Today was the last day. Today would be the last level. The only level left. Level five. Although it didn't show, it was on both of the German brothers minds. Tearing their thoughts into a hurricane of worry and frenzy. However, despite the fact that their views on it were completely different, their worries were one in the same. In the end, It came down to one thing. The same thought buzzed throughout both of their heads. 'Will he still like me afterwords, or is he going to hate me forever for doing such a thing?'

For Prussia, it was centered around the fact that he was going to rape his little brother. The only Nation- no... the only person in his world that held any true meaning to him. The only person that he loved with all his heart. No one had ever been like Germany. And no one ever would be. He desperately wished that he didn't feel this way about his brother. He wished that Germany had forgiven himself already.

However, Prussia had started this. Prussia was going to finish this. No matter what the cost. Today, his pride was in control. Blinded by his pride to never quit anything, his was going to go through with it. But, his morals, his common sense, and his love for his younger sibling still had a small- very small grip on his mind. Today was going to be filled with agony. He thought that maybe buying that 'special object' might make it easier, however... it just filled his thoughts with more dread. Was he really going to do that to his sweet little brother? ...Yes.. He had to now. Unless Ludwig managed to find a reason in his heart to forgive himself... This was going to end up happening.

For Germany, It was because he felt he had pulled a fast one on his older brother. His heart was being torn in ways he didn't know possible. He was getting emotions that he had never felt before. They made his brain hurt. What Ludwig did understand was that he felt like a dirty, perverted, selfish, incestuous, bastard. How could he let it go on for this long? Just because his body told him that he needed Prussia's touches, That it needed his love and embrace, doesn't mean he should listen! Where did his morals go? When did the fact that Prussia was his brother fly out the window? …Why did he want his brother to just fuck him already...?

He should have told the truth. He should have revealed himself already. He should just admit that he had in fact already forgiven himself. And that he's in love with his brother. But what if that made Prussia disgusted with him? What If Prussia couldn't love him afterwords? What if Prussia didn't want an incestuous man for a brother? He didn't think he could bear it but- his body- it sealed his lips shut whenever he tried to shout it out. Whenever he tried to get out of it by explaining everything. He thought about it and- it didn't really make sense. Even if he only told Prussia that he had forgiven himself- it wouldn't make any sense. He couldn't just randomly bring it up- and even if it came up in the conversation... if he randomly forgave himself, just like that... he knew Gilbert would get suspicious, then he would have to explain everything. Prussia may be kinda stupid, but he wasn't an idiot. He wasn't going to get out of this easily. Not without his body winning. Although, throughout all of this... his want for his brother had only grown stronger. He thought that maybe- if he let everything play out.. the burning urge in his stomach would go away but... there was no such luck.

Oh, what troubles fate had for them- alright, I'm over dramatic. So sue me.

Prussia stared at his brother all throughout lunch, as if trying to will his sibling to forgive himself already. But his efforts were fruitless, as his brother simply stared off into space. He flinched when Canada spoke "So whats up between you two?"

"wh-what do you mean?" they both stuttered out simultaneously.

"... you just seem like, distant. Like your not really here. That's MY job."

A smile lingered on Prussia's face, then disappeared as he looked to Germany again. He wasn't sure if it was the fact that he'd molested his brother over the past week, or the fact that pretty much no one had heard from Italy for the past few days, but Ludwig looked miserable. Oh, he had his usual poker face on, where you couldn't tell what he was thinking, and he looked normal, but... Few people are able to tell what someone like Germany is feeling just by looking. He was upset about something. And Prussia had a pretty good guess as to what it was.

"Hey Germany-san whats wrong?"

Prussia's eyes widened, Japan could sense it too, and what if Germany told someone! He hadn't counted that his brother would- but it made sense- if you have a problem you tell someone, and they'll help you- but- this was bad. He saw Germany whisper something to Japan. Then the Asian nation giggled, and then went back to his sketchbook.

Okay, so he obviously hadn't told him. But then what did he say, and why not? That was his chance to do so, to tell someone, yet he did nothing. Prussia was extremely confused. He didn't understand what his brother was doing whatsoever, but he chose to ignore it. He just smiled an laid his head down on the table. It would appear that level five would carry out as planned. Hopefully anyways. He had it all planned out. What would happen, how it would happen, he felt pretty proud of himself to think it this far through and all but damn. It wasn't going to be easy.

Ludwig buried his head in his arms. He wasn't sure if he was going to make it till the end of the day, his head kept filling itself with fantasy's of what his brother was going to do to him. He knew how sadistic Prussia could be- and that quickly made the thoughts hotter and kinkier. He knew that this was not okay. Seriously, who jacks off to dirty thoughts about their brother? He had to hide his shame that was blossoming onto his face; a blush as red as an apple. Even Japan noticed something was up, and the German nation lied and told him that he was simply thinking about a cute anime girl... but.. he was unsure if Japan truly believed what he had been told, and knowing him, he probably knew it was a lie.


The rest of the day was just as unnerving and awkward for both boys. Germany was on the brink of tears, his cock was burning and twitching at the lack of attention it was receiving, it was driving him insane. Prussia had replayed and rethought how things we're going to play out for probably the thousandth time when Gym finally ended.

However, as they finished getting dressed, Germany noticed that nothing happened. Prussia wouldn't even look at him. The only thing of interest that actually happened, Prussia accidentally dropped his phone onto the shower floor, and shrieked because the battery popped out and he thought he broke it, but after nearly hyperventilating to death and putting it back together, it turned out to be fine. But that was it.

He had the urge to question why level five didn't happen- but he didn't dare bring it up. Gilbert said only one thing, right before the bell rang to dismiss them from school. "B-Bruder.. have you.. f-forgiven yourself y-yet?" The answer was nein, and Prussia's face paled. The bell rang, and that was all.

Germany was dumbfounded. Nothing. Absolutely nothing had happened. Was level five a lie? What the hell Prussia? Sulking slightly, he followed Prussia onto the bus and sat down next to him. So Prussia didn't have the guts to do it after all. Well fuck. Ludwig's vital regions hurt like hell. He'd have to take care of that when he got home. He was ashamed to admit it, but he was really looking forward to more of his brother's intrusions. Just this one last time- then never again! Eventually, when they where about halfway home, he had to bring it up.

"H-Hey bruder?"

"Ja west..?"

"You didn't do level five today."

Gilbert swallowed, unresponsive as he tried to figure out how he was going to handle this.

"I-I'm glad- I thought you we're g-going to- I was thinking about it all day, and now I can relax, you know?"


Prussia tried to keep his voice as straight as possible, but he heard his voice crack from the pressure of it all. Dear god- if that plan replayed OND MORE TIME, And he didn't touch his brother he was either going to punch someone in the face, or kill himself! But- He couldn't fuck his brother at school- Not in the locker room at least. no- its much to dirty. He would simply wait a little longer- as hot and kinky as it would be to have sex in the school locker room, he didn't want to get expelled, or caught- or anything. Plus he kinda forgot that special item at home. He could wait till they got there. Right...? Either way, it was to late to do it at school. They we're on the bus, heading home.

As if god hated them both, the time on the bus dragged on, lasting for what seamed like an eternity. That awkward silence lingered around them for the entire ride, causing everyone to stare, only to make things even more awkward. When the bus finally reached their stop, Prussia jumped up and ran off the bus. He needed to get everything ready- and quickly.

Surprised, Germany slowly got up and left the bus as well, following Prussia inside the house. He heard movement upstairs. Coming from in his room to be specific. What was Prussia doing in his room? Ditching his stuff by the door, he crept up the stairs and headed to his door.

"Bruder, what are you doing in my room..?" There was no response. He pushed the door open. No one was inside. "...? Bruder?" He walked in to the room 'what the hell... I know I heard him in here.' He heard a click behind him, and quickly turned around, ready for whatever bullshit Gilbert or whoever was going to pull. As it turned out, Prussia just locked the door. "Bruder... what are you doing?" Prussia didn't respond, he just crept closer and closer. His trademark smirk was plastered onto his face. Blue eyes staring into red, Ludwig started backing up, and soon he was pressed against the bed.

"B-Bruder- I-" His voice was cut off by Gilbert's lips. He just stood there, allowing himself to be kissed. The lump in his pants that he had been hiding all day twitched. He needed this and he needed it soon. He just hoped Prussia would move faster.

Prussia nipped at Germany's lip, as if begging for entrance, then remembering what he was doing, he forced his way into the moist cave with his skilled tongue, quickly welcomed by warmth and thousands of different tastes.

His hand curled onto Germany's neck, rubbing away at it with a thumb. His other hand was busy working at unbuttoning the Blondes clothes. He smiled as he heard another moan escape from his little brother. So far so good. Hopefully this would go easier than he initially thought it would. He pressed his body against the younger one's, fulling enjoying the contact.

Germany squirmed, pretending to struggle against his brother's actions as he felt the tongue move in his mouth, bringing along the tastes he had learned to love by now. He had to at least get Prussia to keep going until it was to late to stop. If he started enjoying it, he knew his brother would quit and get off him. He felt like an ass, but- He wanted this so badly- and he was so fucking horny- he'd tell afterward. He felt Gilbert slowly lower their bodies onto the bed, he felt his shirt come off, and Prussia's strangely soft hands trailing down his now shirtless body, as they pinched and prodded along the tender skin. He struggled again, to keep up the look that he wasn't enjoying this. He pulled away from the kiss, a trail of saliva keeping a connection between them. "B-Bruder- nein- w-wh-what are you-!"

Prussia brought a finger to Germany's lips."Now, now, west, I told you, either forgive yourself, or things will only get worse~"

Ludwig squirmed again, attempting to pull away, but was forced to stop when Gilbert grabbed his wrists in an iron grip, pinning him to the bed. His eyes widened as Prussia reached his free hand into his pocket and pulled out a pair of heavy duty steel handcuffs. Gilbert's grin got wider, obviously proud of thinking ahead and buying them before hand.'where the fuck did he get those!'

Moving quickly, Prussia clamped them around Germany's wrists in seconds, attaching him to the bed.

Keeping his cool, not wanting to show anything, Germany growled through clenched teeth. "Bruder. You let me go RIGHT. NOW."

"Nein. Not until you forgive yourself west, you know how this works."

He blushed and averted his eyes. "y-you know I can't.."

The evil looking smirk on Prussia's face grew even bigger then it already was. "Kesesesese~! Well then west..." His voice trailed off as his hands began undoing his own shirt buttons. "I guess you'll have to learn forgiveness the hard way..." He pulled away for a second, and made quick work of his own shirt, seductively pulling it off his body before throwing it to the floor. Climbing back onto the bed, he pulled at Germany's pants before climbing on top of the German nation and locking their lips together. His tongue found itself in Germany's mouth again, moving and rubbing itself against the dormant one that lived there. He pulled away and nipped at Ludwig's collar bone, causing the blonde to squeak and twitch. Leaning down he latched onto the German's neck, sucking and biting, leaving pink marks that were sure to be there for a while.

Germany squirmed, unable to really do anything with his bound hands. Its not that he wasn't enjoying this, actually, saying that he loved this was an understatement. However.. as the time slowly ticked on with him in this position, with Prussia letting his hands running rampant up and down his body, poking and prodding, pinching and rubbing whatever they wanted, Germany's hands got itchy for moment. They sincerely needed to touch something on his brothers sexy body.

'bruder- I want to touch you back- u-un cuff me-' he thought desperately. But its not like the Prussian would comply. This was supposed to be a lesson. Germany had to figure out a way to become detached from the bed, in order to do anything, and then he still had to keep Prussia here. However, if Gilbert didn't want this, Ludwig would have no choice but to let him go.

Mentally grumbling about his predicament, he suddenly got an idea that had to work.

Prussia's hands had finally stopped their relentless attack, but only to move to a different area of the body. They slipped into the German's pants, and firmly grasped around his throbbing member.

"Kesesese~ Bruder~ you're so hard~" He mused, softly stroking poor Germany up the shaft of his dick to the tip, and then back down to the base.

"Gah~! N-nein! B-Bruder~ please!" He squirmed to the touch, not wanting to cum in Prussia's hand and show he was enjoying this much more than he let on. But god damn, his brothers hands were teasing and touching just right, as if they had done this a thousand times and knew just where to touch to get him worked and and almost push him over the edge.

Prussia froze. "...Please what?"

"P-please stop- I … I-"

Prussia eyes widened. "You what..?"

"Y-you win ja? I w-was an pompous Dummkopf!- I should of forgiven myself sooner! Y-You we're right- I was foolish to let a dream bother me- i-it didn't really happen- you know? P-please stop- I don't want this!"

Prussia felt his heart shatter, and his soul slowly die. He felt crushed. Germany would never want something like this! What was he thinking? Where did this plan make any sense whatsoever? He pulled his hands out of the blonde's pants.

"E-Es...Es tut mir leid … Westen..." He started tearing up, but quickly wiped the salty water away. "Th-that's good ja? Th-that means I don't have to go any farther!"

"J-Ja... c-can y-you please let me go n-now..?"

The Albino smiled weakly and reached up to un-cuff the Blonde from the bed. His ruby orbs staring into baby blue ones as he pulled off the restraints.

'… Drei... zwei... eins... ….. NOW!' With the release of the hand cuffs,Ludwig pushed his brother off of him, and pinned him down by his arms. Not wasting any time, he quickly straddled Gilbert's lap and looked down at his brother, his golden hair falling into his cerulean eyes, which where glossed over and filled with lust. A small sadistic grin was pulling at his lips. One that was untrained wouldn't notice it, however, Prussia noticed it right away.

"W-west! Get off of me! What the hell- are you-" His eyes widened as the soft lips of his little brother meshed with his own, and a very lively tongue forced itself into the cavern, scoping out everything that was previously unknown territory.

Prussia was too shocked to do anything. What the hell was going on! This didn't make ANY sense!

When Germany finally pulled away, he licked his lips, wiping the spit Prussia had left with his tongue, and smirked at the male that was trapped underneath him. "Not bad bruder. Not bad at all."

Prussia was stuttering, confused as to what was happening. "W-W-Was? B-b-bruder- but y-you- a-are yo-you drunk!"

Germany chuckled lightly. "Nein, haven't had a thing to drink since Wednesday" A less sadistic grin formed at his lips. "I'm s~o~b~e~r~ bruder."

"b-b-b-but you j-just- to me... a-and- W-WAS?"

Germany released Prussia's arms and trailed his calloused fingers down Prussia's firm chest. "bruder..." He brought their lips into a kiss again, and this time Prussia pulled away. Understandable of course, the poor man was baffled.

"B-But you- W-west are you sure..? I mean- you d-don't have t-to-"

Germany interrupted Prussia, and whispered seductively into his ear. "Oh Ja~ I've never been more sure of anything..." he paused, as if not sure if he should continue. "The real question is... Are you sure you want to...?"

Prussia's face was filled with a look that showed how horny he was."Oh West... I've wanted to do this to you for so fucking long- you don't even know~!" In one go, Prussia shoved his brother off and sat on top of him again, kissing him and nipping at his neck. He slid his body downward, still kissing as he went, stopping to suck on the small pink nub that was the German man's nipple, freeing another small moan from his lips. Gilbert brought his hand up, twisting and pinching the brother of the one in his mouth. He rubbed his tongue and pinched it between his teeth, making sure to abuse it till it was red.

Ludwig squirmed to the touches, dear god Prussia really knew how to do this well.

Satisfied with how hard it had become, Prussia switched sides and gave the other one the exact same treatment. Nipping at it one last time, he pulled away, and kissed Germany again, invading his mouth as he moaned. It really was better this way, now that Germany was kissing back. Their tongues played with each other in a strange dance, fighting for dominance. Gilbert playfully bit Ludwig's tongue, causing him to smirk into the kiss- but it didn't last long as Prussia pulled away and once again slid down Germany's body.

He pulled at the belt, ripping it away and tossing it onto the ground. "I think that these need to come off ja~?"

Germany groaned as Prussia pressed a hand against against his crotch causing more pressure than Germany could handle. "B-Bruder- gnh!" he winced slightly as Prussia toyingly pressed even harder. "Stop f-fucking teasing m-me you Arschloch!"

"Maybe I should stop all together~...?"


A smirk formed at his lips "Then be a good boy please West~" with a yank he pulled down Germany's pants and boxers, releasing the bulge from its confinements.

"Gott sei Dank!" He gasped as the very cold air crashed into his dick. Shivering, he looked to his older brother with a small frown, obviously unhappy with how cold he now was.

"hehe~" he smiled and leaned over, and lapped at the pre-cum that had started leaking from the tip. He licked down the shaft, and took Ludwig into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down.

Germany's hands clenched up as he felt Prussia's teeth graze across the sensitive skin. He bit his lip to try and keep a rather breathy moan from escaping as he felt that mouth close around him tighter, and start to suck. Germany hips buckled, and he felt his body involuntarily thrust into Prussia's mouth, trying to coax him to go faster. "n-ngh~ B-Bruder~!"

Prussia nearly choked, but he was able to start up a good pace with Ludwig's hips, using it as an advantage rather than something to hinder his awesome blow job abilities. He smiled as he heard Germany uncontrollably moan out in ecstasy, he was quite proud of his skills in the art of pleasuring someone. Even if he was kinda rusty at it. And according to the wonderful noises that we're spilling ever so nicely out of Germany's mouth, he was doing awesomely. Using his teeth, he grazed along and caused more pleasure by biting down slightly as he bobbed, earning another moan from the younger ones mouth. Twirling his tongue he happily rubbed along the length, gripping it and sucking to cause the most pleasure possible.

He had been holding it in as long as possible to enjoy the ecstasy causing movements the Albino was doing down below his belt, but he couldn't hold it a second more."B-Bruder g-gahh~! ich k-kann nicht~, i-ich werde-" Germany moaned loudly as his body convulsed, his hot, snow white seed shot into Prussia's mouth. Prussia concluded that it tasted better fresh, rather then off his fingers. Pulling away, He swallowed, licking his lips, and smirked at his younger brother. "Kesesese~ West~ you taste pretty fucking gut~"

Germany's breath heaved and fell as he came back from his orgasm, "ah-ahh~ B-bruder~ wh-where did y-you learn h-how to do th-thahh~ that~?"

"We're not called the bad touch trio for nothing~"

Germany choose to ignore that sentence. and severely hoping that Prussia would never repeat it, Germany let his body relax, in anticipation for what was still to come. Smiling, Gilbert seductively pulled the last of his clothing off, freeing his erection. "Kesesesese~ how do you like my five meters west~?"

German smiled, his face filled with lust and a deep wanting as he stared at his brother.

"So are you ready Lutzy~?"

"J-Ja almost- hang on-" Quickly getting up he scrambled to his closet and rummaged through his it, then pulled out a small bottle, and tossed it to Prussia.

"eh...?" Catching the bottle, he looked at it and smirked. "'Strawberry flavored lube huh~? Kese~ now why would you have something like this in your closet~?"

Blushing Germany stuttered "d-do you wa-want t-to use i-it or no-not!"

"Ja, ja, get back on the bed~."

Opening the bottle, he quickly dumped some if the slick berry smelling gel onto his hands, rubbing them together to warm it up.

"smells pretty nice~" Deciding is was a good temperature, he reached down and slicked himself up. Prussia crawled over Germany and pressed his body against his brothers, trying to earn another moan as their vitals rubbed together. "So are you ready now~?" He called out in a singsong voice.


Smirking, he quickly spread the Blonde's legs, finding that in this lovely position, he could look at his brothers face. God how he couldn't wait to see that face moan out with ecstasy. He positioned himself at his entrance, teasingly rubbing against it. "you sure~? There's no going back after this point~ no stopping in the middle now~" He grinned, still rubbing his tip against his brothers hole. It was quite fun to tease, especially how every touch seemed to leave his wonderful little brother at a lack for words, and gasping for air. The tell tale blush that was across his face was cute as well.

Irritated by the sudden lack of progress and the teasing that his brother was relentless with, Germany wrapped his legs around his brothers waist, forcing the older to enter him. "ahn!"

Surprised by the sudden penetration and his brothers actions, Prussia gasped as he felt himself suddenly enveloped in a tight warmth. He moaned softly, loving the feeling of it all."L-Ludwig~~! Ah~ you're s-so TIGHT~"

"S-Sorry- I've ne-never done th-this sort of thing b-before..."

"N-Nein- it's a GOOD thing~" The former Nation murmured as he pushed in all the way, feeling the Germanic Nation slightly clench around him, not at all being used to this.

"Gn-gnm... G-Gilbert..." It hurt, like he was going to rip in half, he realized they didn't bother to stretch him out. But- oh god at the same time, it cause bliss. God, he really was a masochist.

"Es tut mir leid..." Gilbert stopped moving, letting the blonde grow accustom to being filled. "Tell me when you're ready."

It truly was the strangest feeling, It felt so wrong, so unnatural, having something inserted there. However at the same time, it was mind blowing at how well, good it felt, to be filled up by someone who had always loved him. Someone that deep down in his heart, he had always loved back. His body slowly adjusted to the intrusion, and gladly wanted more. Feeling ready, Germany grunted.

Prussia readily took it as a sign to start, and slowly pushed in deeper, easily sliding out, and just as easily pushing all the way in before back and almost out again. Ludwig was really tight, Prussia grabbed his brothers hips for support and grinned, his pace quickly speeding up, pushing deeper with each thrust. Having a good quick pace started up, he looked at his brother, and loved the sight: His sky blue eyes were half-closed and glossed over with lust, his mouth was open, no longer trying to hide the girly moans that were escaping it. Prussia couldn't look away. He desperately wished he had his cell phone with him, to take a picture of the sight, to look at and jack off to when his brother wasn't looking. His memory would be good enough though, he supposed. He smirked, trying to find that one special spot, that one place that would make Germany cry out his name in unadulterated ecstasy.


Found it. He grinned wide and hit it again, as hard at he could. Then, teasingly brushed against it lightly.

"Gilb-bert~ n-nein- p-please-" He shuddered and twitched as it was lightly prodded over and over again. "H-Harder- I- gnh~" His panting was getting faster and his noises more breathy.

Gilbert however just smirked, hitting it only every other time to mess with him, getting softer with each thrust. "aw, look at you, kleiner Bruder, I've barely even started, and your already so close~, we'll have to make you last longer huh~?" He wrapped a hand around his brothers throbbing member and placed a finger at the tip, making sure nothing could escape, wanting to make the blonde beg for sweet release. His grip tightened and Germany moaned out Prussia's name in what was a mixture of pain and pleasure. His back arched as the rest of his body squirmed to the touch.
"P-Please- B-Bruder- gnah~!"

Prussia smirked, pressing down on the tip, causing pre-cum to slowly leak from it again. "do you promise to hold it Bruder~?"
"ah! I- J-Ja~" He twitched, he would hold it as long as he had to if Gilbert would just hit that spot that made him see stars again. He felt the hand pull away and place itself back on his hip, pulling him closer.
Prussia thrusts were speeding up, but he was still only just brushing Germany's sweet spot lightly. Teasing him in unimaginable ways as the blondes body twitched, wanting more of what it just couldn't have.

Ludwig wrapped his arms around his brother in an attempt to bring him closer. "B-Bruder- p-please- h-harder-!"
Grinning, he quickly obliged to the younger siblings request and pounded into him at an alarming rate, making sure to hit that spot every time. Their breathing quickly picked up, in sync with each movement that they created with forbidden act of penetrating ones own brother. The very thought of complying with each other to do something that was so forbidden by society made them want it even more.

"M-Mein Gott~!" Ludwig moaned loudly, feeling his body start to go sick with pleasure as his world flipped upside down and inside out as his brother slid in and out, ramming into him with a monstrous force and speed. "S-So gut~! O-ohh~ fuck~!" He stopped fulling registering what was happening, but he knew is he wanted more. He needed more. Their once steady breathing pattern had become hitched and irregular, sweat slid down their bodies combining into one where the two different countries touched. Ludwig's body twitched with ecstasy, He moaned out Gilbert's name again and again, now unable to control it. He was so close but he didn't want it to end just yet.

Their body movements were becoming sporadic and uncontrollable, he felt a burning pain in his lower body as his cock begged for release. Prussia was beginning to feel it as well, with each thrust his body threatened to discharge the bittersweet liquid from its confinements and escape into the deep warm cavern that was being filled and emptied with each resounding push. But God, as bad as it hurt it also brought along the sweet feeling that only a true masochist could feel and want during sex, However it was not to last, at this rate, if the repeated actions did not slow down they would be pushed over the edge as-

"O-OH~ LUDWIG~!" That did it, with one breathy moan Prussia was sent over the edge and came as his body pulled his smaller frame against his brother's well sculpted body, his essence flooding out of him and quickly filling Germany. His body twitching, unable to control itself as pleasure crashed into him like and ocean, causing him to almost drown in its waves.

Unable to hold on, he was pushed over the edge when Gilbert erupted inside of him. With a loud moan calling out the name of his beloved older brother, his milky seed shot from him, squirting onto his older brothers belly and coating it with a layer of semen. He pulled his brothers body close as his own being shook and shivered from his mind blowing orgasm. As he slowly came down from his high, he felt his sibling slowly pull out, and lay down on the bed next to him.

Panting, Prussia had a smile on his face, he turned to look at his brother. "W-West-ten, m-mein Gott~"

Germany grinned weakly and mumbled out "Y-Your .. s-so gut- gnh... ...a-aweso-some~" He managed to shuffle his body over, despite that it still had chills running through it.

Gilbert wrapped an arm around his brother, to not only regain some of the lost heat, but, to embrace his new found lover. And as Prussia pulled his sweet little brother closer to him, for a moment his mind flashed back to when he had found the small country. Alone and battered on the battle field, a small child lay, covered in blood, with an arrow in his knee. He started to tear up, and Germany stared at him worried.
"you okay, Bruder..?" there was a pang of guilt in his voice, feeling that it might be his fault that his brother was crying.
"I-Ich Liebe dich, Westen." he felt choked up, and he realized that he had never managed to figure out who had done that to the blonde. But, at least he had managed to make sure that it would never happen again. And as he thought about it, all he had done, and been through with the blonde, he realized how much more he loved him then he had originally thought. However, the fact that he had raised this man- ..he thought about it.. Guardian... Sibling... and now.. also his lover... He felt he liked it- no loved it... a bit more that he should have.

"J-ja, Ich liebe dich." He stared at his brother for a moment, but shrugged it off, understanding that Prussia would talk about whatever was currently on his mind when he was ready, or not at all. His heart felt fluttery and light, something that he had never felt before. But... He was truly happy that he let his feelings shine through, and that, as it turned out, his brother, felt the exact same way back.

-Authors Note.-
OH LOOK. ITS THE LAST CHAPTER. HHNNNNGH~ Bluh. Well. I Love how this story turned out. A LOT. So much so I MIGHT make an extra chapter for it.. A kind of... Omake (owo) ohh, and maybe.. they will.. both top in it... what do you think? Should I make a sexy Omake? Ugh. Its up to you, if I get enough responses I will. Otherwise, no porn for you my lovelies~ and this story was a test. Its my … second..? yeah, my second time writing porn, and, I think how it turned out better than 'Prussia's Stay' but that's just my personal opinion. I'm glad I'm getting better, and you can tell where it starts getting more descriptive, can you not? (AND YES. I PLAY SKYRIM :D) anyways, in all actuality, I.. I don't like the beginning of this. At all. I feel like I repeat myself too much from previous Chapters. I tried editing it several times but... gyah. … to hard, my brain gave me nothing. Anyways, thank you for reading as per always~