These snippets were all written by me and posted originally on the Mechanics of In Flight Forum under the Emiya Clan. If you are not familiar with the clan, it would be best to go there first and get familiar else this collection will not make sense. Thank you


This was it. It was finally time. No one, no one was going to get in his way this time. Time and time again, they kept trying to stop him, but not today.

Finally, it had taken him a week of watching, calculating the precise moment when the others had left it unguarded. It was now or never.

He flicked the switch and went to work quickly, efficiently. He didn't have much time before someone came. if they saw him, they would try to stop him. No more. Today he was going to show them all. Today he would erase the stain on his reputation. Therefore, today, he was going to do it right, no extra experimentation...well, maybe one or two things needed to be added in.

It was going to be rather bland, already had tried the normal combinations. No he needed something to clear his record. Something that would make them all get down on their knees and bow before him.

Yes, yes, the more he thought about it, them more he was convinced he was in the right, warnings to the Root for all he cared. He could smell it now, the scent of victory.

*sniff, sniff*

Wait. Smoke?

The device in front of him began smoking and the surface was beginning to melt from the heat.

Uh Oh,

With instinct driven into his skull by his mother and father, he leaped back and found cover as an explosion ripped through the room. He grimanced. Clearly he had done something wrong.

Well, only one thing to away!

He turned and prepared to flee with all his strength, when a hand grabbed him by a collar and held him up in the air.

"Mongrel, what did you do?" Gilgamesh roared. This was it, no way out. Nothing to do but tell the truth and live with the consequences.

"Um...making scrambled eggs." Kiritsugu explained as another explosion ripped through the kitchen.

The Golden King flicked his eyes to the devastation in the other room. The fire extinguishers were barely able to contain the blaze while the mongrels were dropping whatever they were doing and dashing to the source of the disturbance. "How did scrambled eggs do that?" He muttered to himself. Honestly, he wasn't surprised in the least. While the boy was ranked somewhere around first and second best in swordsmanship [it's been flipping between Takeshi and Kiritsugu] of the children after learning from Asturia and the Faker, it seemed that he also took after Asturia in cooking skill rather than the faker.

"What happened?" Arika asked. As the Root would have it, it was Kiritsugu's twin (i think they're twins as they're the same age). Wordlessly, Gilgamesh held out the instigator in front of his sister.

Kiritsugu rubbed his head with one hand and responded downheartedly, "KTC level 3"

"YOU TRIED COOKING AGAIN!" his sister yelled. Both males winced from the volume of her voice. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING NII-SAN? YOU KNOW YOU'RE BANNED FROM THE KITCHEN FOR LIFE." This was probably the twenty fourth time that he had blown up the kitchen in his attempts to cook. Luckily, there was the back up kitchen, or the whole place would riot.

"Gomen" Kiritsugu said with his hands clasped in his face. "Please don't tell Kaa-san."

"Don't tell me what?" a familiar voice rang out. Kiritsugu paled and turned his head to his left. There she was, his mother fully decked in her armor, sword in hand in case of an intruder.

Damn you Root