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Chapter 8: „Superfreak" part 2


Oh god...What the hell is he doing now?

He stopped...That can only mean something really bad.. What is that? Did he just.. growl?

Oh no.. shit... Come on Sam.. You have to get up.. Isn't that enough for him? Does he really need hellhounds to break me? I felt a piercing pain in my arm.. Something bit me... All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe. Where is that pain coming from? I looked down to my chest.. Oh god.. It was all scratched and bleeding extremely.. I screamed.. I think he liked it.. Because that could be the only reason why he told his hellhounds to stop.. Maybe he wanted to cause me some pain himself.

Why is there an itching pain on my hand? I looked to my right hand..What the..

What the fuck is he doing with that nail?
'Oh god.. Please... Stop..'. I started to scream.. He is hammering that nail into my hand.. What a sick fuck.. How could he do something like that to me? Oh my god.. He's not stopping.. Please stop it.. I.. I can't do this any longer.. All I can hear is his devlish laugh.. me screaming...

You have to wake up Sam... Come on... Wake up...

Wake the hell up!


Dean was staring devastated at his brother's bleeding form. The doctors were shocked and unable to do something... All of a sudden everything went back to normal.. The machines weren't beeping.. They weren't doing anything.. They were dead..

„Sammy?", Dean said with tears in his eyes.
'He looks dead... Oh my god.. He's dead.'

Suddenly Sam started to choke.. He tried to pull the tube out of his throat.

He struggled to breathe. Dean immediately went to his side and pulled the tube out. Sam took a deep shaky breath and moaned heavily in pain.

„Sammy? Oh my god.. You're alive.." He stroked Sam's hair. Sam tried to talk but Dean kept him from doing that.

„Don't talk yet.. You just woke up.."

Sam just nodded and a couple of seconds later, he broke into tears.

„Oh, Sam...", Dean murmured and hugged him.

„Whatever you saw, Sammy.. It's over.. You made it.. You're out."

Sam clung to Dean's shirt. He talked even though his voice was still sore.

„I'm sorry I begged you to stop, Dean... I love you.. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.. Please forgive me.."

„It's okay, Sammy. You don't have to apologize.. It's not your fault.. You're safe now.. I'll take care of you brother... I promise."

Sam was safe and sound laying asleep in his bed. Dean watched him sleep for a while and then he took his phone out. He dialed Bobby's number and was relieved when he heard the old man's gruff voice.


„Hey, Bobby. It's Dean."

„Hey, son. What's going on?"

„He woke up.. Sammy woke up."

„Really? When?"

„About an hour ago. Can you please come?"

„Yes, of course. I'm on my way."

Bobby was about to hang up when Dean talked again.

„Bobby wait."

„What is it?"

„You should've seen his body.. It was full of cuts and bruises.. and.. he was bleeding everywhere.. and...-"

„And what Dean?"

Dean was fighting not to get all emotional but he couldn't.

„He said he's sorry he begged me to stop.."

„Bobby you still there?"

„Yeah.. I'm still here.. But.. What does he mean with that?"

„I have no idea.. But it must mean something really bad because.. he was crying, Bobby..."

Now Dean started to sob, too.

„Please hurry Bobby. I'm barely holding it together, man."

„Okay. I'm on my way, son."

Dean hung up and looked over to his brother.

He was still asleep.

Dean went to his side and sat down.

He grabbed his hand acarressed it..

'Thank you, God.. For bringing him back to me...'

All of a sudden Sam's eyes fluttered open.

He looked slightly confused at Dean.

„Dean..? What happened?"

„You're in a hospital.. You were in a coma but you'll be fine. I promise. I'll take care of you."

Sam nodded and tried to sit up.

Dean kept him from doing that.

„Sammy don't. You're too weak. You should lay down and concentrate on getting better.."

Sam nodded again.

„By the way.. Bobby's on his way here."

Sam nodded one more time.

Dean looked at him a little bit confused.

„Hey. What's going on? Why are you not talking to me?"

Sam just shrugged his shoulders.

„Guess you're not in the mood. I understand that."

Sam just nodded and looked down to his blanket.

Dean watched him worried.


Sam just kept staring at his blanket trying to ignore him.

'Oh god.. Not again.. This can't be happening again. Not now..'

Dean kept watching him and his worry grew as he saw Sam's eyes widen.

„Sammy? What's going on? Are you okay? You wanna talk about it?"

Sam looked up at him, totally shocked.

„What is it?"

Sam felt paralyzed.

He started to shake his head.

'No.. No.. Leave me alone..'
„Sammy.. Please... tell me."

Dean wasn't so sure if he wanted to know what was going on with his brother.

But he really wanted to help him.

Sam swallowed.

„I... You... You... tortured... me..."

„What? I did what?"

Sam remained silent.

„Are you serious? I.. tortured you?"

Sam just nodded.

„Oh god."

I tortured him.. I tortured my little brother..', he thought.
You know I would never do that to you... right, Sammy?"

Sam hesitated for a couple of seconds.


'Oh my god.. He really thinks that I could.. Oh god...'

„Sammy.. You have to tell me what happened to you.. I have to know it.."

Sam just shook his head and avoided his gaze.

„Sammy, please. I need to know what happened to you.."

Sam continued the silence.

Then Dean growled when he didn't get an answer.

Suddenly Sam looked shocked and shook his head, almost panicking.

„Sammy? What's wrong? Did I do something?"

„Sammy.. You have to talk to me.."

„Please.. stop.. just stop talking..."

Dean looked at him, now aware that he's hurting his brother with what he does.

Sam started sobbing.

Dean went to his bed and hugged him.

Sam let him and leaned his head on Dean's chest.

„Shh.. It's okay, Sammy."

He stroke his hair.

„Sammy, please tell me... Are you afraid of me?"

Sam nodded.

Dean swallowed heavily.

„Why? What did I do to you?"

„I told you.. You.. You tortured me..."

„I know.. but.. specifically.. What did I do to you?"

„You.. tore me apart with.. hellhounds.. and then... you hit me.. over and over again... You wouldn't stop... You liked hurting me.."

Dean took a deep breath.

„Did I.. Did I kill you?"

„No... You just wanted to break me.."

„Oh god, no..", Dean murmured.

„Did it work?"

Sam remained silent.

Dean knew what that meant. He sighed.

„It worked.. didn't it?"

Then Sam just nodded.

„Oh god, Sammy. I'm so sorry."

„Sammy.. What did you mean when you said 'I'm sorry I begged you to stop'?"

„Isn't that obvious?"

Dean took a minute and thought about it.

„Oh god.."

„The worst part is.. You kept going.. And you were.. meaner.."

„I'm sorry, Sammy.."

„You liked it.."

„I know.. You already said it.."

„No.. I mean.. You liked it.."

Dean looked down to him with a questioning look on his face.

Then it dawned on him.

Sam looked up to him.

„Wait.. You mean.. No.. You really mean that.. it.. hurting you.. it.. it turned me on?"

Sam nodded.

Dean's eyes widened.

Suddenly Sam stared to the next corner.

„What is it, Sammy?"

„Go away.. I don't wanna see you..", he yelled into the corner.

„Oh come on, Sammy. Tell him how much fun we've been having lately..", he grinned.

„No.. Leave me alone.."

Dean could tell that Sam was clearly scared.

„Sammy, what's going on?"

„He won't leave me alone.."

„Come on, Sammy. You gotta admit it was really good."

„No it wasn't. It was not good!", he yelled again.

He walked over to Sam and whispered into his ear.

Dean watched him.

„Say it. It was good. You wanted me for a really long time.. ever since you dreamed about it.. Remember? You liked it.. No.. You loved it.. You wanted me for such a long time.. And now you finally got me."

„Okay, okay.. It was good.."

„What was good, Sammy?"

„Come on.. Say it again. Be convincing. You know you can be really convincing ."

„I wanted you.. and I still do.. Now please., Leave me alone.."

'Oh god.. Did he really say that? Did I really do that to my brother?'