Chapter 1: Prison gates won't open up for me

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Sam was leaning over the toilet puking his guts out. Dean was kneeling beside him, holding him and watching him. He tried to hide his worry behind his usual masque.

Sam tiredly collapsed into Dean's arms breathing heavily. Dean wrapped his arms around his little brother and just held him.

Damn demon blood.

It all had started a couple of weeks ago. At first it had only been a headache which had built up to puking.

In this short time Sam had lost a lot of weight. Since then they have been staying at Bobby's. They couldn't travel like this. Not with Sammy in this state.

In the beginning Sam had always rejected him. Dean had seen that he wasn't fine, he wasn't feeling well. And he had known why. But he wouldn't talk about it, because he knew how fast his brother could get over the edge. He had kept on rejecting him until that very day when they drove to Bobby's. That day was the first day Sammy started puking his guts out...and admitted himself and Dean that he wasn't fine. Dean just nodded and started packing their bags and as fast as they could they drove off to South Dakota, to seek help from their friend.

And there they were.

Sam was laying asleep in Dean's arms and Dean was caressing his back. Then he carried his little brother into his room and placed him on his bed. He covered him with a blanket and sat down next to him and watched him sleep. Then, he went downstairs to talk to Bobby.

Bobby looked up from his glass.

„Hey, boy", he said and took another glass. He filled it with some Whiskey and scooped it over to Dean. Dean sat down, took the glass and took a sip.

„How is he?"

„Not good", Dean said scratching his head.

„It's the fourth time that he's puking his guts out... He won't eat, he won't drink.. He just sleeps and pukes.. He looks like freakin' corpse.."
Dean already had tears filling his eyes.

„I don't know what to do, Bobby. I don't know how to help him."

Bobby looked at him shocked..He never got to see Dean like this. Now he had to be the rock he could hold on to.

„He's gonna be fine,Dean."

Dean looked at him.

„How do you know that?"

„I know because he's got you."

„What do you mean?"

„Others wouldn't make it because they don't have a brother like you. Trust me, Sam's gonna be fine because he's got you."

Dean just nodded, finished his drink and went upstairs again.

He came into his little brother's room and sat down on his bed and watched him. He caressed his hair and whispered, „I love you,Sammy." Then he kissed his forehead and noticed a small smile on Sammy's lips not even thinking of what his brother was going through in his sleep.

He screamed...for what seemed like an eternity.

He rattled the door of his prison..he was being held here..

He couldn't get out. He started to panic. He prayed for Dean to come and get him out.

Please,Dean..", he whispered. „Please help me..Please..You have to come and help me.."

Then he heard something.. He heard somebody talking.. and he knew that voice.


He heard those four words he loved to hear...

I love you, Sammy. Those words immediately soothed him into a peaceful sleep...

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