"Corporal Punishment"

Please Purr

Tim lied in bed, watching over Tony as he slept. He was currently on his back with Tony snuggled into his side, his arm around his waist as if to make sure Tim didn't move. Not that he would. He enjoyed it, gave him tons of teasing material.

Tony liked to come off as a sleep and move on kind of guy, but really he was a hopeless romantic who also was a cuddlier.

Who knew?

He held Tony back with his only free arm and ran his hand and fingers over the little skin he could touch. Tim hoped they healed quickly because he got a bit hot every time he thought of Tony's purring though it also had him smiling as he remembered how adorably slow and everywhere Tony was under painkillers.


Tim walked back into the bullpen, trying to open his soda with one arm in the sling. "Stupid can," he swore as the tab snapped off.

As he sat down and saw both Ziva and Tony make their way over to his desk, he froze. The purring coming from Tony was unexpected, but so sexy and hot, he felt his breath hitch softly.

"You know what happened to the kitty cat who got too curious…don't make me break out my jag cause I will."

Tim stared at Tony, trying to still wrap his head around the purring, but Ziva breaking into his soda can with a pen snapped his attention. "Straw?"

"No I'm good. I got the one arm."

Tony laughed on the other side of Ziva. "Maybe it was you McGee, the one arm man, I thought it was one of those vets we met at the Walter Reed hospital."

He didn't know if he should be worried about Tony, but decided not to. "Wrong case Tony."

"Do we have a case? We already got the guy." Tim could see Ziva just watching Tony as if he had grown a second head. "What are we doing? What did we miss?" He stared at Ziva before asking, "What's happening?"

Ziva looked at Tim worried and he simply said, "They gave him painkillers."

"Oh." Which was really all you could say.

Tony seemed fascinated with his fingers all of a sudden, as he was flexing them and staring. "My fingers are finging." The elevator dinged and Tim almost laughed as Tony suddenly went alert at the new sound that grabbed his attention. "Hoo. Did you hear that?"

End Flashback~

Tim had taken Tony home right when they finished the case as leaving Tony on painkillers alone isn't smart.

"Hmm," Tony hummed and snuggled tighter to Tim. "My Timmy. My, my, Tim-my bear," he mumbled and Tim had to hold back his laughter. Tony really was adorable on painkillers.

He ran his fingers through Tony's hair and groaned as Tony started purring.

"I am so jumping you when we're healed," he muttered and kissed Tony's forehead when he fell back asleep.

The End.

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