Jethro. So, so much."

He kissed her on the cheek and pushed open her office door. This was for the best, and they coulddo it. They'd practiced self control before; many times they had been turned on but couldn't indulge it for the sake of the mission. But then they had done it in less active environments, trying to stop the illicitness of having sex that would compromise the operation. With these rules in place and being able to kiss her, it would just take one wrong move…

"Cynthia's running errands, and I have no meetings for the rest of the day."

Jethro turned around to see Jenny watching him from the doorway. "We can't." He looked over her impossibly long legs. "We'd always be tempted to do it again."

"We're not college kids, Jethro. I think once is enough," Jenny smiled. He could see her hands shaking. "Just to get it out of our systems."

Without even thinking about it, his arms reached around her waist and picked her up, wanting her as close as physically possible. Jenny's long legs wrapped themselves around his waist, squeezing the erection in his pants. She slammed the door shut and forced her mouth over his.

"Jen, this is wrong." He pulled back, letting her loosen around his waist a little. "We can't have sex in here."

One of her hands clung around his neck tight, while her legs gripped him like a vice. Her free hand undid the ties of the robe and let the fabric slide down her body. Divested of the robe, Jenny tightened her body around him. Her breasts were pressed against his polo shirt, and Jethro could feel her hardening nipples rub against the fabric. The thin little thong she wore barely covered anything, so his fingers dug into her ass to press her into his cock and badge.

"If you want to stop, put me down."

He adjusted her around his body and ravished her mouth again, pushing his tongue to tangle with her own. His hands gripped her hair, trying desperately to get all of her. "Oh screw it. Once can't hurt."

Jethro pushed the paperwork, pots of pens and a coffee mug onto the floor. He pressed Jenny onto her desk and pinned her hands above her head. "I love pinning you." She fought him for a moment but Jethro pinned her with his mouth and hands. While he was making love to her mouth, Jethro got the handcuffs out from his pocket and attached one of them to Jenny's wrist and the other to the drawer of her desk.


He put a finger on his lips as he grabbed the hem of his polo shirt and threw it over his head. He then reached for his belt and started to unbuckle his trousers. "If we're only gonna get one shot at christening your desk and having sex in this building then I am damnwellgoing to make it good."

Jenny struggled against the handcuffs, and that's when Jethro went behind her desk, still in his half unbuttoned trousers and found her set. "Don't you dare."

He kissed her on the mouth upside down before pressing one to her throat. "Gotta be quiet, Jen. Can't let anyone know what I'm doing to you in here."

Jethro smiled as he reached over and handcuffed Jenny's other hand to one of her desk handles. She tried to move but Jethro just plundered her mouth, one hand reaching over to caress one of her breasts. Well, if she went around her office naked then she had to agree to the consequences at the hands of his cock and dirty mind.


Jenny leaned her head back over the desk and Jethro pressed a lingering kiss to her mouth. He undid the ponytail she had forced her red locks into that morning and let it flow. He ran a hand down her body, the pads of his fingers massaging nipples, rubbing over bruises and stroking the edge of her lace thong until he ripped it off her skin. She winced in anticipation and watched with heavy eyes as Jethro let his trousers fall down his legs.

"Remember, gotta keep quiet Jen."

She looked at him and grinned. "You're the screamer, Special Agent Gibbs."

He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her bottom lip. "I love you."

"I love you too."

He kissed down her neck and between her breasts before entering her. Jenny groaned and wrapped herself around him. He gripped her hips again and started to thrust inside her. She kept her eyes open, smiling with every ripple of pleasure that rumbled through her. She watched as Jethro kept his eyes open for as long as he could, keeping his thrusts measured and deep as he pushed inside her. She wanted to alleviate the throbbing between the legs, or give in to the urge to pinch and grope her breasts. She needed more stimulation than Jethro filling her.


The handcuffs were tight against her wrists and she kept forcing herself to break out of them. But Jethro was having none of it as he came inside her, his thrusts becoming more rapid as he gave himself over to the tingling under his skin. Jethro pulled out of her, collapsing to her office floor. Jenny banged the drawers open and shut as she tried to get a little stimulation to push her over the edge. There were tears in the corner of her eyes: she was desperate to come.

"Sssh, Jen, s'okay."

Jenny then felt his hands graze over her thighs, pulling her apart as her lover started cleaning with his mouth the mess he had made. Slowly he moved to her centre, stroking her clit with firm motions of his tongue. He moved downwards, slipping down the grooves of her skin to thrust inside her. She got lost in the feeling of the wood underneath her body, of his tongue between her legs and even the cold metal bounding her wrists.

His teeth grazed her clit and it took everything within new NCIS Director Jenny Shepard not to scream her top Special Agent's name so everyone in DC could hear.


They were in her office, stark naked and curled up in a lurid pose of lust. Jethro's head rested in the crook of her neck, kissing his collarbone and murmuring words that she didn't quite hear. Her breathing deafened most of the sounds in the room, including the constant beeping from Cynthia. But Jenny didn't care; she was still clinging onto heaven. This was perfect, this moment of no defences, just love.


Jethro poked Jenny and she decided she really needed to answer her assistant's calls. Jenny pressed the call button and exhaled. "Everything is fine, Cynthia." She licked her lips. "Me and Special Agent Gibbs are just sorting out a few things in my office after he decided that throwing everything off my desk was a better use of his time."

He pinched one of her nipples in response, but Jenny just forced her mouth over his. "Wellifeverything'sokay"

"It is Cynthia. How about you go take your lunch now? I think we've gone past the point where we'll need witnesses."

"Thank you Director."

Jethro nibbled her neck. "Mmm. Witnesses."

"Don't. Even. Think. About it."

Jethro smiled as Jenny leaned in for a kiss, pressing her lips softly to his as they shared a languid embrace. They would have to get dressed soon, put on clothes and go on with the rest of their lives. It was part of their relationship now; they couldn't give into their urges all the time. He pulled away from her and brushed the hair off her face. "You're beautiful."


The door opened and both of them turned to see Ducky staring at them in the doorway. Jethro put his forearm around Jenny, trying to hide a little of her dignity but it was just not happening. Ducky coughed and frowned, him feeling the least awkward of the three. This was not the first time he had walked in on them.

"Why can't you ever do it in public so I can claim my money? I still haven't won the two thousand dollars Pacci and Burley collected the first time I guessed you two got together."

Ducky then left her office, shutting the door behind them and shaking his head. Jenny just laughed and pressed her head on Jethro's chest. He rocked her, holding onto her tight. She kept giggling against his skin, pressing a kiss in between laughing fits. It hadn't taken them too long to rekindle their love affair, and Jethro was so happy that they had decided to give in to what both of them knew would happen eventually.

He didn't want to waste a moment of their lives now, and by the way Jenny was gripping his hand, he knew she didn't want to either.