A/N: For Livejournal's Mission Insane writing challenge community, which is – yes – a little bit insane. You pick 20 tables with 10 prompts each (with a few exceptions) and then fill them all with fic. I picked one of the exception tables with 30 prompts focusing on different fic sizes. 24 of the count were drabbles. This is the second batch.

Warnings: None, worksafe.

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Thorns to Stardust

Aki to Yuusei


Aki watches Yuusei the way one would watch a falling star – fearing that it might burn out and disappear. But Yuusei shines on like a comet roaring by and in this Aki takes solace. Takes refuge, because after her world shattered when Divine was lost, Yuusei's strength became her supporting pillar. She looks at him and wishes for him to look back; to see that she is getting better, that she is trying to emerge completely from beyond the mask of the Witch.

Yuusei looks at her and doesn't see the mask, but Aki still feels its impression upon herself.


She is in love with him; Aki knows this and wishes for Yuusei to know it too. At the same time she is afraid that, if he knew, something would shift in the way they interact, which would then upset the fragile balance of her world. She resigns herself to observation and trying to get closer to him, but… Yuusei is like a flame and Aki has felt too cold for too long a time. She desires warmth, though she doesn't know how to ask for it. Or should she, even.

She swallows words of love and speaks of friendship.


It hurts more than anything has hurt before. Yuusei looks at her and doesn't see her – the way Aki would want. He sees a friend, a duellist, a D-Wheeler. It's not enough for Aki, but Yuusei doesn't give any more than that. He can't, but it's hard to gauge that when he's not one to speak about himself.

In the end, Aki wants a saviour. Desires the person who table-turned her world around and showed a glimpse of a different life. A life which she can't figure out how to lead because this freedom seems foreign and unusual to her.