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Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

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Deflowering a Cetra

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Chapter 2: The Innocent Flower Girl and the lustful King

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Sephiroth had never noticed how painfully boring business of government was.

He scanned the documents only, without really understanding it. His thoughts rested on the young woman he had locked down the hall in her room.

Sephiroth had sent maids to bathe and clothe her. The long, white dress, which he

had chosen for her, would surely look wonderful on her petite body. With uncountable flowers embroidered and frillies she would have certainly seem even more childlike. A sight which would blow a pleasurable shiver down the spine of his dark side.

Impatiently he glanced at the servant in the corner. "Look after her and when she is ready bring our guest to me."

The man nodded and disappeared through the door.

Sephiroth leaned back and rubbed his eyes. A few hours ago, he could hardly break his stare from her. Would that happen again now? Would his desire gain the upper hand this time? In the thought of the welfare of his kingdom, the king took a decision. He would not touch Aerith before the time had come. Otherwise, so he was sure his dark desires would overwhelm him and rob the

girl of what made her so valuable at the moment.

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Minutes later there was a knock and Aerith came inside.

Sephiroth stared fixedly at her petite figure in the floor-length dress made from the finest materials. The hair elaborately coiffed, her cheeks covered with white powder, which made her seem even more fragile.

Aerith entered with cautious steps and did a curtsy that lacked the exercise.

The maids and other ladies of the court would certainly have to teach her a lot.

"Your Majesty."

Her gentle voice made the ruler dizzy and he struggled to breathe quietly – to breathe at all. "Sit down, " he ordered, pointing to a chair a few feet from his massive desk.

Sephiroth enjoyed the game of silky fabric around her waist as she crossed the room with faltering steps and sat down.

Nervously, she played with her elaborately dressed hair, looking down.

"Tell me something about you," his voice was calm and composed, but there was a fire inside him that burned his loins.

At first she was silent and showed him clearly that she wasn't happy with her spread.

But then she opened her rosy lips and her voice broke him again in the spell.

"I come from a village located east of Midgar. My father, I've never met him, my mother was taken by the sword thrust by one of your soldiers." She glanced at him with hateful eyes. Oh, this girl showed clear features of a rebel. She would certainly not give in so easily. Her subjugation would be a game to which he was more than eager to play.

"Your men kidnapped me from the house of my foster mother Elmyra."

Sort of thing he had heard of his follower, so he nodded and asked, "What are your interests? With what I could make your acclimation to life in court easier? "

Aerith winced briefly. Did the ruler indeed want to know what she did with her time? Or did he only ask for this to steal her most precious things away. Was it a trick?

"I took care of the flowers in the garden of my foster mother."

"Of course. Cetra is truly a talent that if it comes to plants. "

That was precisely the reason why she still had her innocence.

"Otherwise ... I've never lived in extravagant proportions. "

So her wishes were simple and down to earth.

"I will make sure that you get a garden of which you can take care of. The servant, who will be at your side will get everything you need. So do not hesitate to ask. "

He was quite alright when she concentrated her magic on the plants in Midgar and doing her spells. Thus, the recovery of pastures around Migar could be done immediately and quickly. And he then could taste the nectar of this delicate flower earlier .

"The dress looks really good on you," he coaxed with his bedroom voice.

He wanted to win her trust and affection, so that the only thing that bound her to him, were not chains, but honest feelings.

Oh, Sephiroth knew enough about this game already. Young girls like her still had her dream image of a knight in shining armor. He would treat her well, fulfill her desires and win her over.

Aerith would forget her family and friends.

And when she had once shared a bed with him, she would fall to him completely.

He would make her addicted to the feeling of his manhood inside her.

Aerith winced intimidated.

Oh, she was so young ... so delicate ... Maybe he should put his good intentions aside and cost some of the sweet nectar?

How much his masculinity longed to plunge into her silky depths once.

Again Sephiroth felt the longing in his loins. The thought of immersing himself completely in her burned in him. She was so small and dainty. And he could truly call himself to be particularly well equipped. Her first intercourse with him would certainly not be pleasant for her. But as an experienced lover he had enough knowledge to prepare her for it.

Oh, she would enjoy the sex as soon as he had once set her body on fire.

Sephiroth was already excited to see how many tries it would probably take to succeed in sowing his seed. Aerith was young and healthy.

It certainly would not take long.

To prove his manhood by begetting was a fascinating thought for him.

Previously he had always been very accurately sure that the women he bedded were not fertile at the moment. But now he no longer had to hold himself back and was able to enjoy the flower girl, whenever he was so inclined.

And he would make sure that his descendants were numerous.

What power would his heirs probably have, if they left the body of this girl?

His skills in the field of power and strategy were legendary, and she ... was a legend herself. The last pure daughter of her kind. Blessed with all its magic.

Their children would certainly be master of healing and the martial arts.

And they would inherit their mother's beauty. Truly perfect beings.

Absent-mindedly, he ran his eyes over the room to the cut flowers in the windows, he would have to change them soon. But he held his breath at the sight of the flowers teeming life. Here was the proof of her power. If she actually had so much magical power, he would surely soon be able to visit her

bed. Finally indulge her sweet, radiant light ... stain her white, pure soul with blood and darkness.

Sephiroth had to admit to himself that he had never been invited to such a temptation in his bed. Her submission would be an act of pure pleasure.

He was fully aware of the tightness in his leather pants; it had become painfull.

The girl had to get out of here, otherwise he would lose his mind and rob her of what made her so valuable.

"You can go now." /Or I go. Because otherwise things will happen, not in my mind or my people's./

Aerith seemed to be confused by this command. At first she couldn't to believe it, but then was visibly relieved and left the office after bowing before him.

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Long after she had left the room, his gaze remained fixed on the door. A zany hope that she would come back again germinated in him, but he knew that it would remain unfulfilled. Maybe he was supposed to come to her?

The day was drawing to a close and Sephiroth already decided to do his royal duties the following morning.

He slowly stood up and walked around his desk.

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