-Early Authors Note-

Just so you know, it's my crazy ass headcannon that say that the German brother's Erogenous Zones are the back of the neck along the spine. Not just Prussia's, Germany's too.

Also that Germany stutters very much when he's embarrassed. C; I'm so crazy~ lalala~

It was lunch time at Hetalia academy. The lunchroom was filled with it's usual chatter between the different nations at their tables. The Nordics were at their table, the Allies at another, however, something was amiss at the Axis table. Three countries were at the table. Germany, Prussia, Japan, no wait one more... who was he again? Oh yeah, that Canada guy.

Anyway, something appeared to be wrong. Germany was headesking on the table. The other three countries were gathered around. Japan and Canada were eating, while Prussia was frowning and staring at his younger sibling.

"So, whats wrong with your brother anyways?" Canada whispered.

"Italy's sick, and West was up all night trying to take care of him. Italy will always come over, even when he's sick you see. And, since he sleeps more than he usually does when he's sick, he's always naked when he come's over. Which just causes him to get sicker because of the cold outside. West get's little to no sleep while Italy's sick..." Prussia rubbed Germany's back. "Its okay bruder, he'll get better."

Germany just groaned.

"Germany-san, Prussia-kun is correct. Italy-kun can only get better."

"I know that, I'm just so damn tired! Gott verdammt!"

"Eh? Then sleep bruder, it is lunch time."

Ludwig's head raised up and turned to look at Gilbert "Nein, If you sleep before you are supposed to, it throws your whole sleep system out of whack, causing your body to need sleep at that time every day." He yawned. "That's why Italy and Romano have to take a siesta at exactly three pm every day. If they don't, they get cranky and-" He yawned again "-And they... they... they're irritable all... d-day..."

His head slowly lowered and rested on his arms.

"Eh..? B-Bruder? ...West?" Prussia tapped on Germany's shoulder. No Response. A grin began to creep itself onto Prussia's face. "Kesesesese~"

He wrapped his arms around his brother.

"What are you doing Prussia-kun?"

"Shhh~ West NEVER lets me hug him, don't ruin this for me."

Germany squirmed "B-Brud-er... n-no..."

Prussia froze. "y-you awake west?"

Germany murmured something into his arm and fell quiet.

"Kesesese~" he nuzzled his face against Germany's cheek. Grinning wildly, he turned and looked at Canada. "Isn't my kleiner bruder just the cutest!"

"He's cuter than my brother..." At these words, Matthew turned towards the Allies table, Where Alfred was currently standing on top of the table, shouting something about being the best hero ever at Ivan, who was Kol-ing.

Prussia kissed his brother's forehead like he used to when Germany was still a little squirt.

Suddenly Ludwig's arms shot out around Gilbert and grabbed him in a tight embrace. Prussia gasped, then his grin got even bigger. "Seriously- Don't do anything to disturb him. This hasn't happened since he was extremely small~" He smiled at his younger brother. So deep into dreamland he must have been.

Germany began mumbling again. Although, no one but Prussia could hear him "A-ah- B-Bruder- mein gott- "

Prussia laughed "Kesesese~ sometimes I wonder what goes on in that head of his."

"A-ahh mmng B-B-Bruder~"

Prussia twitched. Wait a second. What was going on in his head right now?

"Oh j-ja Prussia- ahh"

A blush was forcing itself onto Prussia's face. No way. NO WAY.

"H-Hard-der ahhhh- don't- don't stop-"

Germany's hand crawled up onto Prussia's neck, rubbing it with his thumb.

'Mein gott br-bruder- Are really you doing this subconsciously!' But he must of been. Germany would never- could never do something like this when he was awake. They were brothers. Doing something like that, even in private. With all those morals of his, Germany could never approve of such things. Well, unless he was drunk. Because then he was extremely lovey-dovey. And touchy. … And clingy... and he could rarely (as in on occasion, he would) remember anything of what happened the next day. Although, Prussia never did anything to his brother when he was drunk. Prussia would never admit it, but he did have respect for his brother.

Germany moaned again and his grip on Prussia's neck tightened.

'Gott verdammt West!' Prussia bit his tongue to keep himself from moaning. He tried his hardest to ignore the lump that was forming in his pants.

As if acting on impulse, Prussia's hand sprung to life and gripped itself onto Germany's neck, causing another moan to escape him. Gilbert was glad that it was so noisy in the lunchroom. He was really, really glad that Germany's face was currently muffled into his chest, so the other two nations at the table couldn't hear him. But more than anything, he was glad that he had such self discipline. Otherwise- well, Things would get ugly.

"fa-faster- fas-ter oh ja- oh Prussia- I-I can't- I'm gonna-"

Germany's grip on Prussia tightened, then slowly relaxed.


Ludwig nuzzled his head on Gilbert's chest. A blush covered his face, he was panting heavily.

"Bruder- w-wake up please." He shook his younger brother in an attempt to wake him.

"Mnnng?" Germany's eyes fluttered open. His hand shot up to the back of his own neck, pushed Prussia's hand away and covered it. "B-b-bruder w-w-why were y-you-" His eyes widened as he recalled his dream. Detaching himself from Prussia he quickly sat up and groaned, when he realized that his pants were wet and gross. "B-B-B-Bruder wha-what h-happened?"

Prussia leaned over and whispered "Y-Y-You were dreaming about s-something West, a-and you kept moaning- and you said my name a few times- what were you dreaming about anyways?"

The blush on Germany's face grew even reader and he mumbled out "I-I c-can't t-t-t-tell you..."

"Why not Bruder? You can tell me." Oh, Prussia knew only too well as to what Germany was probably dreaming about, but it as more fun to hear Germany say such obscenities himself.

I-If I t-told you, you'd hate m-me f-forever,- and you-you'd think I'm a-a dir-dirty pervert- and- th-that I-I'm a sic-sicko." Germany couldn't bring himself to say it. What kind of sicko has dirty sex thoughts about his brother? This wasn't Okay. Nothing about this would ever be okay.

"West. You are a pervert."

"You're n-not hel-helping! I- …I need to go t-to the b-bathroom."

He quickly stood up and headed toward the restroom. When he entered a stall he removed his pants and cleaned himself. He felt disgusting. "How c-c-could you th-think such things a-about your bru-bruder! Your r-related Gott verdammt! You're a si-sick p-pervert!" He continued grumbling to himself about his morals and how he will never think such thoughts ever again or he'll kick his own ass while he wiped himself off. After cleaning himself and his pants the best he could with nothing but toilet paper, he re-clothed himself and left the bathroom.


Lunch had ended. It was time to head back to class. Canada, Japan and Prussia stood up and grabbed their stuff. Germany rushed to the table, quickly gathered his crap and rushing to the door. Prussia followed behind him.

"So, what were you dreaming about?"

"I-I c-c-can't tell you- Y-you'll hate me f-f-forever."

"West, nothing you could do could eve make me hate you. You're my kleiner bruder. I love you."

Germany shook his head "B-but you will. Y-you will h-hate m-m-me." he paused. "B-Besides- I-I don't even kn-know where t-to-to be-begin to t-t-try and ex-explain it t-to yo-you!"

Sighing, Prussia wrapped his arm around Germany. "Fine. You can figure out how to explain it during Math, then tell me during gym." He smirked. Prussia was going to have some fun with this.


Math passed by way to fast for Germany's taste. He really didn't want to have to explain what was going on in his mind. And it really didn't help that every five minutes Prussia would jab him with a pencil and ask him if he could explain it yet. Briskly walking through the halls, Prussia tagged along, following him to the boy's locker room.

"Bruder~ did you figure it out yet?~"

"I- Y-yes. But I... I can't e-explain it y-you!"

Prussia sighed and dragged his brother into the showers. "Bruder. You're going to change in here. With me. Until you can tell me what it was."

"But Bruder, we always change in the showers. No one ever uses them during our class. They'd rather shower at home. This is the last class of the day."

Canada passed by the doorway. "Hey guys."

"Hey Canada."

Feeling fed up with this, Gilbert pushed Ludwig against the wall. "Bruder wh-what are you-"

Prussia brought a finger to his lips. "West. You're not leaving this spot until I get the truth."

"But B-Bruder it's r-really ina-inappropriate- and g-get off of m-me-"

"I mean it."

"Y-your g-gonna regret t-touc-ching m-me I-If I t-tell you- You-you'll w-wish I wasn't y-y-your br-bruder a-anymore."

"Now Germany." Prussia was dead serious. He never called Germany by his Nation name. It was always 'West', or 'bruder'.

Germany's blush returned. "I... it... w-wi-with y-you- and m-m-me- a-and i-it w-was..." He sighed. "Bruder...ple-please do-don't make m-me t-te-tell you... you're g-go-gonna ha-hate m-me..."

"I could never hate you"

"You s-say tha-that n-now..."

"Germany. I could NEVER hate you. No matter what."


"Ja bruder. Now, come on. What's wrong?"

Pausing, he bit his lip and tried again "It's j-just- m-me... And yo-you- and w-we- we h-had... In-In-Int- w-we d-d-d-did I- IT…"

Prussia's face fell, "I... I see." Yeah. That's what he figured his little bruder had been dreaming about. Although, it didn't make him as disappointed as he let on. In a way, it made him excited to know his little brother had thought such things. He had done the same before. Not that he'd ever tell his sibling that.

"Y-You hate m-me n-now... don't you...?"

"Nein bruder. It doesn't bug me actually."

"But how could you NOT!" Germany shouted. He wanted his brother to be mad at him. He needed to be told that what went through his head was wrong.

Having Prussia forgive him so easily was a worse punishment then getting yelled at for hours.

"How... how c-could you n-not hate me f-for thinking s-such dirty things a-a-about you-? How d-does it n-not bug you! I'm a sic-sicko for th-those kind o-of things t-to even en-enter m-my mind!"

"Bruder. It's okay. It's not like you put these thoughts into action. It's not like you meant to think such things. It- Its okay. Its kinda strange... But I don't hate you for them."

Germany stared at him "A...Are you s-sure you d-don't hate m-me? Not e-even a l-little?"


"I… D-Danke…"

Prussia wrapped his arms around his brother "It's okay West. I don't hate you."

"But I h-hate my-myself... it may n-not bug yo-you, but tha-that do-doesn't m-make it o-okay." He pushed Prussia off of him. "P-Please don't t-touch me... It-Its aw-awkw-ward for m-me..."


"I-It j-just is- I- but... J-Just... d-don't..."

The changed into their gym clothes in silence and left the room for class.


Entering the showers again, They quickly changed.

"Hey West?"

"J-Ja b-bruder?"

"You still haven't forgiven yourself have you?"


"I told you, its Okay. Just forget about it. It didn't mean anything."

"Bruder- The only way th-this could ever b-be okay would be i-if you've th-thought such th-things as well! And... I know you ha-haven't... you're not some p-perverted creeper li-like I am..."

A smirk pulled itself onto Prussia's face. A plan was already creating itself in his mind. Reaching out, he put his hand on Germany's shoulder. "So, the only way for this to be okay would be if I thought things you have? Fine. I will."

"B-Bruder nein! I meant i-if you've thought s-such things in the p-past! Not r-right now! …. It d-doesn't count now. Don't.. Don't be a per-pervert for my s-sake..." Ludwig pulled the hand off his shoulder and sat on the bench.

Rolling his eyes, Prussia sat down next to his brother. "You're really not going to forgive yourself, are you?"


Prussia almost admitted that he had thought such things many times before, just because of the sad, solemn look on his brothers face. However, his plan flaunted itself again. He was defiantly going to put this plan in action. Trying to look like he was deciding weather or not to do something, He sat there with an 'I'm contemplating on whether I should do this or not' Face. But the look was a lie. He was already going to, whether Germany liked it or not.

"W-what's wrong bruder?"

"I'm probably going to regret this but..." He caressed Germany's face in his hand and pressed their lips together in a kiss. It was just on the lips, Prussia purposely didn't do anything more. That was for later, if it was necessary.

Germany didn't pull away. He was to shocked to react, or do anything actually.

In the end, It was Prussia who pulled away first.

"There. Better?"

Germany's face was a mixture of shock and and embarrassment. His entire face was red.

"B-b-ru-ru-d-der wha-wha-what w-was th-that f-f-f-for?" he stuttered.

He waved his finger in Germany's face."So you can forgive yourself. You said thinking doesn't count, so I'll just have to do that instead. There's five levels. This is level one. If you don't forgive yourself, I'll just have to keep going up a level until you do."

A smirk placed itself on his face. This plan was pretty brilliant if he did say so himself. Germany would forgive himself eventually. Hopefully before level five, although... Prussia kinda wanted to get to that level. The sick twisted part of him wanted it to go that far. But odds are, Germany would forgive himself before then. Germany's actions were imaginary. Prussia's would be real life.

"So. You forgive yourself yet?

"N-Nein- I-I can't- a-as inappr-inappropriate as that was- Bruder- It wa-wasn't as b-bad as what I th-thought up... I-I can't for-forgive m-myself I… I'm sorry..."

Prussia smirked. "Well. That's okay. You've still got four more levels to go. That means four more days to forgive yourself. There's time."

With that he dragged Germany out of the locker room and outside towards the bus.

-Authors Note-

Kekekekeh~ Poor Germany and his mind rape, Although, Prussia's plan is a bit evil, I know that you people will like it~. Haaa~ I enjoy pretending to be Characters at school. All sorts of random shit happens, and then it gives me Fanfic Ideas~ Its funny though, because no one in out Hetalia group is the right gender except for our Ukraine! XD Our England and America, Are boys, but, because the England needs glasses, and our America does not need glasses, their Fem:America and Fem:England instead. *laughs* Everyone else is a girl pretending to be a boy.

This is the fanfic that I was keeping a secret form all of you~ I hope you enjoy it.

And I'm serious about that tenth reviewer per chapter. I'll keep track~ You'll get a Hetalia story with whatever couple and whatever crack story prompt you want. I do anything people. Five chapters equals five winners, and that eaquals five fanfictions

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