Wendy Darling lay sprawled across her bed, long legs hanging off of one side and her head off of the end. Her pale yellow nightgown was twisted around her lean body as if she had fought a large animal in her sleep. Thick brown curls jutted messily from her head, framing her heart shaped face.

Alice bit her lower lip as she looked down at her friend, it was clear to her that Wendy had had trouble sleeping last night. Wendy could rarely sleep when it rained; she needed to see the stars. It had stormed last night to the point they had both been a bit worried the school would flood. On the other hand Alice knew that her friend would be furious if she ended up late today.

With a nervous gulp Alice reached down to shake her, "Pan. Pan, wake up. Wendy, wake up."

The brunette girl grimaced and sat up, "What time is it?"

Alice sat on her own unmade bed shrugged, "I don't know. About nine."

At this Pan threw off her covers and jumped out of bed, "What do you mean it's nine already? That means we're late! Today of all days!"

Pan slammed open her dresser and pulled a silver dress out. As she glared over at Alice she quickly began to change, "Do you not realize what today is, Alice? You have been rambling on about it to anyone who couldn't escape you for weeks!"

"I'm sorry, Pan. I thought you would want to take what will likely be your last chance to sleep in."

Pan dropped her hand from the corset she was trying to tie and looked at her friend. Alice sat with her tiny hands clasped together pleadingly, big blue eyes looking incredibly sad. Short pale blonde hair framed her soft china doll face. She was so small her nightgown was falling off of her shoulders making her look like some sort of sad, brokenhearted beggar girl.

"It is fine, Alice," Pan sighed, "Now come help me with my corset; they are simply the most evil invention ever created against the fairer sex."

Alice smiled brightly, happy to help. "Just so you know I haven't forgotten what today is, either," she said cheerfully.

"Yes," Wendy frowned as Alice tightened her corset, "Today we are forced into a war by the crown."

Now it was Alice's turn to frown - all this negativity wasn't going to be good for her friend in the long run. "Pan, we should be happy. We get to help protect innocents while helping national heroes."

"Just because a person is a hero, it does not mean they are not terrible people we should avoid."

"Miss Darling and Miss Liddell, the Headmistress will see you now." The voice of the secretary called the girls from their personal thought.

"It is time to be extraordinary!" Alice whispered, straightening her crisp new dress, she had already had to change it once today after accidently dousing herself with tea.

Pan nodded, her face set.

The two girls stepped through the door and were rather surprised at what they saw.

Furthest to the left was an older Indian man in neat blue military garb and a blue turban. He was the tallest member of the group by far, towering over both Alice and Pan. He had a dark, slightly graying, beard and serious, sharp features.

Standing beside him was one of the most beautiful, and oddly intimidating, women either girl had ever seen. She had thick curly dark brown hair pulled into a bun and almost inhumanly pale skin. Her eyes stood out like polished emeralds in her regal face. Her outfit was also odd; she wore a long leather trench coat, leather pants, and a red silk scarf.

In the middle of the League stood a handsome blonde man, about twenty years old if either girl had been inclined to guess. He wore black pants, a black vest over a white shirt, and had a gun holstered on both hip. He had an elephant gun strapped to his back that looked older than he was.

To his right stood a nervous looking red-haired man who was fumbling with a pocket watch. He was wearing a suit that seemed a little too big for him, as if he had lost weight recently. He was the least imposing member of the league and by the sad way about him he clearly knew it.

To the furthest right stood the most visibly off of the group. His face was covered in grease paint and his eyes were covered by black glasses. He wore a trench coat, long black pants, and a button up shirt. A fedora covered his hair, which he reached up to adjust, revealing that he was wearing gloves. Not a centimeter of his skin was exposed.

"Well, we will leave you to get acquainted." A short overweight man with a beard stood next to the headmistress, Campion Bond was his name if Pan remembered correctly. Campion led the headmistress out of the room quickly, stating something about getting paperwork for them.

The two groups stared at each other for what seemed like hours. The League didn't particularly want any new members in the wake of Alan Quartermain's death and the girls could tell.

After a moment of hesitation the grease painted man stepped forward and bowed, taking off his hat and revealing that he had no back to his head, "'Ello, Rodney Skinner, gentlemen thief."

Alice smiled brightly and bounded forward, curtsying once she stood in front of him, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mister Skinner! I'm Alice Liddell and this is my dearest friend Wendy Darling."

"Please, call me Pan," said Wendy warmly. She stepped forward and shook his hand.

The beautiful brunette woman raised an eyebrow, "You don't seem too shocked by Skinner's rather unorthodox appearance."

"Well," Pan shrugged, "He is not the oddest looking being I've ever seen and one gets used to the things after awhile, Miss …?"

"Harker, Wilhelmina Harker."

Finally the blonde man walked forward, smiling kindly, if still looking somewhat sad, "Hello, I'm Special Agent Sawyer of the FBI."

Pan nodded and shook his hand as well.

The Indian man nodded as he introduced himself, "I am Captain Nemo, of the vessel the Nautilus."

Alice walked over to the nervous looking red haired man who had yet to say anything and curtseyed again, smiling brightly, "Hello, I'm Alice Liddell, Mister…?"

The man looked up, almost dropping his watch, "Hello, I'm Doctor Jekyll."

She smiled kindly at the doctor, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Jekyll."

Sawyer looked at the newly acquainted group, "Well, it's good that we all know who everyone else is now, but we have to get going if we're going to make it back to London for that meeting with the new M."

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