"I bet you were a lady killer back in the day," Jade said smile at Mal.

"You think? What makes you say that?" Mal said.

"I can pick a player." Jade said.

"Really?" Mal said.

"Yeah a mile off. You know what they say, old players never die." Jade said hitting Mal in the chest lightly with her purse.

"No they just get old and sad." Mal said.
"Not all of them." Mal just looked at her. "Shall we?" she said.

"3rd times a charm you reckon?" Mal said before looking at his watch, Jade just sighed. "I should give it a miss, head home."

"Past your bed time, grandpa." Jade said.
"Ah, my backs not what it used to be. It's been fun though, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be around for if you're ever at a loose end one night, you should give me your number." he said.

"Oh you know where I live." she said before starting to walk away. Mal grabbed her arm turned her around and did something really stupid, he kissed her. Jade kissed him back her arms wrapping around his neck and his hands resting on her back hold her close to him. After what seemed like forever they separated and what he had just done hit Mal like a ton of bricks.

"I shouldn't have done that." he said quickly, stumbling over his words slightly and running his hand threw his hair nervously. "I have to go." he said before getting the hell out of there. He'd kissed another women and he liked it. Shit what had he done. He was married, he loved Catherine with all his heart but something was off. When he looked at Jade he felt something different than he did with Catherine. Catherine was safe and reliable but Jade was fun and wild, like he used to be.

He knew he had to stay away from her, but could he.