A/N: For Livejournal's Mission Insane writing challenge community, which is – yes – a little bit insane. You pick 20 tables with 10 prompts each (with a few exceptions) and then fill them all with fic. I picked one of the exception tables with 30 prompts focusing on different fic sizes. 24 of the count were drabbles. This is the third batch.

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Stardust to Inferno

Yuusei to Kiryuu


Yuusei's guilt for letting Kiryuu go down the wrong path doesn't let him sleep at nights sometimes. Especially now that Kiryuu's crazed eyes burn at him from the dark corners of his own room and the sting in his abdomen whenever he moves reminds him of the terror his once-friend had invoked. He is afraid. He has been reminded of a time when they were different. When things were easier. When there was no guilt involved. He remembers Kiryuu the way he used to be; the way they all used to be.

Yuusei regrets too much and lives too little.


Kiryuu laughs at him and it is the sound of utter madness. He seeks to wound Yuusei with words, but he doesn't know that they hold no power over him. It's Kiryuu's state that does the greatest damage. Yuusei wants to save him no matter what the cost might be, but Kiryuu doesn't want saving. He thrives in his hatred and thirsts for revenge and remains blind to everything else. Yuusei wants to open his eyes to the truth, but the truth is unyielding to the one who remains blind and deaf to it.

Kiryuu wants to hear no lies.


Their meeting is awkward and void of all emotion from Kiryuu's side while Yuusei feels like he would burst. The guilt has switched sides between the two of them and it is suffocating for Kiryuu to face his old friend now that he knows the truth. He doesn't think himself worthy of forgiveness and understanding; not after the dark side held him for such a long time. But Kiryuu underestimates Yuusei and the lengths to which he is willing to go for a friend. It doesn't make them less broken, but it's a starting point. One they can build upon.