Prompt: HannahNeville, yellow balloons, intoxicating.

Dribble Drabble Challenge on HPCF

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(The original challenge had a 100 word limit, so this is kind of short, but I kind of like it that way).


She's filling up the black balloon with some strange contraption Neville has never seen before. He wants to ask, but she answers before he can.

"I'm filling it with helium."


"Because then I can let the darkness go and watch it float away."

Neville thinks this is brilliant. He picks up a yellow balloon from the pile at her feet, blowing it up with regular air.

Smiling slightly, he passes it to her. "I filled this one up with goodness, for you, only this one won't ever float away on it's own."

She smiles in return, and her smile is so sweet he can't resist.

He kisses her. It's intoxicating.