I decided to try my hand at writing Dynasty Warriors fanfiction. I would like to mention that I haven't played the game, nor have I read the 'Romance of three Kingdoms'. I just watched the drama based on the book. I ask to be forgiven for my mistakes, game wise, and if you could give me some constructive criticism all would be perfect.

I have decided to focuse on Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying. The fic is actually a collection of drabbles. I'll try to make two or three drabbles per chapter.

I hope you all enjoy it.


Zhuge Liang quietly entered the modest room Master Huang had led him to. His eyes moved about taking every detail in until they landed on the other occupant of the room. The clothing, a light green quiu decorated with golden symbols, made it apparent that before him sat a woman. Kongming couldn't make out anything else besides the form of her body, albeit faintly. Her face was covered with a short golden veil over a larger green one. Master Huang's daughter was a mystery.

Slowly the girl rose from her seat by the window and gave a bow. He returned the gesture before sitting down and motioning for her to join him. She complied, lowering herself with graceful movements. "I have heard much about you." Her voice resonated through his head. The softness and affability of it eased his nerves. She paused to pour him a cup of tea. "How may I be of use to you, my lord?" The lady handed him the cup.

"A hundred men may make an encampment, but it takes a woman to make a home." Zhuge Liang answered. "I have heard that you are a woman of great wisdom, a rare diamond among pebbles." He leaned slightly forward and continued."You are more than I could ever ask for."

"You claim to have heard about my wit…have you not also heard about my physical appearance? Are you not afraid of having an unattractive wife?" Her questions were half-joke, half-serious.

Zhuge Liang shortened the distance between them and took her hand in his. "True beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Without further ado he took hold of her coverings and pushed them away from her face. The sight he was met with left him breathless. Not only was Lady Huang not hideous, she was quite attractive, with intelligence sparkling in her eyes, luxuriant auburn tresses and full pink lips.


Finding a date for the wedding ceremony was not hard. Before he knew it Zhuge Liang was watching Yue Ying, for he learned that was her name, walk towards him dressed in a red qi pao, decorated with a dragon and a phoenix. Her face was covered yet again, a red veil hid her lovely visage, this time, from the groom and the rest of the guests.

Vows and cups of wine were exchanged. Guests congratulated the newly joined couple. The party wore on. Alcohol poured left and right, food filled the tables. The people were having a good time. But all must end at some point.

Before nightfall the bride was taken into her new rooms. There servants arranged the bed and brought all that was deemed fitting for a successful first night. Yue Ying was sat upon the deep red sheets, only her shoes being removed. A few hours after, at night fall, the sliding door glided opened and in stepped Zhuge Liang. Like the first time they met he surveyed his surroundings before his eyes fixed on her. A suave smile made its way to his face as Kongming stepped closer to her.

With swift movements he discarded her of the veil. Then he took his time, tracing the shape of her face. It was his way of showing he was happy. Happy to be with her. "Yue Ying…" Her name floated from his lips. His eyes trained on her and he waited for his wife to say something.



Dark clouds of smoke covered the sun, impeding the light from bathing the grim battlefield. Bodies dropped from every direction, soldiers slashed left and right trying to inflict as much damage on their enemy as possible. Rivers of blood gushed from wounded fighter, arbitrarily staining clothes and earth alike.

Yue Ying glided through the mass of warring people, her scythe taking down numerous rivals. The long claret hair tumbling down her back resembled streams of blood cascading to the ground. She looked weary, almost as if she was ready to collapse at any given moment. Behind her Zhou Yun and Guan Ping, also exhausted, tore through their enemies like a knife through butter.

'Damn the Wei army and Sima Yi.'

Sima Yi was a brilliant strategist of Wei who was making it very difficult for Liu Bei and his followers to bring peace to the land. Yue Ying had seen the man only once and was struck by the way he looked at her. His eyes had zeroed her in and he gave the warrior woman a self-assured smirk. But there was something else, a certain longing in the eyes of Wei's strategist. And Yue Ying had no doubt he directed that sentiment to her.

Before the shrewd man could do anything Zhuge Liang had stepped before her blocking his rival's view. Yue Ying could feel the tenseness around her husband and she found it slightly amusing. She would never betray him. Her slender hand gripped his shoulder in reassurance.

Well that would be all for now.